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Well like I said in number 13 Ann's ideas did get into my wife's head. Thomas is her new regular and of course he has buddies that like white pussy too. Thomas was throwing a big party for one of his friends , it was going to be at the club house at the apartments that Thomas lives in. My wife was telling me what Thomas had told her about the party. There where going to be around twenty five of his buddies and some of them had wifes or girl friends. He told my wife she needed to be there if she liked black cock. Well I can speak for her and say I know for a fact she loves black cock. She was so excited telling me about the party and that she needed to go shopping for a sexy dress to wear. I said I'll take you if you want me to, she said no I need to go alone so I can make up my own mind and you always try and rush me , beside you can't go to the party so you don't need to go shopping. I asked her I can't go? really ? who said? She said Thomas said you couldn't go. I thought he liked me I said , She said no he likes me not you. Don't be sad my wife said , I'll lock you up in your CB3000 , and shove a butt plug up your ass before I go. Then she laughed. Butt plug I thought, we don't have any butt plugs ....where did that come from I wondered. So on Thursday before the party she and Ann went shopping, OH yeah Ann is going too . They stayed out till almost eleven that night shopping ( she said ) , when they got home I wanted to see what she had bought. NO it's to late go to bed, is what I was told. Well it's only two days away, I can wait. Well Saturday came and I was doing my chores , I cut grass and cleaned the pool and I tried to keep busy so I wouldn't think about that night. I did everything I could think of and when I was out of things to do I went inside with my wife. She was in the big bath room in a bubble bath soaking. I opened the door to tell her I was inside. The only thing sticking out of a huge mound of bubbles was her cute little head. She said go in the den , when I get dressed I'll come in there so you can see. I watched a whole movie waiting on her. Finally she came down the hall and into the den. She looked like a school teacher...her tan skirt was just above the knee and she had on hose of some kind , her shirt was silky white with pearl buttons and she had a black belt around her waist. Her hair was down and she was wearing bangs... I love her long blond hair when she has bangs...I said you look very nice. But I thought you needed something sexy. She said oh I have on sexy stuff, you just can't see it. Oh let me see I asked, NO, you'll have to wait till I get home. I begged please just a peek, she said ok a fast one, she pulled her skirt up to show me she was wearing a garter belt to hold up lacy top stockings and NO panties! I said no panties? She why should I ? I'll just wind up loosing them. But what about my pies I asked. Oh you perv, she said . ( Me ? a perv? she is the one going to a party just to get the shit fucked out her by men she don't know, and I'm THE perv? ) But I'm smart enough to not say that out loud , besides I like it when she does nasty things like that. Anyway, she said OK go get me a pair of panties and I'll keep them in my purse for the ride home. I picked out a pair on nylon bikinis and ran back into the den. I handed them to her and she smiled at my choice , nylon she said. Yeah it's because, I started to say but was cut short, yeah I know they don't draw the cum out of my pussy like cotton does. Well yeah I said , that and I like the way they look on your ass. I got a little kiss for that comment. Now go get that CB if you want me to lock you in it. I said I have it right here. I picked it up from beside my recliner. I dropped my pants and underwear, My wife yook one look at my soft little dick and said go get a shower right now and shave off those whiskers around your little man. OK, I said but don't leave till I'm back please. She said I'll be right here I have something to do before I go. I ran to the shower and got a brand new razor out...I was done in no more than ten minutes. I ran back into the den butt assed naked and SHIT, there was Ann and her husband setting there talking to my wife. I cupped myself to hide my dick and balls. Oh , I'm sorry I didn't know you where here. I started to turn and run to our room when my wife said get over here. I walked next to her and she slapped my hands away from my johnson, she said let me see if you did a good job and then she started looking at me real close , then she took my dick in her hands and rolled it over and she saw a hair. I knew it, you half assed it. She pulled that hair out with her finger nail. Then she said stand still while I lock that little thing up, Ann and her husband watched as she put the CB on me and locked it up. I said you do have the key don't you? She pointed at the gold chain around her neck and said yeah right here. Now turn around she said and bend over. Umm OK? I did and she rubbed my ass hole with her finger. Well I like that I said, she then