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Ok this time it's a Christmas story. Well it was Christmas time in the city..I love that time of year. Our son had gone to spend the weekend with his cousin so we could get our "Christmas shopping done" well that's what we told my s****r in law so she would watch our boy so we could be nasty. Well so the wife could be nasty. My s****r in law picked our son up Friday afternoon and told me have fun shopping. I was thinking OH we'll have fun but there won't be any shopping being done. When my wife got home from work I told her that her s****r had just left with the boy....I asked, OK ,that part is done what are we going to do all weekend? She said well I plan on fucking all weekend. I was looking at her in her work uniform, In case you don't remember it I'll discribe it again, She works at a hot BBQ Rib place. The ladies all wear a Danskin with a small aprin and pantyhose, white tennis shoes and that's all. My wife has the worlds best looking legs, or so I think. Any way She said she was going to fuck all weekend, ummm I wonder if I'm in that picture. So what's next I asked, well I'm getting a shower while you lay me out something very sexy to wear. Hot Damn I thought, I headed to the bed room while she turned off into our bathroom. I picked out this outfit I had never seen her wear , the skirt is all lace , I sware you can see right through it It's black lace and will come to about mid thigh at it's best, next I laid out a pair of black sheer to the waist Legs pantyhose and a black bustier top I also added a four inch pair of hills. I ran back into the den to wait on her to come out and get dressed. I heard the shower go off and the door opened, I listened to see what she would say about what I had picked out for her. I turned the TV down real low. Then I heard her say, " OH YOU NASTY BOY ".....I didn't say anything, then she said are you sure this will OK for me to wear? I said Hell yes , you'll look bad assed in it. OK then you said so. In a few minutes I could hear the hills on out wood floor as she came down the hall into the den. God all mighty ! She was a walking wet dream. Sexy legs all the way up to her butt. She was looking in the big mirrow over the couch as she did a few turns, She said , you know you really can't see my ass with these black hose on. But it does look real daring. And the bustier lifts just enough to get a bounce when I walk in these hills. MY dick was about to blow up from the bl**d that was being sent to it! Baby, you are fucking sexy.....she said I bet I'll be sexy fucking too. OH I know you will,I said , now what are we going to do? Well you are going Christmas shopping like you told my s****r . But, But what about you I said. OH , Tim has us a room for the night at the Peachtree Hotel. A room? I said ...Yeah he wanted to fuck with out you eye balling us. For how long are you going to be gone? She said all night , I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. Oh OK I said. She knew I was she said if you do a good job and get all the shopping done I'll give you a suprise tomorrow after noon when I get home. OK, I said then she kissed me on the forehead was out to door. It was still daylight out side. I looked out the front window to see if any neighbors saw what she was wearing. Ann next door saw me and waved , as I was waving back she gave me a thumbs up sign. Damn -it I thought...what do I care if that bitch next door likes how I dressed MY WIFE to go out and fuck MY FRIEND all night in a hotel room!!! Hey I just thought of something, she forgot the CB3000. Yee haa , my dick is free tonight! I went to the spare bedroom to look for her fuck movies. But she had moved them , I was looking every where , I was in the top of her closet when the phone rang. I thought it might be my wife I had best answer it. I answered and I heard a female voice , but not my wife's, It said you won't find what your looking for. I didn't say anything, then she said it again, what you are looking for is not in the house. I waited a few seconds and said, what am I looking for? Then she said the movies of your wife being fucked. My hair stood on end , what are you talking about I managed to say. Look dumb ass she said, this is Ann next door and she hid the movies over here at my house. Oh, damn that was freeky I thought. How did you know ..then she cut me off. She left you uncaged didn't she? Uh yeah but ..again she cut me off and said walk over here then she hung up. I knocked on their door and I heard Ann's husband say come on in dude. I walked into their den and there on their big screen was my wife's face with a big black cock sticking out of her mouth. Ann's husband said man thats a hot little girl you have, Ann and I have watched all of her movies and she does a cock right! Ann walked in from the kitchen and she was carring a tray with three mixed drinks on it. She said set down and watch your wife get her eggs scrambled with us. Oh man this is strange ...very strange I thought. Umm I have to do the Christmas shopping tonight I told her. She said well fine, but at least stay and have one drink, we are not giving you this movie untill we watch the whole thing. OH OK , I said. I sat down next to Ann's husband , he had the remote and he would stop the movie at good times and even rewind it when the creamy pie was made. I stayed for just over two hours and the movie was still going. I have to go, can I have a movie to take with me? Ann said NO, your wife said I couldn't give them to you , but she never said I couldn't show them to you. So if I want to watch I have to come over here? Yep, she said as she sat her empty glass down and crossed her legs on the coffee table. Ann is a very sexy lady and tonight she was looking very fuckable , she had on stockings and I could just bearly see the darker ring at the top of her right leg as she sat there. Well, OK, I'll be back...I have to do the shopping as I started out the door I stopped and turned around, Hey how did you know I was uncaged tonight? She laughed and said I'll tell you when you come back. OK . I was out the door and in truck in a second, I had the Christmas list my wife had made out, I looked it over, umm lots of stuff for the boy, even a few things for me on there. Oh but her part was all sexy stuff from that place in the mall, she even had notes of where this shit could be bought! I hurried and got everything thing done in just over four hours. It was almost eleven when I got home. I put all the stuff away and then went back to Ann's house. I started to knock but the door opened before I could, she said come on in ...umm she had been drinking the whole time I was gone. She was a bit tipsey. As we entered the den I saw they where still watching my wife on their TV. I looked but I hadn't seen this one. I pointed at the screen and said I haven't seen this, can you start it over? Ann said OH HELL YEAH. but first I have to do