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Like with anything in life there are good things and bad things . Take cuckolding...if there where only good parts to it , I would be setting around the house all day, every day ,watching my beautiful wife getting her pretty shaved pussy tore up by some fat cocked bull. But that's not how life works. Now to get to the bad part, my wife has this one guy she has been fucking for a couple of years. Seems lately he wants her ass. And she enjoys anal sex, but not with this guy. I've never seen the man naked but my wife clams his cock is as big around a a beer can. I know my wife's body better than my own, and you are not going to get a beer can up her little butthole. Oh yeah, the bad part I got away from it.I have been told to go to the Starship near our house a buy my wife a butt plug , but not just any butt plug , it has to be as close to the beer can size as we can get without going larger. How will I know? Here's the bad part.... I have to take him with me. Yes I have to let him know that I know he has been fucking my wife for close to three years. I think that it's been his fat dick that ruined that pussy for me.
Ok Friday evening I walk in the front door after a hard, hot day at work. There's a strange man setting in MY recliner in the den. I knod to him as I walk pasted him and start toward the sound of the main bathroom shower running. I open the door just as my wife was about to step in the shower. She didn't hear me open the door so I grabbed her to stop her from getting in right at that moment. She jerked and turned around, What the Hell are you doing she said? I said hold on a second. First of all is that pie ? as I pointed to her pussy. And secondly who is that in the den? Yes he fucked me ,and that's Kyle , he's the guy you are shopping with. As much as I love pie, I paused a moment and said Kyle?...The monster cock belongs to a guy named Kyle? She said yes what's wrong with Kyle as a name? I said...I just figured it'd be a Mike , John , or even know real manly names. She said his dick makes up for anything you might think he's lacking, and if you want to suck his cum out of me you had better get to it, I'm wasting water.
As I walked back into the den to meet " Kyle" I notice my knees are wet. So did he. Was that pie I left for you good ? he said. Oh yeah yeah ..I stammered. Look dude he said your wife told me all about that cuckold thing she has going on with you. Oh yeah I answered. So you have known all along that I've been having sex with her and didn't try and stop me? he said. well it's her I can't stop I told him. When we first got married I started telling him ,I told her I'd like for her to fuck a buddy of mine... I thought it might be fun. Well it took me a while to talk her into it with out pissing her off. After Keith had sex with her she told me she liked doing that and was going to keep on. That was a lot of guys ago I informed him. He rubbed his chin and said, well what do you think about me tearing her ass up? I said I don't want you to do that. That's why we have to go buy her a Butt Plug so she can streach her ass enough to fit you in. And we need to get going before she gets out of the bath and starts yelling at me.
We took my truck and rode over to the next town to Star Ship, they sell porn , dildos, and "tabacco" smoking stuff. I have been in there a few times picking up something for my wife. I showed Kyle where the butt plugs where. I said don't waste time looking on that end, the size we need is down here. Some creepy guy heard me say that and he checked me and Kyle out while snarling. I leaned in close to Kyle and said that old fart thinks you and I are lovers, and then we both laughed. Kyle picked up one that must have weighed five pounds..My heart stopped beating for a few seconds....uhh , no way dude I said. He laughed and hung it back up...he said I just had to do that to see what you'd do. You know I was thinking to myself, this guy could be my buddy too , he seems OK. He grabbed a hot pink one and said that's me right there. I said let me see that, as I took the pink ass wrecker from him our creepy old guy was watching us. In my best sissy voice I said "oh Kyle, that will never fit up my ass"..his face turned bl**d red and he grabbed it back from me.
We bought it along with a sexy , lacey , black, eight garter, belt and a new pair of lace top black stockings, I love those lace tops , these had a six inch band of lace ..very sexy. When I stared backing out of the parking spot our creepy old friend came out of the store and was staring straight at us. I said to kyle should I wave at him? Then we both started laughing. He said man you're fucking nut I thought I was going to shit when you said that in there. I smiled and said yeah if you get to know me , you'll see I take life with a bit of humor. Then while we where on an up beat I said when are you and my miss plaining on doing this butt fucking ? He said I have no idea. I just fuck when I'm told to. I said nice problem to have.
He walked in the house ahead of me , I was getting the new toy out of the back seat . When I came in he and my wife where standing beside each other watching me. What are you two up to I said? My wife said, take it out I want to see it. I stared unzipping my pants...she yelled NOT THAT ..shit ,I've seen that little thing , show me what I have to get used to wearing. I pulled it out and held it like Carol Maroll ,off Let's make a deal used to do. My wife grabbed it way from me and damn it it's heavy , I said you should have seen the first one we looked at. She said I don't care about that, am I going to keep this in my ass all day without it falling out. I said all day? Even when you are buying groceries? She said yes..and everything else I do. Well pantyhose would help. I said. Yeah they would keep it from hitting the floor but they couldn't keep it in she came back with. I said how long till you are getting his cock up your ass? She said Kyle was telling me about a company dinner his company is haveing the 15th of next month. I want to go with him and we can get a motel room after. That gives you almost 5 weeks I said. Oh ,Kyle spoke up, we also bought you something to wear under the dress you wear to the dinner, show her, he said to me. I pulled out the garter and stockings.... I like them she said. I won't be wearing any panties so this will work just fine. What dress you wearing I said. She said that's next, us three have to go tomorrow shopping for one. Oh OK I said , what time does Kyle need to be back over then? She said he's not leaving , he and I are sl**ping in our bed and you can pick the spare room with no TV ,or the den. well I thought about TV means I could hear them fucking and the spare room and our room share a wall.
