happy anniversary

My wife and I's anniversary was last Sunday so Saturday evening we went out for some dinner and fun. I wore a white dress shirt and slacks and my wife wore a just above the knee skirt and a white blouse. I noticed she also was wearing hose and a bra both of which she normanly doesn't wear. We had a nice meal at Ruth's Chris Steak House , ( the same one in my other stories ).
After dinner she wanted to go to a bar some where and listen to some music and dance. We cruised Buckhead ( night spot of Atlanta ) my wife told me about a nice place with a patio right on the side of the road. I asked for an out side table and we enjoyed a few drinks and talked about what she wanted to do. It was warm that night and as the traffic passed we would get a strong breeze off the street. My wife told me she was getting horny and wanted to find a young hard dick to fuck her real good. When she talks like that I get kind of shakey and horny myself. I said why don't you go inside and look around for a good looking guy and ask him to dance. Then while you are dancing you can tell him you want to have sex. I had just bearly finished talking when she stood up. She was facing the main road and killed her drink , then she pulled her skirt up just high enough to show me she was wearing thigh high stocks and had on NO panties. She dropped it before anyone else could see. She told me to set there till she came back.
She went in the bar as she opened the door I could hear the band playing Sweet Home Alabama. I thought to myself if they don't play slow songs she will be right back out. So I ordered us each another drink. Well I finished mine and she wasn't back, so I took hers and drank it. I was getting a good buzz going and thought I had best slow down or I wouldn't be able to drive home. Well I needed to piss and all the restrooms where inside. I asked our waiter where they where so he would know I was coming back. I went in and it was quiet dark in there , by that I mean lots of black guys. I went to the mens room and let go a full minute piss. The guy next to me was holding a dick about seven inches long and pissing a stream about the size of a pencil. I was staring straight ahead and said in a low tone damn I needed this. He answered me yeah me to , then he said some white lady got my dick all hard and she wanted me to fuck her. I just said lucky you, I zipped up and started back to the table.
As I walked out I scanned the place for my wife but didn't see her. I opened the patio door and saw her at our table setting talking to a well dressed black guy. I walked up and pulled out my chair. He spun his head around and gave me a go to Hell look. I looked at my wife and said I just had to go to the rest room. Just before I sat down I noticed her legs where slightly apart and the gentleman had been fingering her pussy right at the table. I sat down and said I'm sorry if I interrupted anything. My wife said oh no honey this is Allan and he was just getting me wet so we could go to his Escalade and fuck for a while. I looked at him and he said you got a problem with me fucking your wife ? I just sat there for what seemed like to long a time. He said again well do you? I snapped out of my trance and said oh no if she wants you to fuck her it's OK with me. He said you white dudes are some weird mothafuckers. He stood up and held out his hand for my wife to take. She stood up and they started toward the door. I said you want to wait here honey? She said no go to the car and wait.
I called the waiter over to settle my bill, as I was getting my credit card out my the waiter said that guy going to fuck your wife? Still looking down at my wallet I said yeah . He said that's what this club is known for , white short dicked guys bring their wife's to get fucked by local hung black boys. I said please hurry with my receipt, he said OK buddy but she'll be a while.
When I got into the car it was ten thirty five. I turned the key on enough to listen to the radio. At eleven the guy that was our waiter walked past the car on his way home and said I told you she'd be a while and laughted as he walked off. Eleven fifteen I saw her coming toward the car, her hair was a little messy but other than that she looked just fine. I hit the door lock and she opened the door as she started to get in she pulled her skirt up to her waste and sat bare assed on my seat. I said what are you doing? She said I can't be sure but I think I either started my period or that son of bitch tore my pussy. OH shit I said do I need to take you to the hospital? She said no just take me home.
At the house I pulled into the garage and closed the door that way she could get out without nosey neighbors seeing. I helped her stand up and held her arm as I unlocked the door. We came in threw the laundry room and she stopped there and took off all her cloths. with nothing but the stockings on she started toward the bathroom with me close behind. She turn on the lights and spread her legs so she could have a look at her well used pussy. She pulled the lips apart and told me to get on my kneees and look at it. I dropped down and moved in for a good look. She had the lips pulled wide apart and I said honey he didn't rip you I think it must be your period. I said did he use a condom? She didn't say anything she bowed her back a tad and pushed a wad of cum out of her cunt. It didn't fall but it was right at the lips. With out even asking I put my hands on her ass cheeks and buried my face in her. She let go of the lips and grabbed my head and pulled me in tighter. I ran my tongue up in her as far as I could get it..there was plenty of seed in there. I said in a muffled voice push again . I felt her tighten up and here came another wad. I ate her clean and started licking her from ass hole to navel. Her clit was soft and puffy, her lips where red and puffy. She came on my face and almost smothered me holding my face to her so tight.
I picked her up and carried her to the bed room. I tossed on her the bed and told her to leave the stockings on I was going to fuck her. She said well you can try and she let her legs fall apart. there was no doubt she had been fucked hard by a very fat cock. I stripped and jumped between her legs. I pushed my cock all the way to the balls in one stroke. I started fucking her real slow, it felt like I was fucking a bowl of pudding. I was having a good time and she said hurry up my pussy is sore, well I couldn't get enough friction to get off and she knew what the problem was. She started saying you small cocked pussy, a real man fucked me good and now your sweet pussy is all stretched out and loose.I started to get off on the humiliation I was starting to feel like I could cum. She had her legs wrapped around my back and was pulling me in on every stroke. All of a sudden she stuck a finger up my ass and said cum you pencil dicked pussy. I blew my balls all in her. I stopped and just laid there , my dick went soft and fell out of her. She said well clean up that mess and lets go to sl**p. I ate my load out of her and we turned off the lights at about two AM.
The next morning I got up first and started breakfast. She came in just as I was finished setting the table. She was still wearing those stockings and had on a short robe that came just below her ass cheeks. I asked her how she felt , she said she felt good and her pussy hurt just right. Hurt just right I asked? She said yeah I love it after I get fucked by a real cock and my whole pussy hurts the next day. I asked if I could see it? She said no, I just put a tampon in and your not looking at it. After we ate she went and showered while I cleaned up. She came in the kitchen wearing a short tennis skirt, tennis shoes and polo shirt she kissed me and told me happy anniversary. I asked where she was off to. She said well I can't go fuck so I put on my sexy panties ( as she showed them by lifting the skirt) and thought I'd go shoe shopping and make some cocks hard. Can I go I asked? No she said, it works better when you are not along. I asked if there was a chance she might get lucky? She said the only way I'll bring home a load is in her stomach....well live is good.
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