something, umm OK it's your house go ahead. She walked over to the end table next to where she was setting and picked up my CB3000...where did that come from I asked. Your bride told me and hubby that you would probably come over here looking for fuck movies and if you did I was to put this on you before I let you watch any. You put it on me I said? Yeah I'm going to lock your little dick up for the night. What do you mean night? Who has the key ? Your wife once it's locked on you aint beating that little man tonight. Oh, well I thought , shes a woman and I can just walk out, I started to tun just as Ann's husband stood up. He said in a sturn voice, you heard my wife, now get them pants down and let her lock that little dick away so we can watch your wife get the shit fucked out of her. Ann's husband is alot bigger than me. And I know he could whip my ass. I just stood there not knowing what to do, then he said look fellow , your are going to get this on you tonight, do you want to do it all beat up or will you be a good boy? Fuck ,I thought , I wanted to beat off tonight. OK here, I started taking my belt loose. Ann said well I'm glad you are doing it that way, here this will help, she unbottoned her skirt and let it fall, she stepped out of it as she came toward me. I looked at her , her pussy was shaven just like my wife's but it also had a gold ring through the skin over her clit. I LOVE pierced pussies....and so does my dick as it started to get hard. She saw that and said if that thing gets hard you are still going in here. I said it's OK it gets hard every time my wife handles me while shes locking me up. Well Ann was a pro and in less than thirty seconds I was all locked up. That's faster than my wife does it I told her. Well I've been locking my husband up in one for over ten years. I looked toward him and he undid his pants and let them fall, sure enough he was locked up too. Ann said well look here, I have nothing to fear ..I can leave my pussy out in the open and theres not a cock here that came get it. Well she said DRINK ANYONE? I'll have one I said, she said go ahead and set down on this end of the couch and when I get back I'll set in the middle between you cuckolds. I sat as Ann's husband rewound the movie. Ann came back and sat down next to us. her leg was touching mine. It was warm and I could feel the clasp of her garter on my leg. Just before the movie started I asked , was there anything on the tape that told where this was ? Or when it was? Ann said no, she doesn't label any of her movies, it's better that way. The screen when blue then there was my wife in a mini skirt with no top on standing in a bed room somewhere. I tried to figure out where it was but I had no idea. Next a big black guy walked in, he had to be well over six feet tall. He was naked and his dick was at least ten inches long soft! I thought at least it's kind of thin , that isn't so bad. Well after a masterful blowjob by my wife it was at full size. Her little arm and his dick where the same size! Ann's husband said OH man I forgot you don't like watching your wife fuck black guys do you? I looked at him and said where in the Hell did that come from? You said that the night I didn't get to go to the party. He said your wife told us that. OH , well she just didn't want me to go that night so that's why she came up with that bull shit. We started watching as he laid down and my wife sat down on that monster, I'd never thought it would go. In fact Ann said watch this part, when she leans foward look at how tight her pussy is stretched aroung his cock. She was right as she leaned foward it looks like her pussy lips where a donut around his shaft. She rode him for a while then he fliped her over and fucked her the way I like to see her fucked MAN TO TOP ! Her legs where wrapped around him and she was bucking his hips with her hills. He fucked her that way for along time...then he stood up with her still clamped on to his dick. He was fucking her as he walked around the room. He even answered his cell phone and talked to some guy while he was fucking her. Most of the call we couldn't hear but he made damn sure that when he walked her pasted the camera he said YEAH, I'M FUCKING HER RIGHT NOW , then he said well come on over, shes never finished. The fucking kept on going, I have no idea how long this stud fucked her but it was long enough for who ever that was to drive over there, the door bell rang and the smart ass bull walked over and opened the door with my wife still hanging on his hardon.In walked another black guy, I looked at Ann and said what the fuck? Can that son of a bitch not cum? She laughted at my question and said that's Earl , that guy can fuck forever. I turned toward Ann's husband and he was knoding his head. The visitor was getting naked as soon as he did Earl laid down on his back on the bed with my wife still attatched to his manhood. The other guy moved in behind her and started rubbing his dick on and down her ass crack. He was well hung himself. He pushed his dick in in two or three strokes, I had never seen my wife DP-ed. It was sexy as Hell! They took turns fucking her hard enough that I thought it would hurt. I asked Ann, shouldn't that be hurting her? She said oh it will but not till the next day. Do you remember a day when she acted as if her pussy was sore Ann asked. Yeah I do, it was the day after me and our son had gone to the Braves game. Well there you have it , now you know when it happened and you even know who it is. Cool, I thought I was doing good, wait a minute...I'm proud of myself for figuring out who and when my wife got the shit fucked out her ? LOL , I might be out there I thought to myself. Well it's late and since I can't beat my meat I'll be going. Ann said you are welcome to stay the night, in fact you can sl**p with me and my husband, after all what can you do being locked up. I thanked her for the offer but I need to go home I said I picked up my cloths and walked next door butt assed naked. I went to sl**p still locked up. the next aftrenoon my wife got home and I was so happy to see her. I was one horny son of a bitch!! I told her about what happened last night. She said OH did you enjoy the video? I said yes but I need to eat you right now. OK she said I saved you something this morning ...she sat down and opened her legs...Holy shit, there between her legs just above her clit was a little gold ring. Is that for me I asked. She said I told you I'd bring you a suprise. I love it I said. Oh theres more she said, Oh the creamy pie too I said I love it too. But theres something else, she pulled a video out her her bag, here watch this some time. It's me getting my pussy peirced and then giving the piercer a blow job for payment. then the rest is me and a few friends fucking our selfs stupid. I said it before and I still mean is good !
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You are one lucky hubby!