The first time

Don't misunderstand what the title says. It's not the first time I was cuckolded or even the first time my wife had sex with another guy. It was the first time one of her bulls found out I was in fact a knowing cuckold. We took a trip to Panama City Florida on year for a little vacation. My wife invited her friend Tim along as she explained it to me so she could have some fun too. The first day there we hit the beach and enjoyed the ocean , that night the three of us showered and dressed to go out to eat. My wife was wearing what looked like a bikini coverup and sandles.. it was really a pull over dress but it was very thin and short. Her dark tanned skin could be seen through it when she was backlit. We knocked down a few adult beverages with our meal so when we got back to the room since it was around eleven o clock I laid down on one of the beds to watch some TV. My wife and Tim walked out onto the balcony.. I fell asl**p for a little while but something woke me up. I sat up and noticed I was still in the room alone. I leaned over and pulled the curtins back just far enough for me to see out. There was my wife's face only two feet away from me , she was facing the window and she was ridding Tim's dick. He was facing out toward the beach. My wife saw me looking and I could see her lips move, I figured she told Tim I was watching because his right hand gave a backward wave toward me. She and I stared into each others eyes for a good five minutes while she was be fucked. I closed the curtins and laid back down. I could hear the chair they where useing scoot around on the concrete floor. I must have drifted off to sl**p again. I woke when I heard the glass sliding door open when they came in but I didn't move. I was on my back and I kept my eyes closed. I could hear giggles and whispers but couldnt make it out. I felt the bed move , it was my wife and she crawled up and sat her freshly fucked pussy right on my mouth. A few little wiggles and she had the nasty lips right over my lips. I heard Tim say ewwwww. She told him he loves to eat the cum out of me when I have been fucked. I never moved my arms but I did start digging up into her with my tongue. She came from that ,then she fell over to the side closest to the other bed, that left me next to the window. I could hear them whispering to each other in the darkness.....She got quiet and so did Tim we all fell asl**p, I woke up sometime around three thirty needing to piss. I felt over for my wife but she wasn't there I looked toward the other bed and I could just make out her body as she rode Tim again. I didn't know what to do..I had to piss like crazy but if I got up then Tim would know ...I couldn't wait any longer I got up and headed twoard the bathroom, that ment I had to cross at the foot of his bed. Just like a tipical motel room there was a small hall right at the room door and the bathroom was just to the right of it. I turned on the hall light so I could see, after pissing I came back to the bedroom but I left that light on. My wife said aren't you going to turn that light off? I looked at her to answer but I couldn't see anything but Tim's hairy back and white ass cheeks ..oh and her legs wrapped tightly around him. Man on top to me is the sexiest way for me to watch my wife have sex. I told her if it bothered her I'd turn it off , she said I'm OK with it if Tim doesn't mind. I spoke up and said Tim does it bother you that I have the light on so I can see you fuck my wife? He said as long as I'm getting this sexy tight wife of your's I don't care. I laid down and I got a strange feeling of well being.. I asked him is her pussy tight? He said yes for a married woman she has a very tight pussy. My wife spoke up and said its because you dick is so skinny honey. I agreed with her. When you get done over there I want to clean you up again sweetheart. Tim said I'll pull out a little so it'll be right inside and easy for you to get to. I thanked him, this all seemed so natural to me. After the last grunt coming from Tim my wife pushed him off and came to my bed. I laid her down with a pillow under her ass so I could eat her better. The next morning we all woke up about the same time , my wife told me to go shower first because my face smelled bad to her. I did a quick shower and shave but left the shower running, I thought that way I can catch them fucking and I can always say I left it on for whoever is next. I opned the door and all the steam rolled out into the room. I walked out and around the corner , there was my wife sucking Tim off as he watched TV. I told her that I was done if she wanted to go next , She stood and took ahold of Tim's semi hard cock. It looked to be about eight inches long and not totaly hard yet. She said come on you and I are showering together. They went in and closed the door. I could hear them in the shower and then I heard the rythmic sound of her being fucked again. They where in there an hour. When they came out my wife was butt naked and Tim had on a pair of swim trunks. My wife told me there was no pie to eat she washed it down the drain. Tim grabbed up some towels and headed to rent chains on the beach. My wife and I where alone for once, as she put on her makeup I asked if she was having a good time? She said yes that bringing Tim along was a great idea , I asked if she was sore yet for all that fucking? She said yes but it's the kind of sore that makes her wet to think about it. Well we stayed four days and nights , they fucked sixteen times in that four days . I ate every one of the pies but the ones she washed down the drain every morning. So now Tim comes by our home a few times a week and they will either go in our bed room to fuck or every so often he will fuck her in the den while I watch.
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