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I've been a cuckold husband for a long time. Well all my marrage. My wife has fucked well over a hundred diferent guys while we are married. She loves to have her cunt cum in by strange guys and then have me do cleanup duty. She will not allow me to cum inside her . I always have to pull out and show her my cum so she knows I haven't let any go in her. Well I was reading on an on line blog about these guys that have their uretha reloacated to just behind their ball sack. They where talking about how they enjoyed squating to piss and all. Well I don't care about haveing to squat to piss but I could stay inside my wife and have an orgasum. Think about it, the cum would be outside her body. I talked to her about this and she did some reading up on the subject and she said it isn't that big a deal to have done. The uretha runs just under the skin even as far down as the testes. She said if you do it I'll give you head untill you cum and I won't have to spit it into your mouth. I'm thinking about haveing it done, I am already squating to piss most of the times due to the chastity devise I wear. What do you think? Should I do this? It can't be reversed because the sew up the hole in the end of the penis .
81% (6/2)
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3 years ago
Sounds good to me.