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Some of the best cuckolding I have is when I am pretty sure she is having sex and I can't watch. She knows this and will let me "find" out just enough but won't tell me what she has planed. For example , I told her one time I had a guy coming over to look at an antique car I have for sell. I told her he would be here around lunch time. So right at twelve she comes out to the garage dressed in a short white pleated skirt and a white tank top. I can tell she is wearing a bra but her legs are bare, they are tanned and look great without pantyhose. I told her my guy just called and said he was about five miles away and would be here in fifteen minutes. This gave her enough time to get me worked up by setting in one of my "bench racing chairs" and allowing her skirt to raise up to upper thigh. She always acts like she doesn't know that she's showing that much leg. I spoke up and told her I didn't want her showing off her legs while I was trying to sell this car. She said OK then and as she stood up she made sure I saw her freashly shaved naked pussy. She said I'll go find something to keep me busy for an hour or two. Just as she was getting into her car ,again showing me her smooth womanhood , my buyer pulled up. I closed her door and kissed her cheek.
He and I shook hands as she drove away. He was really through as he checked out the car. In fact I lost track of the time. I heard my wife's car coming up the driveway and looked at the clock, she had been gone almost two hours on the nose. She pulled over to the side of the garage and parked. I waited for her to get out but instead she called out to me to come help her for a second. I told my guest that I'd be right back and walked around the side of the garage where she had parked. He couldn't see us from where he was. Just as I got to her door she opened it and turned sideway in her seat. I stopped and waited to see if she was going to get out. Come here she said, I walked up to the open door and just as I did I saw her setting with her legs spread out wide and her skirt up to her waist. She was running a finger between her pussy lips. Here taste this she said as she offered the finger to me. I did a quick look over my shoulder to make sure he was still in the garage. She stuck the wet finger in my mouth. It tasted like a freashly fucked pusy. The normal taste of her mixed with a manly aroma. Hurry up and I'll let you clean me up she said, then she stood and walked toward the house.
OK here I am, wanting to sell this car, and wanting to go eat her messy pussy all at the same time. He kept asking the same questions over and over. I was getting the feeling he didn't have the money to buy the car. So when I was sure he was just a tire kicker, I floored him. I said look we have been out here for almost three hours, you know everthing there is to know about the car, and if you want it, pay me ,if not I'm going in the house. He looked at me like he couldn't believe I was that short with him. I told him, you just saw my wife, you saw how sexy she is, I am going in to be with her if you don't start skinning off some bills. He said he wanted to think about it so more. I said that's fine with me , then I hit the garage door closer and told him let me know what you decide and I started toward the house. He said I'll call you , fine I said ,over my shoulder as I was almost running toward the back door.
In the house I called out my wife's name, she said she was in the bed room. I started stripping as I went down the hall. When I got to the door I could hear a familiar sound. She had her vibrator in bed with her. I walked to the foot of the bed and watched her, her eyes where closed her legs squeezed tightly together. Small twiches shook her every so often. Her jaws drew up tight and she made a very low moan sound. She had a orgasm that lasted about thirty five seconds....then she turned off her little helper and tossed it to the side. Her eyes came open at the same time her legs fell apart. Her inter thighs where shiny wet and the lips of her pussy where red and slightly parted. I could see traces of cum between the lips. I asked do you need a minute to rest? She said no, eat me while I'm still hot . I dove in and put my tongue as far up her as I could. Her hands took hold of my head and pulled it so tight I couldn't breath at first. I love the smell of her after she has had sex. The female ordor mixed with male sweat is very sexy. She was very very wet. I cleaned her for a half hour and then I moved up to fuck her myself. It was a lost cause...she was so wet and loose I couldn't tell if I was in her and she couldn't either. I empted my balls in her in just over a minute. She called me her minuteman. I can't help it, she is so sexy after being fucked that I'm always so worked up I can't hold off. Well the guy didn't buy the car ...but I had a good time.
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