Prison story

My first cellmate in prison was a black guy named Nathan. He could barely string a sentence together and was not the cleanest guy in the world. That first night Nathan tried to have sex with me but I refused. He socked me so hard in my stomach that I literally saw stars.

Each night I refused his advances he would hit me. Finally, after a week, I decided that having gay sex with Nate was better than being beat to a pulp, so I sucked his 7-inch cock. As he came in my mouth he told me to swallow it and I did, mostly to avoid another beating. The next morning he asked me if I enjoyed eating his cum and I just kept quiet.

Over the next week we did more and more, me sucking Nate, me rimming Nate, me letting Nate fuck me. It was pretty awful cause Nate was brutal, especially during anal sex. He would pull out and then stick his cock quickly back into my ass. He would insert fingers into my asshole then make me lick them clean. Later, he would make me suck his cum-covered black dick that tasted like my asshole.

To humiliate me he would give me to one of his black friends with the understanding that I would do whatever they wanted. This was pretty easy for Nate cause a couple of the guards were his friends. If Nate was bad, these guys were worse. First of all, a couple had bigger dicks than Nate's and one was particularly interested in weirdo bathroom games.

I hadn't told Nate when the guards came one afternoon and pulled me from the cell. My girlfriend Anna had arrived for my first (and only) conjugal visit with me. After having a wonderful night I returned to the deep dark recesses of cell life with Nate.

"Ja enjoy fuckin' ya bitch?" Nate asked. I said nothing. "Next time, I'm gonna fuck her."

Nate had gotten easier to live with over the first couple of months, but the beatings began again after my girlfriends visit. To stop getting pounded every night I asked her if she would see Nate. I explained he was violent, but she agreed anyway, only to make life in prison easier on me.

Nate gave me instructions on how she was to dress - surprisingly not like a hooker, but in a short yellow dress with nothing on underneath. Inmates were only allowed one conjugal visit a month, but since it was a different inmate, she agreed to come the next Thursday. Nate did not beat me before making me suck his dick that night.

The rest of the story is my interpretation of the events that night is based on what Nate told me in prison and what Anna told me in visits and later on.

Anna had a hard time walking into the prison in the yellow dress. With no bra and no panties, as Nate had ordered her to do, the guards could see her nipples and her hirsute pussy (this was several years ago before bodyscaping was in vogue). A matron took Anna into the room and showed her both the bed and the bathroom, plus a large red button beside the door -- a panic button in case things got out of hand. Finally, she showed her a small tray attached to the wall with condoms, something Nate would not use, and a small plastic bottle of lube.

Then they brought Nate into the room. Anna could not look him in the eyes as Nate said hello. I had not told Nate about her natural blond hair or the small 5-foot 5 frame with B-cup tits, but he told me later she looked sexy. The matron walked out of the room and locked the door from the outside. Anna's only means of escape would be the panic button near the door.

"Look at me, bitch," was Nate's first words with her when they were alone. "Ya gonna make me happy." he said as he wrapped his muscled arm around the back of her neck and used his hand to keep her head up.

"See this, bitch," Nate said pointing Anna head at the red panic button, "Touch it an I gonna pound yo boyfriend to hell." I am not sure if he meant with his fists or his dick, since he had done both. Nate then pinched her nipples hard with one hand as he continued to hold her head up with the other.

After a minute of pinching Anna's nipples he pushed her on the bed, spread her legs and fucked her without any other foreplay. Anna said it was painful because she was so dry. Nate came very quickly inside my girlfriend's pussy, telling her "If yo boyfriend was here, I'd make him eat it."

Nate dropped on the bed beside Anna and after a couple he started to play with her ass. She took this as a cue and moved to suck his dick figuring that if he came again Anna's ordeal for the night might be over. She got off the bed, onto her knees on the floor, brushing back her blonde hair to give Nate a good view of the action. She took Nate's dick almost all the way into her mouth to get some moisture on the base, then began using her right hand as an extension to her mouth. With her left hand she massged his massive balls, moving it back until she touched his asshole. When Anna and I played we called this a "two-hand blowjob." Now she was using this like a whore, trying to make a black man come.

Nate leaned over and began playing with her ass, pushing his fingers roughly past her anus and into her rectum saying, "I'm gonna fuck ya there." He pulled her off his dick (three-hand blowjob and all), and made her taste the ass juice on his fingers. "I think you like suckin' nigga dick, just like yo boyfriend, don't ya?" Anna whispered "Yes."

Nate stopped Anna from sucking his dick after about five minutes and turned her around to ass-fuck her. Anna, who was good at keeping her wits about her, ordered Nate to wait. Before Nate could respond, Anna had taken some of the lube and used on her tiny hole, working it in to expand the sphincter muscle that protected the entrance. Nate told me he enjoyed watching Anna do this because he knew that he would get some anal sex.

Nate breached her asshole easily thanks to the lube, and kept pressing until the entire length of his black dick was inside my girlfriend. Nate said he hurt her on the way in, but her screams turned to whimpers once he started a rhythm. He reached around to play with her nipples again, but when Nate got too rough, Anna knocked his hands off her tits.

Nate began a pretty rough pounding of her butt, holding the arms above the elbows in part to make it impossible for her to stop him. Anna took Nate's dick in stride, I assume because she had a chance to lube up first. The cum, of course, found its way to Anna's mouth when Nate f***ed her to do some ATM.

Nate fucked Anna a couple of more times that night, once in the ass and once in the pussy. Anna also sucked him off once for a total of five nuts. Anna had kept quiet for most of the fucking and Nate slept the following morning until the matron came in and ended the affair. At the end Anna turned to her first black fuck and said, "I don't thing for a minute that this will make it any easier on my boyfriend, but if you want to tap this phat white ass again, you'll take a shower before you get here and we will use the lube and condoms the prison provides, AIDS boy. And by the way girls like oral sex as much as guys, so come prepared to eat some pussy and ass!

Nate is counting the days until his next meeting with Anna.

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Good story, I liked it.
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Interesting tale.
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You are bitch just for writing this.