to a cuckold size matters

Me and my big mouth. I had a perfect marrage , my wife is a beautiful five foot four blonde with blue eyes. Her body a tight one hundred pound sexy fucking machine. She was a shy girl when we met. I talked her into showing off that body of her's and buying the kinds of cloths men like to see on pretty women. Short skirts , dresses and tight shorts. One Saturday soon after we married we planed a trip to tje mountians in north Georgia. She had never been and I knew a cabin rental place up there. I booked us a three room cabin on the side of a mountian. As we where getting ready to go I told my wife I'd take care of everything including all the packing. On the morning that we where leaving while she was showering I laid out an outfit for her to wear then loaded our bags in the truck. I was in the kitchen packing the cooler when she called to me from our bedroom. Is this what you want me to wear ? I said yes sweetheart you'll look beautiful. I started to the room so I could watch her dress and to be sure she dressed just like I wanted her to.

There she stood butt naked, she has always shaved her pubes she told me once that she had never had a hairy pussy. As soon as they started to grow she started shaving them. She was holding the white denim shorts in one hand and was looking on the bed for something. What are you looking for I asked her? She said panties , I dont see any. I said why do you need panties ? You are wearing shorts no one can see through them. She said if I don't wear them the seam of these shorts will ride up between my lips. I asked does that hurt ? She said no it feels kind of nice but everyone around will know what is going on. I said oh a camel toe? She said yes a camel toe. I assured her it would be just fine and kissed her on the forehead. Trusting me she pulled them up her smooth tanned legs and with a wiggle or two buttoned them. They where tight. I said can you set in them without it hurting? She sat on the edge of the bed and said yes it's OK. She picked up the red tank top and asked no bra? I said no need , your have perky tits and you will be a knock out. She pulled the top on. She asked what sizes did you buy me? I said a size five. She said well Im a five but this seems small. I said stand up and let me see you. She stood and put her hands on her hips. She raised up on the balls if her feet to try and get a better look in the mirror over the dresser. She said see I have a camel toe and you can see my nipples sticking out of this thin meteral. I walked behind her and cupped her thirty four B cup tits and kissed her neck. Baby you look wonderful. Then I said I have shoes and sox for you also. I handed her a box with a pair of white tennis shoes and a pair of short sox with little red balls in the heels.

While she did her makeup I finished loading the truck. I was waiting in the den when she came down the hall. She said I don't kbow about this. I said baby you are beautuful. She said look at me I look like a poster girl. My nipples and pussy lips are on dispkay for every one to see. She was right so I had to do some fast talking. You look hot...lets get on the road its getting late. With my hand on the small of her back I guided her out the front door. I ran ahead to open her door on the truck and as I watched her walk up to it she looked like a wet dream. She you'll have to help me in these pants will cut me in half if I try myself. I put my hand on her ass and pushed her up. I got in and we headed north. On the way we stopped at a gas station for a snack and a drink. I opened my wife's door and she said just get me something I don't want to get out. I said baby please , you are the most beautiful woman in this city right now ..please. She undid her seat belt and I offered a hand getting out. She adjusted her shorts and tucked in her do I look she asked me. I said perfect. As we walked around in that little country store I noticed every eye in the store was on my wife. When we git back in the truck she said every one was looking at me. I said only because you are beautiful.

We got to the cabin and unloaded our stuff. My wife was putting the cloths in the closet so they would look nice. She said I can tell a man packed my bag. I played dumb and asked why? She said first if all thete is only one paur of panties and they are thong and all the skirts are mini. I said why would you want to hide that beautiful body under cloths? I said I planed this trip so you can become comfortible showing off that lovely bidy of yours. It started sinking in. She said do you really think Im that good looking? I said sweetheart you are the perfect woman. Everything is the right size and its all topped off with that beautiful face. She blushed then she said well lets get in the hot tube and relax. Ok I said I packed suits because the hot tub is outside on the deck. She walked out to look at the tub and said OK lets do it. I changed and went out to uncover the tub. I came in and grabbed a couple of beers I called out to my wife Ill be in the tub and I git you a drink. In a few minutes the door opened and out walked my wife wearing what I brought for her...she said hey goomer you didn't pack my top to this bikini. I laughted and said I did that on purpose. She was standing on the deck in broad daylight topless. Now hust yesterday she would have never done anything like this. She looked wonderful .her.dark tan, yellow bikini bottom and her beautiful tits for the world to see.I asked well baby are you going to get in or are you enjoying showing off your tits to everyone? She had her hands on her hips and pushed her chest out and said I kind if like showing my tits off for a while. I said well they are yours do what you want. She said it is my body and from what you say its a nice one. I said see thats what Ive been telling you. She hooked the bottoms whith her thumbs and pulled them down and stepped out of them. There was my trophy wife butt ass naked in the middle if the day outside!

We had a few beers and about seven started to get hungry. We got dressed to go out. When my wife came out I knew all that talkung about showing off her body had done some good. She had on a thin white skirt and a white tank top. Her dark tan showed through the tin fabric. She walked between me and the table lamp and took her skirt and pulled it out to the sides and asked if she looked OK. I could see her legs all the way to her pussy lips with that light behind her. You look great I said. Even though I had already seen her naked pussy without her knowing I asked her if she was wearing panties? She pulled the front of the skirt to show me that she was naked under there. I said that is sexy. We found a nice place to eat that wasnt to brightly lit. Then we went to a club. It was loud and crouded. While we where having a drink a man about our age asked my wife to dance. At first she turned hin down but with me and him working on her she gave in. They danced two slow songs together then came back. He thanked her and left. We hung out a little longer before leaving.
When we got back to the cabin as soon as we got inside my wife pulled her cloths off and said lets set outside naked. I grabbed two brews and followed her tan lined ass out to the hot tub. She said no lets not get in lets talk and set on the love seat. We started taljing about today.I asked her if she was having a good time? She said yes she was finding out new stuff she liked. I said like showing off? She saud yes and what showing off can lead to. Oh what can it lead to I asked her? She said when she danced with that guy tonight that he had felt her up. He did ? I said...did it make you mad? She said no it made me wet. Then she took my hand a put it between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. She said see how wet I got? Then she said I want to show my naked pussy to some guy tomorrow. I got down between her legs and started eatting me pussy. I would stop just short of her cuming. I did this twice and in the third time she held my head so I couldnt pull away. She got off and we fucked right on the deck.

The next day she wore a pleted skirt that came to about half way down her thigh. And the wind kept flipping it up to show her uncovered ass and pussy. At one of the shops there was a set of iron steps going up to a roof top bar. My wife wispered to me that all the guys setting under those steps could see right up her skirt if we went up it. I said Ill go up first so as to not block their view. About half way up I stopped and acted as if I needed to ask her something. I leaned down and wispered they are looking up she then placed a foot on the next step up so they couls see all the way to her lips. I said I know they see your pussy. She said Im getting wet. I asked her if she wanted to fuck another guy some time? She said in time.
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I know how much fun it is to show off your wife. I myself also like hot hot they get when others see them or get a quick feel. Tell us more about your escapades.