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Thanksgiving isn't a real good time for wife to cuckold me, we are around f****y and they are very straight laced. I don't know what would happen if our f****y was to ever find out that my wife ( their darling daughter) lets her body be used like she does. Both sides of our f****y are filled with christian hard working folks. Her parents love me and tell me how lucky their daughter is to have a husband like me. Every time I hear this I can't help but think you aint k**ding, how many men out there would allow their wife's to fuck and suck anyone they please? We where getting ready to go over to her mom and dad's for Thanksgiving , I was already dressed and wearing my CB3000, I had questioned her about me wearing it that day. I said who do you think I'm going to try and screw? She said it's not that, She said I just enjoy knowing I have your little equipment all locked away safe and sound. I asked her do you have any feelings ( like sexual ) thinking about me locked up? She said yes, it makes her a little horny knowing that she can show off and I can't get hard.
I was waiting in the den like I always do allowing her all the time she needs to get dressed. She doesn't like me to watch her get dressed, she told me once it's none of my business what she has on under her cloths because I'm not getting anything. I was watching a parade on TV when she came in the den. I stood up like I always do when she enters the room. This are maners I was taught as a young man. She looked beautiful as ever. She had on a new dark blue dress, it came to just above her knees, I could tell there was pantyhose or stockings on her legs and she had on boots that came just below her knees. This is a very sexy look for cool weather. Nylon covered knees and boots...I felt a stur in my chastity device. How do I look she asked? I said you are just gorgeous I told her. She spun around to show me the back of the dress. I said you look very pretty...she said I don't look slutty do I ? What, I said No you look very nice. Why would you say that I asked? She said it's just I love dressing slutty and getting reactions from men...and I was afraid that you could tell. Tell what I said? She said I'll all slut under this beautiful dress. I knew better than to say show me , if I had she wouldn't ,just to make me squirm. So I just said nothing. You don't believe me do you she said? Baby I always believe you I told her. I turned to pick up my jacket. She said no you don't she said ,then she pulled the hem of her dress up almost over her head. Under that modest looking dress she was wearing a black corset that has eight garter straps , they where holding up a pair of coffee colored lace top stockings , and framing a pair of see through black thong panties. I said WOW. I believe you I said.
As we drove to her folks place she made sure her left leg was showing the clasp of her garters....I would steal a peek form time to time. I said , you love being a sexy lady don't you? She said what? I said you really enjoy being all sexy and showing off how beautiful your body is don't you? She said well, yes I do. She added that if the world could be her way she would wear nothing but sexy under things all day and have a big hard cocks when ever she wanted. I couldn't help but feel jeaous.She could fuck when ever she wants to. What would that be like I wondered? I mean I could stop at the mini mart at the next light, let her go inside and I know for a fact when she came out she would be fucked if she wanted to. Guys , what would that be like? Anyway we pulled up to her folks place and I parked. I jumped out and ran around to open her door for her, she likes that, and I usally get to see a little leg when I do it. I hadn't noticed a couple of the men folk on the front porch , as I opened the door she spread her legs to get out and just to be nice she pulled up the hem enough to show me both nylon cover legs including the black garter straps. I took her hand and help her stand up. From the other side of the car one of the guys on the porch hollered hey she's got you whipped don't she? I looked up and smiled, yes sir she sure does I told them.
My mother in law is a very formal kind of lady, her dinner table was set like a king was dining there. The long linen table cloth did a good job of hiding my hand as I played with my wife's stocking covered leg during the meal. Once my wife leaned over to whisper me something. She said be careful under there, Tommy my s****r's boy friend is playing with my other leg and I don't want you two to touch. I whispered back how far up is he? She said far enough and then smiled. My cock started to get hard thinking about him rubbing her panty covered pussy. My wife's dad asked if there where any more mashed potatoes? Her mom said yes I'll go get them , but before she could move my wife pushed her chair back and said no I'll get them mom, you stay seated. I asked if I needed to help? My wife ( always thinking ) said no Tommy can help and she put her hand on his shoulder. He looked around the room like a k** called on to go to the black board. Uh yeah OK he said and he made an adjustment to what I later found out was a ranging hardon and then stood up. They went in the kitchen together. Everyone kept talking and having a good time. We heard my wife call back that she was going to put the potaoes in the microwave for a couple of minutes to make sure they where warm. I was thinking she is a genius..that bought her some time in there alone with him. They came back a good three minutes later with a steaming bowl of mashed potatoes. She sat them down and I stood up to pull her chair out for her. Again that same guy said look at how well trained she has him, everyone laughted and my mother in law said I think it's sweet. I smiled back at her. As soon as I sat down my wife handed me something under the table cloth. I took it , it was her panties. I read her lips , put them in your pocket she said.
The rest of the meal all I could think of is what happened in that kitchen. The day seemed to drag on..I was wanting to go so I could find out what Tommy had done to her in there. After we ate we all the guys went into the den and started watching football and all the ladies cleared off the table. My wife was right in there just like a good little wife , laughing with the ladies and acting like she hadn't been bad at all. One of her cousins commented on her dress and how pretty it was. I watched as my wife took the hem and flaired it out and spun around as to model it. Her cousin asked about her boots next, when she did my wife put a foot up on one of the dinning room chairs and pulled up her dress so they could see the boot better. From where her cousin was standing I guess she could see up my wife's dress, she giggled and said are you wearing stockings you floozie? My wife having zero shame said I always wear them they make me feel sexy and she pulled up the hem far enough to show off the garter straps. None of the men where paying any attention to what was going on the dinning room but me. My wife took her foot down and her s****r said you have always been a better not try and swipe Tommy from me...with a laugh. Oh you don't have to worry my wife said Tommy is a good boy , as she said that she was looking straight at me and gave me that smile I know all to well as her I just got fucked smile.
We bid our good byes and got our yearly hugs from everyone. I helped my wife into the car and we drove away waving . As soon as I hit the hiway my wife pulled her dress all the way up to her waist and started rubbing her naked pussy. It was already dark so on one could see I had the dash lights on the brightest setting so I could. Whats wrong I asked her? That damn Tommy she said, what is wrong I asked? When we went into the kitchen he grabbed my dress and raised it up and pulled down my panties. She said he told me to turn around and bend over. I put my hands on my knees and he flipped up the back of my dress and shoved a very fat cock all the way in me in one stroke. He started fucking me hard and fast. I made him stop long enough for me to call out I needed to microwave the potaoes. Did he come in you I asked? No we didn't have time , the damn microwave dinged and we had to stop. She said I'm so fucking horny I am about to burst. Well do you want me to stop so we can fuck I asked? No , I left your key at home. Just get me home and I'll have someone come over and finish what Tommy started.
When we got home she picked up the phone and started dialing. I went to the rest room to have a piss. While wearing this damn thing I have to set to pee. I was in the rest room a good five minutes. When I came out I ask if she was able to get a hold of some one? She said yeah I called Tim and he said Mark was over at his house watching foot ball. So what are we going to do I asked? We aint doing nothing she said..I'm going over there to get my freek on...she said Mark and Tim are in for a tag team night. How late are you going to be I asked? I'll be home tomorrow sometime she said. Then she said here lick me to get me going , she raised her dress to allow me to eat her for a few minutes. That's enough.. here is the key to the private videos I've made over the years , watch me fuck while I go get fucked and she went out the door....
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1 year ago
another amazing day. thanksgiving is coming up soon, now I will look at all my in-laws in a new light!
2 years ago
good story i hope you keep posting them.