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Playing With Paper
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After waking up first the following morning, I lay in bed listening to Paper breathe. He was sound asl**p but I found myself getting hard just thinking of having my first gay relationship in five years with him. It was probably my asshole that got me up, still sore from the two fuckings Paper and his 8" cock Goliath had given me the night before. I felt like a well-used rag doll.

Moving off the bed without disturbing Paper, I went to the bathroom. Some of Paper's cum came dripping out of my backside as I sat on the toilet. I looked down and sure enough there was a fresh gob on my leg. I reached down to wipe it off, but found myself moving it towards my mouth for a taste. A taste turned into a gobble and I had swallowed Paper's cum in an instant. I felt so dirty as I turned on the shower and stepped inside.

When I soaped up I heard the door open and Paper asked, "How they hangin'?" I told him my asshole was still sore from last night and he told me not to worry - "...we can work around that" and then he chuckled. He took a whiz then I felt his hand on my ass, squeezing my cheeks then reaching a finger to feel my well-fucked asshole. He told me that after breakfast I could fuck him.

As we walked into the buffet I noticed a desk clerk looking at Paper and me as if he knew what we had been up to the night before. Paper said he was probably gay himself and could tell we had a wild night by the way we were walking or some other telltale sign. Paper sat down looking at the front desk and as I got up he grabbed my ass and nodded at the clerk, who showed an open-mouth smile in return.

When I got back to our table Paper leaned over and said matter-of-factly, "The desk clerk is gay. He knows we were fucking around."

"Oh great." I exclaimed.

That was all that was said about it until the end of the meal. Then Paper leaned over and told me he wanted me to walk over to the clerk and tell him that my buddy had fucked me in the ass twice last night and that if he wanted to join the fun he should come up to our room when he gets off. I was so embarassed just thinking about doing it that Paper laughed at my red face.

When I reached the front desk I did what Paper told me to do and the clerk responded that he got off in 45 minutes and asked for our room number. The clerk was strikingly handsome, a hispanic look to his skin, dark hair and a disarming smile. He was slightly taller than me and probably five to ten years younger than me, making him about 15 years younger than Paper.

On the way back to the room I could barely contain my excitment. I really wanted to fuck Paper and then watch this guy fuck him as well. On the short walk to our room I felt giddy, like a young schoolgirl in love. Since the clerk probably didn't have "paper," I figured he would be using a condom.

I wondered what Paper and I would do until the front desck clerk joined us, but when Paper closed the door he announced he wanted to rim my ass again. I told him most of his cum had dropped into the toilet and about the gob that fell on my leg that I ate. Paper said he found that very sexy.

Paper sat on the corner of the bed and motioned me to come to him. He began our foreplay by sucking on my cock. He was a pretty skilled cocksucker, as I had learned the night before, taking my six inches all the way into his mouth and using his tongue to lick the sensitive underside of the head. When he began sucking, it seemed as though every facial muscle was trying to extract a teaspoonful of cum from my dick. I was in heaven.

After what seemed like a short time Paper told me to turn around and show him my asshole. I spun quickly, moving my hands to my asscheeks and splitting them for Paper. I kinda figured he would plunge his tongue rignt into my but instead examined it with his fingers. He carressed the hole with a finger, tracing the distended muscle around the outside as if to appraise the damage he had done the night before. After a couple of minutes the finger penetrated my asshole and then withdrew. I could see paper licking the finger in the motel mirror. It was very sexy.

Paper's hands replaced mine on my butt. I loved to think of him touching my body. Paper spread my cheeks and worked the sides of ass with his thumbs. Finally his tongue began tracing a ring around my asshole very slowly. The speed he was going seemed to make the rimjob more exciting. After his first complete circle he mumbled "I want to marry you," to my asshole. OMG, what a turn-on.

About this time there was a knock on the door. Paper told me to stand there naked, and lucky for me it was the front desk clerk who came in and introduced himself as Paco. His smile grew as he saw a forty-something man standing naked in a room with another forty-something man who was half dressed.

Paco was about 5'7" tall, with a body that was more athletic than either Paper or I. Although he wasn't buff, he did work out at least a little because there was some def to his arms. Then it dawned on me that he probably went to the hotel gym after his shift. Paco's biceps were obviously sculpted and he had been working on his pecs as well. He weighed less that either Paper or me and had little body hair outside his pubes.

The areola around Paco's nipple was fairly dark, although the surrounding skin was lighter. From the color of this skin I thought he might have a darker dick and as Paco striped down I was not disappointed. His 6" hispanic dick was darker than the surrounding skin. I kept wondering if this unplanned encounter could be considered my first interracial sex. I also figured that there were 20" of hard dick in the room, what were we waiting for.

Paco did not seem as impressed with Paper's dick as I was. Paper sat on the end of the bed and signaled Paco to come to him. Paper began carressing our Hispanic friend, surprising me when he put Paco's semi-erect dick in his mouth. I began lightly touching Paco's butt wondering when the condoms would come out.

Paper spit on his middle and index finger and moved them towards Paco's anus. He inserted them into the brown asshole and moved them easily back and forth in Paco's butt. When he pulled them out Paper moved them towards my mouth but I kept my lips tight. Paper then licked both fingers himself.

"What are you doing?" I exclaimed. "We haven;t seen his STD test."

"Its okay. If we don't play with him now we may never get a chance again."

Then Paper asked Paco if he wanted to see what an asshole looked like after two visits from Goliath in a single day. I don't think Paco understood where he was going with this, but Paco said "Yes" anyway. Paper had me turn around and rather unceremoniously split my cheeks and showed Paco my distended hole.

I turned back around and told Paco to take off his pants so we could get down to business. Ever since I made the proposal to Paco I had been thinking about sucking two dicks at the same time. As he dropped his pants I grabbed Paco's dick and reached over and grabbed Paper's as well. As I worked Goliath with my left hand my right hand guided Paco's dick past my moist lips. Then I opened wide and pulled Goliath into my mouth. Between these two guys I could only fit the heads, but I sucked both their dicks for at least three minutes.

As I was sucking both dicks I became aware of some play between Paco and Paper. Paco began touching Paper's nipples and Paper had one hand on Paco's butt, clenching it as if he was massaging it. I told Paper that since he tasted Paco's ass on his fingers he should go ahead and give him a rimjob. I didn't have to suggest it a second time because in a flash he pulled Paco's ass to his face and began licking the brown asshole. Once again he went right into the tongue-fuck. I knelt in front of Paco and lifted his balls to watch Paper insert his tongue into the Hispanic ass.

I took the chance to play with Paco's balls before teabagging them. First one ball slipped into my mouth, then the other one, but I could not open wide enough to get both entirely in my mouth at the same time. I started a two-handed blowjob, with a hand jacking Paco's dick, the other playing with his balls while my mouth worked on the head. Combined with Paper's rimjob Paco dropped a surprise load in my mouth in little time. I swallowed the whole thing, letting just a dribble out to show Paper my present.

"You came?" Paper said somewhat upset.

"Don't worry, I can cum two or three times in a night," Paco responded.

"Yeah, but I wanted it all..." Paper chuckled.

I caught the gob of love juice below my lips on my index finger and held it up for Paper and Paco to see, then dropped it into my mouth and swallowed.

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