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If life gives you lemons , make lemonaid...well that is just what happened. In my neighborhood there are five foreclosed homes. That is so sad that a f****y would loose their home. One of the houses is next door to my house. A new f****y moved in and while the movers where unloading the big moving van my wife walked next door to meet our new neighbors. The wife's name is Ann and my wife said she is a hot mom. Ann and my wife where watching the young black men carring the belongings into the house. One of the guys had his shirt unbuttoned and you could see his sixpack abs. My wife said to her new friend , I could handle some of that right there. Ann turned toward my wife and out of the blue asked , you fuck blacks? My wife said she didn't know what to say, so she said I have had black men twice in my life. Ann told her she has several that she sees on a regular basis. Oh, my wife responded, does your husband know? She said yeah but I cuckold him so it's all good. My wife said she couldn't believe her ears, right next door and woman with her same hobbie. My wife told Ann how she has been cuckolding me all of our marrage. Then they got into how they do it. My wife asked do you chastise your husband? Ann said she has thought about it but she hasn't started yet, then Ann asked why do you ? My wife said yeah, we just started it three months ago and it was working out very well for her. Ann said tell me how, my wife said hubby used to jerk off while I was out with my boy friends and when I got home he would be asl**p or not really into sex. So I put a chastity devise on him and now I make him wait a week or two before I allow him to releave himself. My wife invited Ann and her husband over that evening for a few drinks so they could relax after a hard day of moving. About seven they walked next door to our house, we where setting on the deck sipping a drink when they came over. Oh you have a pool Ann said. Yeah we throw a few parties each summer, you'll have to come over . Then Ann said something that floored me, Right in front of me ( that she had never seen before ) and her husband she said you guys do any gang bangs in the pool? I looked at my wife and she said ,I do. Just a few months ago I had all the guys from my work over and I fucked over twelve guys twice each that night. Ann's husband Jim just looked at me , and I dropped my eyes down. I turned and started toward the blender when Ann said I'm so jealous, I have never fucked more than three in one night. I stoped and turned to look at Jim , he then did the eye drop thing. We all got a fresh drink and sat down to get to know each other, well that's what I thought we where going to do. As it turned out Ann and my wife did all the talking and it was about how big a dick they have fucked or the crazy places they fucked and even who they had fucked. Jim and I just sat and listened. I wanted to hear Ann's stories and he wanted to hear my wife's. It was a Friday night and no one had to work the next day so we stayed up late and the girls talked till my dick was rock hard inside my CB3000. My wife brought up the CB3000, she said is all this talk about fucking making your dick hard hubby? I said yeah , a little. She then told me to stand up and show Ann and her husband what you are wearing. I had a slight buzz going or I would have balked at that idea. I stood up and dropped my shorts to let everyone see my hard dick fully erect inside the CB3000. Ann said he is hard in that thing, my wife said yeah his dick is so short he can get a hardon and it doesn't hurt him at all. Ann said you poor thing, no wonder you look at black men, that couldn't do any one any good. My wife said when we first married it wasn't that bad at all, then I started cuckolding him and as soon as I started getting real man size meat I got loosened up and I couldn't feel it. Ann told her husband to show us his dick. Now keep in mind Ann told my wife she cuckolds him. Anyway he pulled down his shorts and out sprang a cock at least twice the size of my and it was soft. My wife said that's a nice cock you have , how long is it? Ann answered , full throb it's almost nine inches long, and two and a half inches across. Fuck, I was thinking if I had a dick that size I'd be a bull NOT a cuckold. Ann asked my wife if she thought she could find a chastity devise that would fit that size dick? Well we will have to go shopping tomorrow my wife said. Ok you boys put up those dicks we want to realx. We sat around till just after midnight. My wife said well I'm ready to go inside, I'll call you tomorrow Ann and we'll go shopping. They said their goodbyes and left. Once in the bed room, I asked my did you see the size of that damn dick? She said what a waste of a big dick. I said what do you mean waste, aren't you going to try to fuck him I asked. She said HELL NO, he's a cuckold and he don't get pussy unless Ann says so, just like you. I said speaking of that I have been hard for three days , can I get some relief? No, go to sl**p and stop your bitching. The next morning I was up early due to the fact I never really went to sl**p. My wife came in the den dressed like she was going trolling for cocks. I asked where her and Ann where going . She said I don't know, Ann wants me to meet