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We got a break from all the heat this weekend. Lower seventies beat upper ninties anyday. This short of kick started my wife's fall shopping. After doing all my chores Saturday I was told I needed to shower , shave , and lock myself up in my CB3000 because we where going shopping. Shaving my pubic area always takes me a long time. Shaving a nut sack can be tricky. It took me an hour to finish up and when I came into our room to get dressed my wife was setting on the bed already dressed and ready to go. She was wearing a dark brown short skirt light tan aleevless sweater and black high hills , her legs where covered in coffee colored Legg's pantyhose ( or so I thought).
My wife had me come to her so she could put me in the chastity device right away. She knows if I look at her legs in nylons for very long I will get a hardon. After locking me away she told me to hurry and dress. She had laid out cloths for me to wear. I pulled up my dark blue dress slacks and tucked my white dress shirt into them. I was about to thread my belt through the loops when she stood up and walked to her dresser. I of course watched, just as she got to the chair at her dressing table she put her right leg on it and pulled her skirt up so she could adjust the black garters that came into view. I said I was thinking those where pantyhose. She said why did you think that? Well I answered that skirt is so short I didn't think you could hide garters under it. She dropped her leg down and turned facing me. As she begain telling me about the new hose she was wearing she pulled her skirt up to her waist. They where extra long stockings, they came all the way to her crotch. the garters where adjusted so short they where only about two inches long each. She was wearing see through white panties. She fixed her cloths and hurried me along.
On the way down the hall she asked if my cock had gotten hard from looking at her? I told her yes , she said does it hurt in that cage? I knoded that it did. She picked up her purse and we got into her car. She drove. I asked why she wanted to drive? She said she had something she wanted to do and that I couldn't drive and watch. Watch what I asked as she started the car. She raised up off the seat unziped the skirt and pulled it down her legs, she tossed it in the back seat. She said I want you to look at me while I drive, in fact I'm going to show off my legs to every trucker I can while we are on the highway. Oh be careful I said, don't distrack them to much. She slid the cover back on her sun roof, she said she had noticed that a trucker on the right side of her car can see right into her lap through the sunroof.
We hit I-20 headed toward Atlanta it was about four in the afternoon , traffic was heavy but fast moving. Soon we where going the same speed as the long hauler on my side of the car. I tried to see if he was looking but from that angle I couldn't. I told my wife that I couldn't tell if she had an admirer, she glanched up and smiled she said he is looking then she spread her legs apart so he could see her panties. She rubbed a finger between the lips of her pussy a few times then stuck it in her mouth. I said can he even see me ? She glanced my way and said who cares. She switched lanes and we sped away. I know he must have been on his CB because all of a sudden there where trucks all around us. We got boxed in once. That's when she pulled her left leg up and put her foot on the seat. Doing that made it very easy for them to see all she had to offer. I told her our exit is next you need to try to get over two lanes. She slowed down and they all blew their airhorns as we made our way off the interstate.
The mall is only about a mile from that hiway so in just a few minutes we where there. I reached back and picked up her skirt and handed it to my wife. We parked and she pulled it back on . We started into the mall and she asked me to look and make sure all the garters where covered up.They where. Once in we went straight to the escalator that runs all the way to the top floor. It's located in the food court and it's a hang out for guys and youngs boys that look up the skirts of the women that ride it. My wife got on before me and told me to wait three steps before getting on. I looked and almost all the women had their hands holding their skirts tightly closed so no one could see. Not my wife. her feet where about eighteen inches apart and she was letting them all see. I looked down to see a few guys stumbling over each other to get a better look. At the top she turned and waited for me , I took her hand and we started walking. She leaned in and asked if any of those guys could see up her skirt? I told her I bet they could see out the neck of her sweater. She squeezed my hand and said it makes her hot to allow guys see up her skirt, then she said I need shoes. I knew what that ment. I had to let her go in the shoe store alone and then I could come in and act as we where not together. She would pick out what she though was the cutest guy working there and ask to see some shoes. The whole time he's helping her she lets her legs part enoght for him to see her panties. One time this led to her going back to the mall alone after closing time to get fucked by a tall black boy that sold her some shoes.