We enjoyed the rest of the Friday evening together drinking and laughing. Kyle told my wife what I had said in the shop and what the old man did . we laughted alot. I didn't want to go to bed first , I was thinking I'd fall asl**p and miss the action. About eleven my wife stood up and said OK Kyle, I've been setting here all night thinking about that cock of your's and my pussy is wet, lets go fuck. Then she looked at me and said are you going to listen at the door or the wall? My face went red... I said , I'm coming to bed too. so it's the wall she said..I'll scream a little louder so you can hear ...We all went into our rooms. My wife left the door slightly open , I could see a little light coming from the bed side lamp coming down the hall. I laid down and listened ...I could hear talking but couldn't make out what they where saying. Then I heard the rhythm of the wife was letting out soft moans. I fell asl**p to the sound of her being fucked.
Saturday morning I got up first and started the coffee. I heard the bed once again. This time it lasted for over an hour. I heard the hall bathroom door close so I tip toed down the hall to see who it was. Our bed room door was wide open so I just walked in. My wife was laying there her legs wide open and her sweet hairless pussy was forming a perfect round hole. She had her eyes closed at first, that gave me enough time to see that I could have easily thrown a golf ball in her with out touching the sides. She opened one eye and said, are you just going to look at it or are you going to eat his cum for breakfast. I crawled between her legs and ran my arms under them so I could pull her legs up for better eatting . She was loose and very whole face was soaked when I finished. I heard the shower turn off so I jumped up and stared out of the room. My wife said are not going anywhere stay right where you are. Kyle came in the bed room with a towel around his waist. My wife spoke up and said, Honey aren't you going to thank Kyle for fucking me so well and leaving you all that nice hot cum to enjoy for breakfast? She loves doing that. I hung my head and said yeah thanks Kyle , she tasted nice this morning and I walked out.
By ten that morning we where all showered and ready to go to the mall, shopping for the dinner dress. My wife was the last to come in the den after getting ready. She was wearing a denim mini that came right at her knee , white tennis sox with little pink balls on the back, white tennis shoes with pink piping , and a pale pink wife beater " tank top" bra . her nipples where sticking out and looked sexy. I said didn't you forget some of your underwear? She was headed toward the front door and without looking back she said not just some of it and she flipped the back of the skirt up far enough for Kyle and I to see the pink butt plug at home in her ass. You think that's a good idea I said..what if it falls out while we are at the mall? Then it'll be your job to pick it up for me she answered. We took her car and I drove while they rode in the back. I was suprised that they didn't fool around at all on the ride. My wife had sat right behind me so I couldn't see her as easy as I could Kyle. I got out and opened her door for her...not being a gentleman , I just wanted to look up her skirt as she got out. She knew that's what I was up to so she opened her legs wider than needed and took longer to stand up. As soon as she stood up she said push my plug back in to make sure it don't fall out. I asked how, she said like this and she lifted her skirt to her waist and said now push it in. I did what I was told and then looked around to see who else saw my wifes naked ass. I didn't see anyone.
In the mall I let her and Kyle get on the escalador first and waited a few steps so again I could check out her ass with the hot pink donut sized bunn in the center of it. We bought the perfect " little black dress" that was low cut enough to show off her 34B's and short enough so if she wasn't careful she could also show some lace top stockings. We had lunch at the famous food's famous because the escalador to the top floor goes right up one side, and people setting at those tables have a bird's eye view up every dress and skirt. Most of the women that use it hold ther hems closed on the ride, not my bride, she even stands feet apart enough so if the light is just right you could see bare pussy lips. About half way up I looked down and saw several teen age boys and a few dads checking out my wife's show. I said to her you have alot of fans down there. She glanced down and lifted her right leg to the step in front of her, I know they could see lips then. We never lost the plug, she was able to wear it every day till the big dinner , she didn't want to wear it to the dinner but wore it all that day before she left to go. I tried to get her to video the night but she said she other things on her mind. Sunday when she came home alone , she was wearing a warm up suit and tennis shoes. She had the dress and all the accessories in a carry on style bag. I asked how it went, she said she had a big time ,danced till four and then got fucked in the ass for two hours straight. How do you feel I said. She said loose..every hole in my body has had a cock in it last night. Then she said I showered at the motel so theres nothing for you to eat. I pampered her all day , brought her pillows from the bed to the couch and rubbed her feet. That night I tried to get me some, but she said you'll have to wait till things tighten up some little man. Life is good.
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do keep sharing.
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good to see your still writting
love reading your adventures 5.5/10