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My wife loves cuckolding me and even at times will let me watch her in action.
I like being there in person but I can tell she doesn't. She has made quiet a few movies of her getting fucked by some of her male friends, I have been allowed to view a couple of them. She keeps them under lock and key so I can't beat off watching them while she is away. I went on line one night while she was out for the evening and found a company that sells a micro DVR that is motion controlled. They also offer a camera that is motion controlled also. I bought the two and had them shipped to my shop.
When they got there I opened them and read the instructions cover to cover. The camera is no larger than a stick of lipstick and has one small wire to power it. The DVR uses standard house hold power. I cleaned out my bottom drawer in the dresser and hid the DVR in there. I ran the wire to the camera that I hid it behind the lattace work of our large mirror. I turned them on and went out of the room. In a few minutes I came back in and laid on the bed. I rolled from side to side and then checked the DVR to see if it worked. I caught every move in perfect color. I erased the recording and closed my drawer. The trap was set.
The next day when I came in from work I had a note that read " gone out for an hour or two will bring you home a suprise". I knew what that suprise was going to be, a creamypied pussy. After I showered and got something to eat I remembered the DVR. I opened the drawer and hit play. On the flat screen in our room the screen went blue then there was my wife walking out of our room, then she returned butt naked and drying her hair with a towel. She dressed right in front of the camera almost in perfect frame. She rolled black lacetop stockings up her legs and fastened them to a black garter belt. She checked herself in the mirror to make sure they where both the same length. her pussy was slick as the day it was born. she then pulled a short lace robe on and walked out the door.
The camera stops recording if there is no movement for two minutes. When it came back on she was walking into our room dressed in a pull over sweater and a mid thigh length skirt and she also had a guy with her. I didn't know him. They stopped next to the bed and started making out , they kissed and rubbed each other for a few minutes before my wife pushed him backwards onto the bed. She straddled his legs with hers and started unbuckling his belt, she pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time. His cock was soft and laying on his thigh , it was about a good six inches long soft. My wife took it in her hand and while she crawled up to start kissing again she stroked it slowly. She was still fully dressed while she worked him into a full erection. He had to be a good eight inches and her fingers just touched as they reached around it.
She stood up and dropped her skirt leaving her in the gaterbelt stockings and sweater. she sat down and started giving him head , still almost dressed. In less than five minutes he was pulling her toward his face, that I guess was the sign that he wanted her to mount him. She sat down on his hardon and wiggled her hips to get it all the way home. She started rocking slowly at first. Her hands where on his chest. I could see his cock on the out stroke but the sweater hid everything else. She started picking up speed, his hands where behind his head and he was enjoying her doing all the work. Then she pulled the sweater over her head and threw it towards the camera, it almost landed over it. Her naked small tits where in full view of him and me both. He reached up and played with them as they fucked.
She rocked to her left causing them both to roll over and he ended up on top of her and her legs where wrapped around his waist. They where just to the left of center screen but good enough I could see his cock spreading her pussy lips apart. He was pounding her with hard fast stroks. I could see white foam around her lips and his cock. His ass cheeks tightened up and he stopped moving. He stayed in that position for a few minutes. They where kissing I could bearly tell. Her legs fell from around him and he sat straight up, his back blocking her totaly. He steped off the bed from the foot, that put him right in front of the camera and still blocking her. He bent over to pick up his cloths, when he did I could see my beautiful little wife still laying on her back legs as far apart as possible. He gathered his stuff walked to the side of the bed and leaned in to kiss her on the forhead. He walked out of the room. My wife's beautiful cunt was slightly gaped and there was white foam all around her streatched hole. She didn't move long enough the camera cut off. then it popped back on and I saw her fingering her well used pussy. She rolled over and stood up , she picked up her cloths and left the room, I could see the alarm clock it was just nine fourty five in the morning.
The camera cut off , when it came back I could see the clock it was high noon and the reason it came back was there was my wife with the same guy. She was wearing a white tennis style skirt and a white sports bra. She sat on the bed and he steped out of frame. I could tell they where talking but I didn't have the sound on the DVR connected . Then in walked an older gentleman with graying hair wearing a business suit. He was facing my wife as she sat on the bed, she pulled up her legs so that her tennis shoes where on flat on the bed, this opened the little pleated tennis skirt for him to see. It was still down far enough that I couldn't tell what was under it. Then he got on his knees and burried his face between her legs. she was propped up on her elbos and I could tell she was talking to the guy off screen. The business man ate her for a good ten minutes. He stood up his face covered in what looked like a creamy pie. He pull his handkerchief from his jacket pocket and wiped his face. He said something and walked out of the room. As soon as he did the other guy came back on screen with a full hardon and he was butt naked. My wifes legs fell to the side and he entered her by pushing the skirt up around her waist. He fucked her in a standard missionary style for well over ten minutes , He must had gotten his nut because he stood up and walked off screen again. Then my wife did something that suprised me, she turn toward the camera and spread her legs wide open. OH SHIT, I thought she had found the camera and was showing me her nasty cunt. Then I remembered the camera was behind the mirror frame, she was just looking at her own messy pussy. She played in it a few minutes then stood up and walked out of the room. The next time the camera came on was when I walked in to start watching it. I want to know but theres no way to ask without letting her know my secret. Who where these guys? Hey life is good.
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