double cross

My wife has cuckold me since the first day I met her. She has started working in an office that is full of hot women. One of them has adult theamed parties a couple times a year. My wife was talking to her one day at work and Tiff ( the party lady ) asked my wife what is the wildest things you and yout husband have done. My wife looked around the room to see who was close enough to hear their conversation there was one other co worker that was listening in. My wife said well I guess it would have to be when I fucked three of my husbands friends while he watched. My wife said Tiff just smiled and said wow , then she said three? Tiff asked what did your husband say about you doing that? My wife said he can't say anything about what I do. Tiff asked why? My wife said well I cuckold him. Oh I like that Tiff said. She said that she was wanting to do a adult toy theam party in a few weeks and she wanted to include the husbands to make it more fun. Tiff said she had done this once before and it ended up being a big gang bang. My wife said it sounds fun but that she allow me to have sex. She told Tiff that she would love to come and get gang banged. Tiff said what about your husband how can you be sure that he wont get some while you are busy being fucked? My wife told her she can lock me in the CB3000 chastity device. Oh no Tiff said that wont these parties we ladies sometimes make the men wear sexy panties and other kinky stuff. Tiff offered an idea, she told my wife she can get a pill that will keep any man soft no matter how hot the action gets. My wife agreed that she would bring me if she could get one of those. Of course I never knew about any of this till the day after the party. One the night of the party we arrived at Tiff and her husband's house at about eight o clock. There where several cars already there. I was nervous as Hell...I knew it was an adult toy party and I didnt know anyone there. My wife said calm down it'll be OK . I dont know I told her...She said Ill ask Tiff if she has something that will calm you down.I agreed..well there was her way to slip me the special pill. Tiff handed me a orange pill and said it'll make you mellow. I took it and the party got under way. I along with the other husbands there where dressed in all sorts of sexy outfits.I noticed all the other men where getting hardons from all the ladies playing with their junk.Well all but me. Tiff said its a shame to waste all this beautiful hard cock. She said ladies lets get naked. And one at a time the women undressed. They started pairing up with people that wasnt their mates. A guy named Scott that is married to one of the ladies had moved in front of my wife and she was giving him a sexy blow job. It wasnt long before they started having sex. Everyone there was fucking but me...I couldnt get my little guy hard. I watched my wife take two guys at the same time. The other ladies where watching her as she took one up the cunt and ass at the same time. After a couple hours of gang bang style sex eveyone was wore out. They started getting dressed and leaving. I helped my wife get cleaned up and dressed. All the way home I kept wondering why my dick let me down. It has never failed me before. The next morning I was setting at the breakfast table when my wife wslked into the kitchen. She was wearing a t shirt and no panties her shaved pussy was just below the bottom of the shirt. When I saw it my dick started getting hard. Looking down at it I said now you get hard to bastard. My wife said as she walked pasted me to get her a cup of cofffee. That pill is wearing off I see. What pill I asked ? She said that pill Tiff gave you was to keep your dick soft. Why did she do that I asked? She said I asked her to that way I could have all the dick with out worrying about you. Well OK I said as long as you had a good time. She said that was sweet for me to say. After she had a cup of coffee she held on to my cock and made me cum without ever moving. Just the sight and feel of her touching my dick was enough for me to get off. ..
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9 months ago
My wife said that she might use the orange pill instead of the chastity device from now on. She said the effect that has on me is more enjoyable to her.