slut for Dj

we were living in dublin,Ireland and some Dj friends were coming over from london to play a gig in the POD.
all ready to rave we set out to hook up with our friends and before long we were at the bar trying our best to catch sils and jules attention,they were perched hi in the Dj box doing the usual air thrashing to c***dren(renassance)when somehow we cought their attention,party was on.......
wasnt long before we were in the box with the lads doing the great to see ya shit and the craic was flyin,sil always fancied nikki and i kinda suspected she had a thing for him too and with the vodka and charlie flowing the dirty dancing was filthy by the time the set was over and we were in the green room tiding up their crap and ordering a taxi to the hotel they were staying at,few more drinks in the bar and we went up to their room to do a few lines......
we had been in their room for an hour orn so it was late and jules lay down and because of a heavy session was asl**p in no time and soon we were all sitting on sils bed him at the head nikki in fromt of him and i was squatting behind nikki when sil said fuck your tits look great,out of the blue,(kinda shocked but my butterfly belly told me i wanted them to fuck)without much thought i reached around cupped her tits in each hand whispered in her ear are you horny ,she didnt reply just gasped as sil un buttoned her top to reveal a see through bra, my hand now un doing her strap her tits fell free and sil bega to massage them and suck her nipples she was in extasy.this all happened so quickly i was still taking it all in as i helped nikki out of her skin thiht jeans and as sil let his cock flop into her open mouth i began to tongue her ,lapping greedily at her pussy i had a birds eye view of the super blow job she was giving our friend ,she could easily manage his semi hard cock but as it grew she began to gag,taking all his cock spitting up her spit and wanking him roughly sil was in heaven squizing her tits pinching her nipples rolling them between his thumb and for finger only made nikki greedier and soon the eating and lapping at her pussy was too much and with his cock firmly all the way down her throath she clenched thrashed around she squirted a huge gush of piss into my mouth and had her first orgasm of the night.
juddering and squirming under sils cock and balls resting on her chin she freed herself from his cock and only then was i aware sil had come down her throath he was grinning from ear to ear as she fed herself the remainder of his load with her fingers,licking them clean when he asked if i minded if he fucked her ,i replied sure so i quickly switched places with him and as i held her ankles so as to expose her tight hole sil placed a pillow under her ass and placed his impressively large cock head on my babys slippy labia and slowly began to enter,the room was lamp lit and so we were clearly visible to jules glancing across at his bed i found him awake and his eyes fixed on the sight of my georgeous wife being fucked.this was so fucking horny,nikki was slurping and biting at my cock all the while sil had placed his arms either side of nikkis legs so as to have full controll of how open she was parted and was fucking her really hard squlching noises and the smell of cum filled the air and soon sil was blowing a second load into my lady his face drove me over the edge and nikki came as we filled her up with hot sperm laying there for a while we nibbled atb her body and wen all agreed we had one or the greats.......
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