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Me being a cuckold has come in handy for me from time to time. My wife doesn't know but I have swapped her pussy for several things I have needed in the past. I found a model a Ford body once and the guy wanted way to much for it. I was with my wife that day we tried to reach a deal. She was looking very sexy in her white terry cloth shorts and white tank top. Her tan was as always very dark , so much so that you could see her body through the light colored clothing. She didn't have on panties or a bra. I caught him sneeking peeks at her when he thought I was looking at the car. I got him off to the side and made him an offer of almost half his asking price. I knew he wouldn't take it. I told him what if I allow you to have sex with my wife too. His eye brows went up. He said that money and I get to fuck your wife? Yeah I said. He said well when can I do her? I said today, right now. I'll go home to get my trailer and I'll leave her here to "make sure you don't sell the model A while I'm gone". He said you sure that'll work? I said I know it will. He said OK it's a deal. I walked back to my wife , she had no idea what we where talking about, nor did she care. Honey will you stay here to make sure he doesn't sell this car before I get back with the trailer? She said what? it's hot...I don't want to set out here in the heat all day. The seller spoke up and said well you don't have to you can come inside where it's cool and wait for you husband to get back. Then he looked at me and asked about how long would it take for me to get back with the trailer? I said if I hurry I can be back in just under two hours. My wife said OK go get the trailer and me and ol "Billy Bob" will wait here. I guess she called him that due to his bib overalls ...he did look country.
I kissed her and whispered if she wanted to hurry or not....she looked him up and down while his back was turned to us. She said you drive safe and don't do any speeding. I knew that I was in for the deal now. I hauled ass home and got there in less than thirty minutes, I could hook up and be back in just over an hour, but I didn't want to cheet my new buddy out of any of my wife's wonderful pussy. I drove back staying under the speed limit. I pulled back into his place just about an hour and a half after I had left. I cut the engine and rolled to the back where the car body was. I got out and looked around, there was no sign of either of them. I started stacking the pieces of old Ford on my trailer and when all that was left was the cowl and doors I heard his back screen door slam closed. I looked up and there was my wife walking toward me with a smile on her face. When she got close enough I asked her if he had tried anything with her? She said I'll tell you about it on the ride home, he's taking a piss and will be out soon. I said, Hey before he gets out here what happened? She said well he fucked me twice. I said twice? She said yeah my pussy is so full it's trying to leak out and my ass has a nice load in it too. I told her to go set down in the truck so she didn't loose my creamy pie.
I heard the door slam again when I looked up this time it was my new friend. He was walking out toward us still wearing the bib overalls but this time without a shirt under them. I turned and handed him the money we had agreed on. He counted it and then handed me back two hundred dollars of it. I said we had an agreed price , he said yeah I'm a fare man, the agreed price was for the cash and her pussy, well I had her ass too so I owe you a refund. I took the two bills and folded them up and put them away. I finished strapping down every thing while he leaned in the window and talked to my wife. I opened my door and got in , as I did I looked over and both my wife's tits where out and he was playing with them. I leaned down so I could see him and said I'm going to have to charge you for that...then I laughted. He laughted too and stepped back from the side of the truck. I started pulling off and gave him a wave, he said honey you can come see me when ever you want to, my wife said OK thank you for the good fuck.
As soon as we hit the highway my wife took off her seat beat and started taking off her shorts. She tossed them in the back seat and turned her self so her legs where in my lap. She said you want to see my used pussy? I said sure. She pulled her legs up and let them fall apart. There was her smooth shaved slit wide open for me to see. The lips where red and the inner lips where apart making a small hole. I reached over and put two fingers in her all the way to my knuckles. She grabbed my hand and pulled it in as deep as it would go. She moaned, then she said do four fingers. I pulled my hand back and eased four fingers into her very wet hole. She grabbed my hand again and said rub my clit with you thumb untill I cum. I started rubbing her swollen soft puffy clit. her legs closed and trapped my hand in her. I rubbed her for a good ten minutes and she came squeezing my hand as tight as she could. I told her I wanted to fuck her. She said find a place to pull off. I stopped at a rest stop. She got her shorts out of the back seat and put them on. We walked into the lobby of the rest stop and there wan't a soul around. She said come on follow me and she opened the ladies room door. I said no if I get caught in there I could go to jail. I pulled her back out and we went into the mens room. There wasn't anyone in there so I pushed her into a stall . I locked the door and then pulled her shorts off. I hung them on the coat hook on the back of the door. She turned around and put her hands on the wall behind the toilet. She parted her legs and said now fuck me the way Tim fucked me at the ZZTop concert. I had my rock hard cock out in a flash and buried it to the balls in her loose wet cunt. It felt so warm in there. She said no pull it out and fuck my ass hole. I pulled my cock out and pointed it at the little brown pucker. She said shove it in . I pushed trying to be easy. She reached back and grabbed my shirt and said hammer my ass hole hard. I slammed in so hard her one arm that was holding her up slipped and her head hit the wall hard. I stopped and said I was sorry , damn it don't stop, fuck me hard you cocksucker she ordered. I hammered her ass hole for a few minutes before dumping my load in her. I let my cock go soft untill it fell out of her, her butt hole was a slight gape. I asked if she wanted me to eat her clean and she said yes go ahead. I got down and d**g my tongue from as far up her cunt as I could reach all the way through her ass crack. This caused a quiver...I did it again this time the load in her cunt let go and I got a mouth full of a mixture of her and him. I finished cleaning her and helped her put on her shorts. I went out first to see if the coast was clear. It was so we hurried out and started toward the truck. Just as we where backing out an older couple started walking in. I asked my wife if she thought he was taking her into the mens room to fuck? She said maybe...we laughted
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A great experience,,,,I envy you.