Doubled teamed weekend

My boss bought a Mobius wake board boat. It has the tow bridge and a three thousand watt stereo system. He invited my wife and I to spend the weekend at the lake with him , his wife , and some of their friends. When I told my wife she said I don't know his wife or any of their friends. I said it'll be fun. I said carry a one piece and if you think it's OK you can change into a bikini. We got to the camping spot and his camper was all set up but the boat wasn't there. I called him on his cell and told him we where at his camper , what should i do? He said they where out on the lake and to just go in the camper and put on our suits and fix a drink if we wanted they would be back in about half an hour. The camper was unlocked so we went inside. It was the first time we had seen his camper on the inside. It had a slide out in the den and another one in the master bedroom. While I was snooping looking at the master bedroom I saw a tripod and video camera aimed at the bed. I showed my wife, she asked what do you think they filmed? I said I don't know but I'm going to find out. I turned the camera on and hit rewind. My wife freeked out what are you doing she said. I want to see whats on here I told her. It's connected to that flat screen on the wall, go turn it on and I'll hit play I told her. The screen went blue and then it showed a long blonde headed chick riding some guys hard cock. I busted out laughing. My wife said hey that's a good sized dick on that guy who is he? How should I know I said ,I can't see anything on him but his balls and dick. The girl laid down and it looked like they where kissing then she sat up and started talking to what looked like someone off screen. When she crawled off the bed I said out loud thats Mark my boss on the bed. My wife said ooo I didn't know he was packing that when I met him at the fourth of July party. I heard a boat coming so I fast fowarded it to where the filming stoped and turned everything off.
My wife and I dressed real quick and went outside, it wasn't thenm it was a boat at the next door camp site. As the guy and his beautiful lady friend got out of their boat I waved to them and he waved back. They walked to their camper and went inside. I told my wife lets just set here and wait. Then I said you want a daiquiri? My wife said sure , I said stay here and I'll spin some up in the camper. While I was making the drinks I heard voices out side so I carried them out to see if it was Mark. It was the guy and that smoking hot lady from next door. When I saw them I said hey ,we are friends of Mark's , well in fact I work for him. He said oh OK I just wanted to see who was in his place , he went on to say they are still at the damn wake boarding but should be back soon. I was listening to him but looking at his lady. She was about twenty eight to thirty, I'd say five foot six in her bare feet, she had a set of tits that had to cost ten grand easy. She pulled a rubber band out of her blonde hair and let it fall , then I knew who she was. The chick on the video in the camper!! I wanted to let my wife know but how? He introduced himself as Steve and he said this is my wife Lisa. I said how do you do? You are a very beautiful woman...she smiled and did a half ass curtsey.
I asked if they wanted a drink ? Steve said Hell yes I need one, I turned to go in a fix them but he said I'll do it we have our liquor over here anyway. I said I'll go help you and the ladies can chat. He and I went in Mark's camper and he started mixing up their drinks as the blender was running he glanced down the short hall and saw the video camera in the bed room. He smiled and I turned to see what he saw. I acted as if I never saw it there before. Oh man look at that ..ol Mark is a perv I said with a laugh. Steve said yeah he enjoys fucking my wife and filming it, we where over last night and I bet if you rewind that you'll see him and Lisa in action. I didn't know what to say. He saw discomfort in my face, and started saying look man I thought that's why you two where up here. If I offended you I'm sorry. I was in a little trance for a second. I shook my head and said no man I'm OK , I just didn't know he was into that stuff. Steve asked me if I enjoy wife swapping ? OK here I go , I can say no and we leave or I can tell him I'm a Cuckolded husband and watch my wife get her little pussy fucked all weekend. I managed to get it out without sounding to scared. I told him, Well my wife Cuckolds me , she fucks whenever she wants to. Well he asked do you think she'll want to? I said grab your drinks and lets see , we went outside to join the women.
As I closed the door my wife said Honey I've been talking to Lisa here and she wants to eat my pussy . This is almost to much in one day. I've never seen my wife with another woman. Steve broke the akward silence by saying I like that idea. My wife then said your boss man is a swinger, that blonde we saw on the camera in the camper was Lisa. Steve looked at me..I smiled and said yeah I watched a little. She said what do you think , is my wife hot or what? I said yeah she's very beautiful. Lisa said well thank you , maybe me and you can get together tonight for some fun. Before I even opened my mouth my wife said NO, he doesn't fuck, I do . Then she added I will be the one getting fucked this weekend, he'll be eatting my pussy when I'm done. Oh , Lisa said, your a cuckold husband huh? I said yes I am. Steve piped up saying I think it's fucking great. Mark and I will fill them up and you can do the cleanup chores.
We talked with them a few more minutes when he said I hear that Mobius coming. The stereo was playing something country. Steve and I walked down to the edge of the water to stop the boat from hitting the rocks. Mark shut down the engine , yelled hey folks I see you met my neighbors. I said yeah we didn't know you had other friends staying up here. He said I didn't till last night, I just met Steve and Lisa when we where setting up camp. I helped Mark and his wife Cindy out of the boat. I said how where you wake boarding with only the two of you? You have to have a spotter. He said we hooked up with a couple out in the cove and we did a little swapping. He smiled at Steve when he said that. Steve must have caught the hint because he said well you can't do that with them, only she will he won't. Mark looked at me and said whats wrong ? Shy? Steve answered for me he said no he's not shy, he's cuckold. My face had to be red. it felt hot. Well, Cindy said we have or clean up man then no fighting on who has to do it tonight.
