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This story is a continuation of an earlier story, "Playing with Paper"

After watching a movie that cost 14.00 to rent in our motel room, Paper and I decided to take a shower. The bath-shower combo in our hotel looked well-suited for our purpose because the curtain jutted out from the tub, effectively creating just a little more room for fun.

Goliath, Paper's name for his 8" dick, looked great with water sheeting over it, reaching the head and falling to the floor of the tub. Paper probably thought I was going to suck his manhood when I dropped to my knees, but I put my head below his cock, looked up and started to gulp the water as it fell off his dick. After a brief time I did reach up with my tongue and flick Goliath's head.

Within me, though, I could sense a change. I was becoming obsessed with Paper and we had barely known each other for a couple of hours. Paper's touch was electric and as I stood up he put his hands my hips and my penis started to stiffen. He turned me around so that my face was against the white plastic tub wall and began playing with my ass with his index finger as he whispered in my ear.

"Your ass is still loose from the fucking I gave you," Paper said inserting his finger and moving it around the opening. "Do you think there's any cum left inside you?"

"Why don't you use your tongue to find out?" I playfully asked him.

He knelt on one knee (probably easier for him) and spread both cheeks with his hands. Just feeling both of his hands on my ass excited me. I think he began playing with my butthole with his thumb and I could feel his hot breath not from my ass. After what seemed like minutes his tongue quickly darted in and out of my eager opening.

"I think there's still some in there. I'm gonna get it out." Paper skipped the rimming part and went right to the tongue fuck.

My asshole was still loose from the pounding Paper gave me earlier, so he found it easy to shove his hard tongue as deep into my ass as he could. I felt the tip of Paper's tongue touch the wall of my rectum at least an inch deep, make a circle and then slowly withdraw. Once out of my ass for a second or two I felt his tongue dive in again, easily piercing the outer muscle and probing my rectum.

"Oh yes, I can taste the cum!" He seem pleased by this discovery.

He continued to lick my ass for at least a couple of minutes before standing up and announcing "I'm going to make another deposit," as he turned the water off from the shower and smeared somer tasteless lube on my butt. Almost immediately I felt the head of his cock at my loose hole where his tongue had been only seconds before. "No blowjobs?" I thought to myself, but I kept my face buried against the tub wall and did not express my desire to suck Goliath.

Neither of us was surprised that this penetration was easier as Goliath quickly sank into my asshole. Although I has a good sense of pleasure there was still a bit of pain associated with Paper's entrance as my ass expanded to accept Goliath. I couldn't help thinking how great it would be to live with Paper and let him take me wherever and whenever he wanted. I also thought about fucking him.

Moving more slowly this time, I did not yell as Goliath penetrated my asshole. Paper eased his member in further before beginning his slow, rhythmatic fucking of my asshole. I rolled my eyes as I felt his uncloaked manhood exploring my inner reaches for the second time. He began fucking me, only pulling out a couple of inches before pushing that cock into my ass again. Soon he had to be doing at least three inches and I was beating my erect cock to stay excited.

Then, he actually pulled that monster all the way out and f***efully plunged it deeper into my ass than it had ever been. I found myself cumming without much further ado, but Paper was far from over. He continued to pound me until I was in some twilight state, where my reality and imagination met in a sexual dream world. I felt his cum drench my abused anal passageway as his forearm pressed my upper body into the shower wall.

As I turned around Paper told me "Clean up Goliath like you did the last time."

The first time I had cleaned up Goliath spontaneously. Now it seemed as though Paper was ordering me to take care of his eight inches. In my gay life I had been both a bottom and, later, a top, but I had never been a sub until that day. My feelings about being ordered to perform this service were mixed, but my sexual desire for Paper took over. I dropped to my knees but before I started Paper gave me a second command, "Keep your hands behind your back."

I felt as if I was being degraded and my emotions were running wild but I guess that was part of the turn-on for me. With my hands holding my wrists behind my back I began the task of cleaning Goliath. Paper's cum tasted good and I was becoming use to the taste of my ass on his cock. Before long I was taking his entire shaft into my mouth and gave him the blowjob I wanted to give him before he fucked me. After a few minutes Paper told me he didn't think he could cum again but I sucked him a little more anyway.

It was nearly midnight when I stopped, so we decided to go to sl**p after the shower and see how we felt in the morning.
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Fucking hot...more please? u keep me fucking hard