rubbed some cream on my ass hole and pushed her finger inside me. I jumped a little, she said stand still, then the next thing I knew she started pushing a butt plug up my ass. Ouch I yelled and I tightened my ass cheeks. She slapped my ass and said relax , it's going in one way or another. I relaxed and let her push it home. Stand up she said and don't let that fall out. I turned to her and with all my might I clamped my ass together. Baby, I can't keep this in all night. Yes you can and this is how. She held up a leather harness that looked like a belt with another belt running acrossed it. She put the belt around my waist and ran the second one between my legs across the butt plug and fastened it in the back. Then I heard another lock. And then one in the front. Well that ought to keep you good till we get home she said and they all stood up. I looked at Ann's husband and said are you going too? He said yeah , I thought you would want to go but your wife said you didn't like to watch her getting fucked by black guys. I looked right into my wife's eyes and said honey.....I wanna go. She said it's to late for you to go, stay here we'll be home later. Well I started to walk to my room to get some cloths and I found out that butt plug didn't feel half bad. They all drove off as I got dressed, I went back in the den and started to watch tv, where's that TV guide? I looked on the coffee table for it and guess what i found. Directions to the party. Ann must have brought them over. Well I thought they'll be back for these. After an hour they didn't come back. Umm I wonder if I could find this place. I looked at them and I knew where that apartment complex was. I got my keys and went for a little ride. I found it and parked down the street and walked up. There was a big black guy standing out side the door, he was checking the guest list as everyone entered. I knew if I went in I would be busted by my wife so I walked around to the pool side and looked in the window. There where around a hundred poeple there...umm I thought she said twenty five. Most of them black, I saw Ann and her husband at the bar and I looked but couldn't see my wife. It was just getting dark and I could see inside alot better, I still don't see her. I stayed for over two hours and after dodging some people that came out to smoke I figured I'd just go home. When I got home I got naked and sat on the couch , man setting with this thing in my ass isn't fun, so I laid down on the couch and stretched out, next thing I remember was waking up with the sun in my eyes. OH SHIT it's daylight. I jumped up and ran to our room , she wasn't in bed. OH no what happened I freeked out. I grabbed my cloths and got dressed I was just about to open the door when it opened and she came inside , she was shit faced d***k. Hey little dick she yelled, I followed her into our room where she fell acrossed the bed and passed out. I went back in the den to shut the front door, there stood Ann and her husband. I'm sorry about being out all night, we couldn't get her to stop and leave. Stop? Stop what? Do you really want me to answer that? Oh, no I get it. Thanks for bringing her home I said they said we'll come over this afternoon. OK bye. I closed the door. I went back in our room to wake her up but that wasn't going to happen. She was out of it. So I did what any cuck would do thats been home all alone while his wife was out fucking all night long. I took the keys off her chain and unlocked my self I shot that butt plug across the room with a fart that needed to get out since last night. I fliped that skirt up and was stopped in my tracks. She had the panties on! She remembered and wore the panties. I slid them down her stocking covered legs and started to dive in. But wait! we now have a video camera, why not film it? So I sat the camera up on the tripod and started eatting her very well used pussy for all I was worth. I had to come up for air I was so into it. After what I thought was a good enough feeding I started playing with her pusst lips, they seemed extra loose, I could always slide three fingers in but now I could do four. I wonder if my fist will fit. I worked my hand all the way into her. I d**g her sidesways by her pussy so the camera could get it all. Then I thought I shouldn't be doing this. I pulled my arm out and started undressing her, I put her Hello Kitty PJ's on her and covered her up. I put the camera up and went in the den. It was almost six that evening when she came skooting in the den. I said well hello sweetheart, how was your night? She said Hell I don't know theres a movie of it somewhere. I said someone at the party filmed you in action? She said well they started to I don't remember. Well that's that story, we had a talk about all nighters, she agreed that if she is going to stay the night with some guy or guys I'll know that before she leaves the house. Oh and those movies...the one made at the party and the one I made , guess what, they got mixed up..that story is next...and it aint pretty.
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