I was checking Cindy out in that little yellow bikini. Her tits had to be thirty six c's I was guessing. Mark broke my trance by saying If you trying to guess , they are thirty four double d and they cost six thousand dollars EACH. Then he laughed. Cindy said you asshole stop saying it like that. Mark said it don't hurt as bad when I say six thousand instead of twelve. We all walked to the camper and Cindy went inside I thought to change but she came back out still in that little bikini carring two drinks for her and mark. We all at down and Steve blurted out your boy here watched you fucking Lisa on the camera in the camper. Mark didn't flench , So, do you want to be a movie star tonight he asked my wife?, right point blank. She said well if that dick of yours is as big in life as it looked on that TV I sure do. He leaned back ,rubbed his crotch , and said I think it grew some more today. Cindy said you nasty oh fart. Mark looked at me and said I'm fucking your wife in front of you and every one tonight . I just sat there. I mean how do you respond to that? Steve said I am too. My wife has never been afraid of any dick, so she asked Steve how big is your dick? He said it isn't as fat as mark's but I'm a good two inches longer.
We started the grill and as we cooked remarks where made all evening on what they wanted to do and with who and when. I found myself standing next to Lisa away from all the others , I leaned in close and asked if she also was in on the games. Usually I do she said. But tonight I want your wife to get all she can so Cindy and I are setting this evening out. We may have you eat our pussies while we watch. OH , I liked that. It was almost dark when Mark said I can't wait any longer to fuck that wife of yours , he looked at my wife and said get that sexy ass of yours in the camper. She jumped up and I stood up also. He put a hand on my shoulder and said buddy boy , you will have to set this one out. Me and that bride of yours need to get to know we other first. Cindy said you can stay out here with us girls while the boys get to know your wife better. Steve , Mark and my wife all headed into the camper. I watched untill they closed the door. I was still standing up and I turned to look at Lisa and Cindy. The camp fire flickered on them. Cindy said you better set down honey, they'll be in there for quiet a while.
I sat down and us " girls" had a good talk about alot of things. Lisa said Cindy honey I bet he would like to see me eat your pussy. They both looked at me, my eyes wide as they could be. Cindy stood up and pulled off her bikini bottoms and walked over to Lisa'a chair. I could see the giant diamond ring of Lisa'a reflecting the camp fire as she put her hand on Cindy's ass. Cindy spread her legs and bent her knees just a little. I could hear both ladies moaning real softly. Lisa stopped and I couldn't see her face but she said can you see honey? I said no mam. She said well that aint no good, them boys have been at your wife for over an hour lets go inside and see what they are up to. Cindy never picked up her bottom of her bikini, she just walked butt ass naked to the door and opened it. The two ladies went in first, I started up the step and Lisa put her hand out and stopped me. You may not want to come in here she said. I got an instant head rush...why I said kind of loud. She laughted and said your wife is having sex on my bed..then she grabbed my shoulder and pulled me in. When I got into the camper Cindy and Lisa where staring down the hall into the bed room and both women where rubbing them selfs. I poked my head between the two and I saw Mark on his back with his cock in my wife's pussy and Steve rammed to the balls in her ass. She was moaning real sofy and it also sounded like crying mixed in. I whispered to my new friends, is she crying? they both said yeah but she's OK that hurts so good to be doubled. Lisa went and closed the door to that bed room , she said lets give them some privacy then she sat down and pulled Cindy to her and started back licking her shaved taned pussy. I watched them and listened to my wife getting the fucking of her life. The camper was rocking. Lisa said to Cindy we need to tighten up those jacks tomorrow I think you and Mark drove them in the ground last night.
We had been in the camper long enough for both the ladies to eat each other to two orgasims. They where both setting facing me both totaly naked and their wet pussy in full view. They had their eyes closed and where breathing hard. I heard the bed room door open I spun around in my chair to see both Steve and mark walking out. Mark jestured toward the bed room and said that lady in there is in bad need of a cleaning.I stood up he shoved me toward the bed..go eat that load cucky. I went in the room, my wife was laying on the stomach her legs wide apart, her cunt was wide open and so was her asshole. there was come running down from her ass into the open hole of her pussy. I craweled up slowly and stuck my tongue into her ass. It was slightly bitter tasting but I kept at it untill I cleaned her. I moved to her sore pussy and licked it dry. She rolled over and whispered I wanna go home. What I said why? She said those two wore me out I can't do that again. I said well get up and lets go in the den.
I helped my poor wife walk into the den. Everyone there was naked but me. Mark to me to get undressed too. I said no I'm OK. He said do it or Steve and I will. I didn't want to I was wearing my CB3000..per wifey's instructions. Well I took off eveything and they all laughted . Some time during the night they hid all our cloths so we had to stay the full weekend. My poor wife was fucked every few hours by either or both of the guys. Sunday evening came and they gave us our cloths so we could leave. The boss said you had better not call in tomorrow. I said OK. I'll be there. On the ride home my wife slept all the way. I bathed her when we got home and put her to bed. Monday when I got home I told her the boss had recorded the whole weekend even me eatting her after they fucked her. She laughted and said we need to do that again soon.

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2 years ago
nice.. but next time.. fuck their wives too.. Get even Cucky!! lol.. Cheers!!