MILF Blow job in a car

I saw a lot of women come into the paint store where I worked, but I could tell that Anna was interested in me after only a few minutes talking to her about the color she wanted to paint a hallway. Still, I was 19 and she had to be at least 30 (37 I found out later) and that whole MILF thing hadn't started yet.

She came back a few days later and was less than suttle with me. After a few minutes of chatter she asked what time I got off work. When I told her 3:00pm she said she would meet me in the parking lot. Since out lot is small, I told her to park in the larger lot behind the building. I would look for her brown BMW.

At 3:00 I walked around the building to Anne's waiting BMW and slid into the front passenger seat. She released her belt, leaned over and frenched kissed me. It was very erotic to have a woman do that out of the blue. I didn't know where this was going, but I was there for whatever happended. We drove to a park not far from the paint store and drove to the back, near a soccer field that was not being used.

For an older lady, Anne had some beautiful features. Her hair was a dark blonde with a slight auburn tint, her eyes were a penatrating blue. A bra held her ample breasts (34 C, my guess) and the nipples were hard as rock, which I found out when she opened the bra from the front (something else I had never seen).

Anne pulled out her cell phone, dialed a number, and said "Honey, I have something I want you to hear!" I could tell by the way she said it that this wasn't the first time she had been in this situation and since she knew a good place to park I also assumed this wasn't the first time to this park.

My first MILF told me I could say or do anything I wanted. She wanted to turn her husband on while he listened to her give me a blowjob. Kinda funny 'cause I was pretty much speechless. Anne aptly undid my belt and lowered my zipper before moving her hand into the crotch of my briefs. She licked the back of the head (the first part of my cock that she came to) then took the shaft into her mouth. Using her tongue, lips and hand she had me moaning in no time.

Then I remembered her husband on the phone. I told her I wanted her to stop for a minute and play with my balls. Her hand grabbed my nuts and her tongue and lips were not far behind, all without a word from her. "Take each of my balls into your mouth and suck on it gently." I felt my first nut slide into her mouth as her hand moved to my cock, massaging the base with the whole hand and working up the shaft to the head of my penis with a couple of fingers.

"Now suck on the other ball, you little slut." This epithet really turned her on. She began sucking my nut so hard I had to tell her to take it easy. Both nuts were soaking (and one was a little sore) when I told Anne to get her slutmouth back on my dick and deepthroat me. That was an easy task for this experienced oral lady since I'm not that big, but I said it for her husband to hear.

I reached down behind her and began playing with her asshole. This also got her going 'cause she made a loud mmpph around my dick. It felt loose, unlike the tight assholes on the girls that I was dated. I pictured that it had been around the block a time or two.

"I'm going to stick a couple of fingers in your ass" I told Anne, again for her husband's sake. As I inserted the first she began sucking my dick harder and when the second one went in I exploded in her mouth. I never saw any of my cum, but I really unloaded into unflinching mouth. I did maintain my composure enough to say "I want you to swallow every bit of that" for her husband.

"Open you mouth, slut, I want to check that my load is gone." I told Anne, her opened wide with her tongue out like the porn stars do. "What a good little girl," I continued. "Now I want you to clean these fingers", holding up the two I had in her ass. Anne literally gulped, then quietly opened her mouth.

Once the fingers were inside, I told her "Lick the fingers with your tongue like they were a cock." She began slowly, somewhat hesitantly, but then picked up the pace when she realized it wasn't that bad. Then I told her I wanted to see her again, next Tuesday. She nodded, but I told her to say yes so her husband could hear. Her head dropped and then she said the word. "Now tell him goodbye and hang up the phone" I said.

When that was done I asked her how I had done. She thought her husband must have loved it because I was so dirty to her. I told her I was serious about seeing her Tuesday and gave her directions to my apartment.

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2 years ago
Love this story, I would like to know what happened n Tuesday.
2 years ago
Sweet story