I started to go in and I noticed a Radio Shack right next door. Umm I thought I'll just pop in there and see whats new. I hug out for about fifteen minutes looking at home stereos and flat screens. Just as I was coming out I noticed my wife standing at the door of the shoe store looking for me. She saw where I was coming from. She asked why I hadn't come in and watched her show off. I didn't have a good answer so I just shrugged my shoulders. She looked pissed. As we walked she told me to hold her bag while she used the rest room. I sat down on the bench to wait. When she came out she handed me something and to me to put it in my pocket without looking at it. I did as I was told. Then we when into another shoe store. She looked back and said you will want to watch this time, I asked why? That's my panties in your pocket she said. The shoe store was one of those that played strange music and everyone that worked there looked like vampires. My wife picked up a pair of very high stacked shoes. at least five inchs of sole. She walked up to a young black guy he looked to be about twenty eight, he was tattooed more than I had ever seen a black person tattooed. He was also pierced in both his ears and nose. My wife sat down as he went into the back room to get her size. I was standing right where I could see her straight on. She looked at me and opened her legs as wide as she could in that chair, I could see that she had worn her gold hoops in boths of her pussylips . She had just closed her legs when the guy can back with her shoes. He took her right leg in his hands and as he put the shoe on her he twisted her leg in away that her open crotch was visible. I saw him see her rings. He took the other shoe and did that same thing again seeing the gold hoops pierced through her beautiful shaved womanhood. She stood and acted as is her lost her ballance. He placed his hand right on her crotch as if to steady her. She walked around and looked at her self in every mirror in the place, she even asked me what I thought. I leaned in and said quiety and said he loves your pierced pussy. She leaned back and said I know he will.
After paying for her shoes and getting his cell number she passed me on the way out. I looked around few a moment and then left too. In the mall I caught up to her and asked what do you mean will? She said OH , he's getting my pussy. I said really? Said yes I want him to fuck me tonight. It was to far to drive all the way home for her to drop me off so she took me to a Down Town Atlanta adult book store and dropped me off while she went back and had sex with him. I looked at every video in the store and even watched a few movies in the back room. My dick was dripping precum when she came in to get me. I asked if she was ready to go? She said lets go in one of the movie stalls first. We found one that was showing a cuckold theam movie and she said this is perfect. We locked the door and I put the money in the machine. As soon as the video started my wife pulled down her skirt and leaned on the wall and spread her legs. Eat my nasty cunt she ordered. I got down on my knees and burried my face in her crotch. She had the familiar smell , sweaty man and her mixed . Just as I started the man in the next booth stuck his cock through a glory hole. My wife leaned in to suck it untill it was rock hard. Then she turned around and started kissing me as she backed up to his shinny black cock. I pulled away from her right before he got himself inside her. I love to watch her face while a big cock is being pushed into her from behind. Our eyes where locked for a second then I watched her mouth and a sexy snarl came to it , I could tell he was pushing into her. Her eyes half closed and a big smart assed looking smile came to her . I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back toward the wall. She let out a grunt. I held her as close to the wall as I could. He fucked her while she was bent at the waist with her hands on her knees. As they fucked I pulled her panties out of my pocket and pushed then into her mouth as a gag. She stood up and moved toward the center of the tiny booth. I looked and his cock was not through the hole. I grabbed her panties and made her put them on real fast and I pulled them up tight. Straighting her skirt and out the door we went. I put her on the passanger's side and jumped it. I told her on the way home I wanted to enjoy that creamypie in our bed. She was ok with that idea. We slept late Sunday moring and showered together. I had the worest set of blue balls as I watched my wife all day run around the housr in a little pair of sl**ping shorts and a short t shirt that showed off her nipples. She kept the shorts pulled up so she displayed a sext cameltoe.

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