a few of her friends for luch and maybe some fucking. What kind of friends I asked? She said whats that mean? What kind of friends. Umm , I said ..umm any one I know? She said I dodn't know , how many black guys do you know? I just had to ask, Black guys...oh man that means big dicks and they fuck forever. She could tell that was bothering me. She asked me , do you not like me doing a big, hard, shinny, black cock? Well it's just that'll be an awesome pie and it'll never make it home. Oh hubby you and them damn creamy pies. I thought of that look, then she raised her skirt hem to show me she had on a pair of tight bike shorts under the skirt. Hey that's a cool idea, she said yeah if anything will keep that cum in place these will. Just then the door bell rang and it was Ann. She too was dressed like a woman wanting to be fucked. Hey Ann I said, you look nice . She said thanks. I have to bring hubby and gift home so I have to wear panties. My wife said does he eat the cum out of you too? She said yeah does your man? My wife says yeah he has eatten about twenty gallons of cumm out of my pussy since I have been saving them for him. Well I asked Ann if her husband was home maybe me and him could hang out while you girls are "shopping". She said he is home but she padlocked his balls to the bed rail so he couldn't go anywhere, she said if you want to go over I left the door unlocked. Umm I'll think about it I said. Well the girls left and I started cutting grass and doing my weekend chores. They where gone for about four hours, I had forgot about Ann's husband being chained up. When the girls got back I could tell they both had been fucked, they had that laid-back look about them. I went inside to get a shower and my wife said when you get out I want to show you something. I hurried and washed all the sweat off and put on a pair of pull up shorts. I came out of the bed room and my wife hollored I'm in our room. I went in the expeciting to see her naked of with some kind of toy. Well I was correct she had a new toy, his name was Thomas, he is a six foot two inch ,two hundred and fourty pound , ten inch dick toating black man. I said hello , are you going to fuck my wife? I asked.He said yeah man ,again. My wife said he tore my pussy up at lunch in the back of Ann's mini van. I figured why make you eat stale creamy pies, I'll just bring you a fresh one. Oh can I watch I asked? She said yeah and I bought a digital video camera , your going to film the whole thing. Then she raised her skirt to show her bike shorts where missing, I asked where they where. She said Thomas gave them to a homeless guy...LOL. She started sucking Thomas to a full hard on as I filmed the action, I was really into getting the best angle when out of the corner of my eye I saw Ann, I looked up to see her and her husband standing in our bed room. her husband was butt naked all but a chastity belt. I didn't know what brand but it fit his big wad into it. Ann said Thomas is one of my best fucks and I just had to watch him fuck your wife once more. And she said I wanted to let hubby see what has made me so happy for over two years. I asked does he ever watch you with other guys? Never she said , that's non of his business, my pussy is mine to do with what I please and fuck who I please. Gee I thought I hope my wife don't start doing that. I love to watch her fuck. Well Thomas was good for just over and hour where he took my wife's pussy and ass hole and made them nice and loose. He blew his load in her ass , just as she requested. He jumped up and took the camera from me and told me to eat...I looked at my wife on all fours with her pussy slighty a gape and a trail of white foam running down from her ass crack. I got on the bed and went to town , I wasn't paying attition to what was going on around me, SHIT I was getting a fresh pie!! I did stop and look over my shoulder in time to see Ann's husband on his knees sucking Thomas back hard. Oh shit, theres another idea I hope my wife don't think is cool. When I was finished Ann pulled off her sun dress and laid across our bed and Thomas started fucking her as hard as a woman could be fucked. I was thinking, this guy had fucked my wife two times already and still has enough to fuck Ann that hard. Black men or at least this one are superior to any thing I've seen. Ann's husband asked me if he could use our rest room, he really didn't want to watch his wife get fucked that hard. I said sure...but she is sexy and Hell with that big black hose pipe sticking out of her cunt. He lasted for ever. Ann's pussy had to be sore . After he blew a nut he said he had another lady to visit and had to go. What is this guys secret? Ann was laiying on her back with her legs wide open, now this is a lady twenty four hours ago we didn't even know. My wife said you need my husband to clean that up for you? Ann said sure, I'd let my own eat me but the pussy isn't in here. I looked at my wife to be sure I had heard right, well cucky eat that pussy I was told. Yes mam I answered. My wife filmed as I took care of Ann'a well loosened cunt. I just love her clit. It's alost like a small dick. and she really digs when I sucked on it. Well Ann's ideas did get into my wife's head...more on that next time,.
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