Spring time cuckolding

My wife wears the pants in this f****y , or I should say the garter belt and stockings , either way she has 100% of the pussy and she knows it. I work hard at my own business and this allows my wife the life of a stay at home wife. She has a closet full of sexy cloths and a rack of high hills from low to the tallest made. This woman loves being a woman... perfect nails on her fingers and toes a perfect tan and beautiful straight blonde hair. Her 34B cup tits are nice and round , they never need a bra. At 100 pounds she is a sexual machine. So much so that I can't keep up with her , that's why she has guys on the side. The exact number of side cock I really don't know. She and her female friends have a sort of "click" they all cuckold their husbands and share ideas on how to do that. I'm not allowed to just come out and ask questions about that but I get to hear her talking on the phone from time to time and pick up a few things.

Last Thursday she had a brunch date with her lady friends and as I was getting ready to leave for the shop she was getting dressed. Being that I'm the boss I can be a few minutes late without there being any questions. I messed around long enough to where I got to see what she was wearing that morning. I was shaving in my bathroom when I heard hills coming down the hall. I stepped out the door just at the right time to see her turn the corner and go into the den. I wiped off my face and went in to talk to her.

She was getting the keys from her purse and was slightly bent over, I stopped to admire her. She was wearing a pair of cotton dress shorts with a two inch cuff on the very short legs. Her legs where covered in coffee colored pantyhose , and she had on 4 inch black hills. She stood up when she heard me come in and when she turned around I could see she had on a black button up blouse that was left unbuttoned just enough to show the tops of her tits. She looked very classy and extremely sexy. Wow , I said to her. She turned to face me and asked if I thought her tits looked OK bra less or if she needed a push up bra? I wanted to look longer so I said put on the bra and lets see. She went to the bed room and when she returned she had put on a black push up bra. Her perfect tits where nice and round. I said I like that better. She agreed and said now you had better go.

As I headed out the door I said who's the lucky guy? She said Oh it's just us girls this morning. Then she said if I get lucky I'll let you know. But we are just getting together to share cuckolding ideas this morning. Well do all of them look at hot as you do I asked? My wife said yes they do, now get out of here.

All day at work I couldn't help but to think of how sexy my wife looked when I left this morning. I know what she was up to, she knows I love her legs in pantyhose, she also knows I like when she keeps me in the dark over what she is up to. Well at 4:30 I got a service call from one of my customers , I told my shop manager I'd take it because it was almost quitting time and the call was close to my house anyway. When I got there the problem had gone away and I didn't need to do anything so I headed home. When I got home my wife was there, I put my lunch box in the kitchen and started toward my bathroom for a wizz. I heard my wife call out to me to come in the bed room , when I entered I saw her standing looking in her closet. She was still wearing that same outfit she had on that morning. I asked whats up? She said that while at the brunch that she had met a guy . I knew where this was going. I said OK. She said he commented on how sexy my legs looked in this color of pantyhose. I said I agree with him. She said he invited me out to dinner tonight and that he wanted me to wear these same hose. OK ,I again answered. She said but I want to fuck him and wearing these shorts is not an option. Well take them off I said. She never stopped flipping through the dress section of her closet while we spoke. She undid the belt then the snap and finally pulled down the shorts , they slid down her nylon covered legs with ease. It took all my will power to keep from grabbing her and throwing her on the bed and sinking my face in that pure cotton crotch of the Leggs shear to the waist size B coffee colored pantyhose.... She stood there with high hills on , pantyhose covered legs and no panties for the longest time. I said are you going to wear the same blouse? Oh , no she said then she unbuttoned it and tossed it aside. OK now I have her in a black push up bra along with the pantyhose and high hills. Damn it I was afraid my cock was about to catch fire.

She pulled out her little black mini skirt. It's a k**skin leather little number that's only about 14 inches from waist line to hem. She stepped into it and pulled it up to her waist...then a tad higher just to make it shorter. She then took her white almost see through blouse out and said I want to wear this but this black bra has to go. After unsnapping the bra it also went flying to the side. She put the blouse on without a bra.. she turned toward me and said can you see my nipples through it? Well yeah just a little I said. She said it'll be OK we are dinning after dark and I think no one will see. She buttoned up the extremely thin blouse and tucked it into the little mini skirt. She left the top two buttons undone and while she leaned over to change shoes the blouse hung away from her body enough to show off her pointy brown nipples. I told her I could see her nipples when she leaned over like that. She smiled and said good I was going for that . I asked her if she has sex would she please not clean up herself afterward and to make sure to pull her pantyhose up nice and tight to save me the messy creamy pie. She looked up from fasting her last shoe and said you are are sick fuck you know that? I said well if loving to have a sexy wife that gets fucked by strange cock a few times a week and eating that strangers cum from her pussy makes me a sick fuck well then yes I am. I stood up kissed me hard and said it's the only way I'll have it. Brushing off her self she said now how do I look? I said like a fucking wet dream....her nipples where hard from all that dirty talk and they poked out the extremely thin blouse , her sexy legs covered in nylon where perfect , the mini just did cover her ass cheeks when she turned around for me to see. How far over can I bet without showing my ass she asked? She leaned down a good ways , I said right there. OK she said I ant to know when he can see what I want him to see.

I had to see her looking that good from around 6:00 when she finished dressing till 9:00 when she left for her date. As soon as she pulled out of the garage I hit the shower...my cock had been hard for a full three hours , my underwear had a wet spot in the front from all the pre-cum that had been leaking. I put on a pair of boxers and t shirt.. grabbed a beer and when into the den. I popped one of her homemade sex tapes she had made for me while being gang banged at Tim's house. I watched her fuck on the TV till I heard her car come up the driveway. As soon as I heard the garage door being closed I went to the kitchen door to greet her. I opened the door and she came in looking just like she did before she left, I said whats wrong ? no action? She said oh no, he fucked me twice and came both times. I said so you have desert for me? She said yes you nasty boy...after tossing her purse on the love seat she sat down on the couch and started pulling down her pantyhose. OH what's that on the TV she asked? I turned to see one of her fuck movies was still playing, I had forgotten to stop it. OH I smiled that's my favorite porn star , she is the sexiest thing on earth. Good she said as she grabbed two hand's full of my hair and pulled me to her very wet pussy to eat.
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