For my entire marriage I've watched, cleaned up and served my wife. She has honed her cuckolding skills to a fine art. Just lately she has started trying new stuff. Even though she has bought several chastity devices for me over the years she has starting tucking me. What she does is handcuff my hands behind my back then she will reach between my legs from the back and pull my cock and balls back toward my ass. Then while holding them she has me put my legs together . Then she will tape my knees together. This way I can still walk in small steps and from the front there is no trace of my male parts.
Lately she will do me this way before leaving to go out. I have learned to pee this way and I can do anything I want but I can't touch myself

Last Friday after tucking me she pulled a t shirt over me with my hands behind me in cuffs this held my arms down. The shirt came to just above where my cock should be if it wasn't trapped between my legs. She left me in the den and went to get ready to go out. I heard the shower going so I snuck down the hall into our room to see what she had laid out to wear. You see after she gets dressed I have no idea what is under her outfit and she won't show me. There on the bed lay her. There on the bed lay her black garter lace top black stockings her black half cup push up bra and her little black dress I heard the shower turn off so I hurried back into the den
After a while she came on the den dressed she looked great. And just as I thought when I asked to see what she was wearing under her dress she said no. She said she would be back in thirty minutes. She said she was entertaining at home tonight. She grabbed her keys and went out the door.

I heard her pull up in about thirty minutes. I looked out the window to watch her get out of her car I usually get am upakirt when she does
She spread her legs wider than I would think needed as if to show off. She stood next to her car and watched as a red four wheel drive was pulling up behind her car. A moment later a guy got out wearing a white t shirt and tight jeans. I could see the outline of his cock in the pants. He walked up and gave my wife a full tongue kiss. When I saw them headed in I ran into the kitchen. In the den I heard my wife tell her stud to go on back to the bedroom so I walked on the den and asked my wife if I could watch. She said no but she said she will leave the door open and I was to stay in the den and not spy on them

I sat down and watched her wiggle her sexy ass down the hall t meet up with her lover. I sat and listened to the sounds of the woman I love having her brains fucked out for the next two hours. I figured it was over when I heard her hills coming down the hall. She came in the den wearing everything but the dress. She told me to lay down on the couch. She then sat her extremely messy vagina on my mouth and said clean me cuckold
The sent of her pussy juice mixed with that guys nut sweat and cum was strong.I stuck my tongue up her as far as I could. I was rewarded with a mouth full of sex. She wiggled around until she was sure my face was totally wet
.she stood and I asked if she was done? She said no she was going to have him spend the night. I begged her to allow me to watch but my pleas where denied.
She went to the kitchen and came back with two beers headed back into our room closed and locked the door
I spent the night on the couch waking several times from hearing my wife making lusting sounds
I was woke up the next morning by my wife setting on my face again. This time I picked up the sent of her anal club and knew her ass hole had been used too
I worked my tongue up into her relaxed butt hole and the bitter taste of ass cum and lube filled my mouth
When she stood up I asked if he was still here? No she said he had just left
She told me to set up and she took the cuffs off of me
Then she led me to our room. The bed was a wreck she laid down and told me to join her.I said my stuff is still tucked
She said yes leave it that way. I used my hands to play with her tits and to finger her loose pussy it felt strange not having my cock sticking out front
After an hour of this my wife rolled me over on belly she said your cock has got your butt all slick from it leaking. She said I bet those nuts are full. She said I needed a prostate milking. She put a rubber glove on and picked up the anal lube still laying on the bed. With her finger all lubed up she started rubbing my prostate. The very first stroke caused a stream of cum to shoot out and all over her glove . When she was sure I was empty she took one of my belts and whipped my ass
She cut the tape on my legs and told me to fix her breakfast while she got a shower. I was just setting the table when she came in the kitchen all clean and wearing her smallest string bikini. She said her pussy an ass hurt
from all the abuse it took last night and she was laying by the pool all day. I paid very close attention to her all day. Steeling peeks of her beautiful body. All oiled up

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4 months ago
So kinky and hot!
6 months ago
Cuckold. Men try sleeping. With your woman tucked. Its like being dickless !!