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One night in a bar downtown, I came across this cute redhead named Gail. She was def not my type but very sexy and she could she that I can checking her out across from the bar. I never really gave it much thought until about an hr later a friend of hers came up to me and asked "Your not even going to by US a drink" I said excuse me but who are you. She then lead me over to her friend who I decided to buy us a drink. We started talking and the night got later, and I ended up with her phone number. Well where I'm From the party doesn't stop at 2 so at about 4 am I got the courage to text Ms. Gail and see what she was up too. She said that her roommates where in bed and she was up by herself watching movies. I replied that sounds nice is there room for me. It turned out there was, so I went over to her apartment and watched about the first 15 mins of a movie. She was eying me hard and I had just turned in to talk and we where face to face. Naturally we started making out, nothing to serious and then she started rubbing my dick inside my pants. I put my hand down her shirt and started feeling pierced nipples. My dick instantly went to diamond cutting mode, I wanted to see this badd. We both started furiously taking each others clothes off, and I continued to like her from head to toe. She had the tightest pussy that my dick has ever slipped into. Lucky for me I had been drinking enough where I could still get hard and last all night. After about 5 mins into this session she starts running her nails into my back, the pain and pleasure is electrifying. She starts to tell me to bit her so I start softly nibbling on her shoulders and she starts pinching her nipples. I make my way down there and start biting. She is telling me to bite harder and harder till finally I think it way to hard. She jolts down on my dick with and oh so powerful Orgasm. I love every bit of it. Im starting to get in the final mins of fucking and she knows it. So I stroking harder and faster wanting to cum, and a the last second she tells me to get off and proceeds to suck me off. She shows me the cum and takes a big gulp. Satisfaction has arrived

We had sex for about 2 months like this and it was some of the best ive ever had.

Ps. This story is 100% true

Give me some feedback its my first one
83% (6/1)
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3 years ago
I know it im a spelling retard but i will try and work on it next time. Thanks for the reviews!!!
3 years ago
first, welcome
second, good story, could use some editing though, a few spelling and grammer mistakes here and there, other then that the story was pretty good
3 years ago
Story, overall, was a good effort. Grammatical structure was, howver, distracting.

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