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If you have read my first three stories then you'll know I am married to a sexy wife who loves to bring home a messy pussy for me to play in. Not far from our house is a busy mall, and near the mall is all types of eatting joints. The one I like best is a BBQ rib place , we eat there often. The Waitress uniform is a Danskin type one piece with a small apron and dark tan pantyhose. It sounds slutty looking but really it isn't. Once while we where eatting there I said to my wife, you have the legs for this place, why don't you try and get a job here? She said you think I could? Hell I know you can I told her. After we ate she asked our waitress who she needed to see about a job. She said since it was Saturday night and they where on a wait she would bring her a job app. We took the app home and looked it over. The place is a privatly owned company and the owner's name was Carl. On the app it stated that he himself had final say on who was hired. The wife filled it out and made plans to take it over the next morning. The BBQ place didn't open till after Church on Sundays so the wife had time to "get ready". She showered , and got dressed in a nice short skirt and button down shirt, she wore the panty hose that makes her legs look so hot, Leggs sheer to the waist , coffee size "B". a pair of dress hills and she was off. It was about noon so I thought while she is gone I'll get the grass cut, it shouldn't take her but an hour or so I thought. I'd finished the lawn , edged the drive and blown all the clipping I was putting everything away and I heard her pull up the drive way. I look at my watch and it was two thirty. I thought maybe there was a few apps that day. I can in the back door just as she was coming in the front. She had a smile on her face, I said I take it he gave you the job. She said yeah and a little more. with that she lifted the front of her little skirt to show me the cotton crotch of her pantyhose was soaked. I said is that what I think it is? She said well get down there and see for your self. I dropped to my knees and burried my face in her crotch. I could smell the musty smeel of her pussy mixed with what smelled like a locker room. I licked her from ass hole to navel, yep that slick stuff was sperm. I jumped up and asked if I could eat the rest ? She said yeah but you gotta hurry. And she headed down the hall to the bed room. I was right on her hills. She laid across the bed and pulled her pantyhose down just far enough for me to get at her well soaked pussy. I started to dive in when I noticed it was totaly shaved. I paused for a second and asked where is the little tuff of hair? She said she thought she could have a better chance of getting the job without it. I dove right in....There wasn't much to suck out , most had run out on the ride home. When I had her clean as a whistle I sat up and started undoing my belt. I was stopped right there. What do you think you are doing she said. I want to fuck that loose pussy really bad. Well you are not going to. I could feel all my lust crash all at once. I asked why? Why can't I have some too. She said because you waisted to much time eatting and now I have to get ready to go out. Damn it I thought, I like eatting a used pussy but I like fucking one better. I stood up and she started to get undressed. She handed me all her cloths and headed to the shower again. She said over her shoulder go put those in the washer right now, I don't want you jacking off while sniffing my pantyhose. Damn , she knows all my tricks. I started the washer and then fixed me a stiff drink to try and settle down my raging hormones. I made her one too. I carried it into the bathroom and sat it on the counter. After a while she came out dressed in a really nice dress that came to her mid thigh, no pantyhose this time and sandles. She said don't wait up Carl and I will be late. Carl , I said I thought he fucked you this afternoon. She said NO, that was Roger the kitchen manager. I asked what he looked like so I could look for him the next time I was in there. She said he's that big black guy that we see ever time we are in there. OH, I tried not to look to shocked , after all she had fucked a black guy last month at the mountains. Where did he fuck you I asked? I got that look, OH shit I thought I had pissed her off. Then a smile came over her face and she said in his office. Oh he has a privite office? She said well if can call it that. It's right off the kitchen and has nothing to block anyone in the kitchen from just looking in . She said a few of the kitchen staff had walked by and looked at what was going on. My brain was going crazy, she was about to work where the boss is going to fuck her and the kitchen manager is going to fuck her and all the staff knows she fucks around! Just then I got a kiss on the cheek and she was out the door. It was almost five, I fixed me some dinner and watched TV till midnight. I went to bed alone. Around three she came home and slid into bed next to me. I reached over with my hand and felt her wet panties. My dick was so hard I know it was shinny. I asked her if I could have a quicky. No my pussy is sore and I'm tired , go to sl**p. Go to sl**p? how the Hell can I go to sl**p , my hot wife has been fucked twice that I know of today and I still haven't gotten any. I got up and went to the bathroom to jerk off. It took me about thirty seconds to shoot a giant load in the tub. I went back in the bed room and went to sl**p....
The next day I raced home from work, I was hopping to get a little afternoon delite . There was my sexy bride all dressed in her uniform...damn legs to die for. I said what are you doing? She said I got my uniform this morning and I'm going to work. Where did you get it I asked. She said the boss had called the uniform company and had them get one ready, she ran by and picked it up this morning. Did you have to pay for it I asked? She said no but since the guy was so good looking she gave him a blow job for getting it ready so fast, a quick kiss and out the door she went. Blue balls again!
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3 years ago
You've got a great lifestyle mate.
3 years ago
made me hard dude
3 years ago
Dude, you need to pimp her out and get some cash for the work she's doing flat on her back.