first time threesome

......our first long haul holiday together to thailand,we had been engaged for two and half years.
we stepped off the plane and the heat just hit us,we had slept for nearly all the flight,mini bus took us to the amari choral hotel phuket.we quickly got the room sorted and after a quick fuck and shower we set off for a beer it was about 11.30....
we went from a grotty irish bar to an even grottyer hard rock cafe when we walked by bar with a pool table,sold,air conditioned looked clean even had a toilet,only one mind you.skinny mid fourtys thai woman served us,she was great looking,my now wife still always comments on good looking wemen...
we had a few more singas and decided to play pool,great idea ,my wife was wearing no bra just a short loose top a very short skirt and no knickers,shes a size 8 with 36c tits and a lovely tight ass,this was fine for about half an hour wasnt many people about then i was aware of an older skinny black haired man making it his buisness to get as good a view as he could of nikki.we had a good few beers and dont know how but after about six bottles of beer we were feeling quite frisky.i got behind nikki while she was taking a shot and whispered in her ear that there was a guy at the bar copping a look she slowly looked back and said i was being silly,he was just havin a beer,ok i said as a bit of a croud was commin in,we had come out a tad early this place was 24 hour.
wed sat at the bar opposite end to the tall stranger,the thai lady was quick to ask us if we wanted a cocktail,we were well on it and picked a cocktail usual shit little alcohol lots of juice so next round we got two harvey wall bangers an started the session,in more ways then one...glances from the tall stranger and nikki persisted for more than an hour,it was close to three thirty and i had just scored some charles from a local i tasted it and bought a fair size 8ball class.......
i told nikki the good news and we crept off to the loo the only one in the place but the croud had gone and there was only five people left when we emerged with two fat lines each and we sat next to our drinks and tab jar we decided to order some bubbles to wash down the coke before leaving so i called the thai lady and she showed me a menu,i picked and within moments the tall stranger was standing in front of us ,he was the bar owner he explained and was twisting the champagne cork and pouring chatting away to us both like we were long lost buddies in no time.his name was steve,he was pulling down the shutter saying closing time when we came back from the loo for the third time now and we were very stoned.
we made for the half opened shutter when he called to us,finish off that bubbly its dear stuff and we sat back down.steve threw us another bottle and took a glass himself soon he was sitting opposite me with my wifes back to the barbetween us and we were all gettin d***k,out of nowhere he asked nikki if shed been topless, without even waiting on a reply, nikki was stuttering her words she was taken by suprise, he had lifted her top to look and on the way down his fingers glanced her rock hard nipple(air conditioned).
not being funny but my heart missed a beat,my first instinct was to deck the guy but something stopped me a strange feeling in my belly,a horny feeling i just sat there laughing at the joke,she was laughing in a giddy way he was laughung confidently,he knew id seen and did nothing,he commented on her breast saying how full theywere and how he fuckin loved big tits with big nipples thai wemen had no tits he exclaimed,we were in fits of laughing and he leaned forward and left his left hand high on her thigh noticing his deliberate lunge i glanced at nikkis face and saw her eyes close as his his hand squeezed her thigh,i stood up and said i was going for a pee and did nikki want to come too she knew what i meant and without saying a thing steve threw a big bag of coke on the now dimmly lit bar,fuck nikki said steve laughed out loud explaining he knew we were on it our eyes were a dead giveaway,lots of lines were cut by steve,big ones him first me next then nikki she leaned forward and snorted and he looked up her skirt while she done three big lines i just smiled at him trying not to laugh she didnt know he had done this and when she eventually sat down she asked what we were both so giddy about he told her,do you like my ass as much as you like my boobs she said to steve,i love all wemen nikki he said but youre a great looking girl no man wouldent like to have his hands on you he looked like he meant it and for a split second id got it wrong and he was just a nice gut,what happened next changed my mind....
he quite casually asked me if we were into group sex,saying i mean are you young opened minded people or just teases,nikki replied that though we watched group sex porn we`d never actually done it and we werent into the act but got horny lots of times watching,steve replied ,how big is his cock honey do you like big porno cock does he have what it takes to satisfy you,ill bet my cock is bigger than his nikki,bet you a lick of your pussy my cock is bigger than his nikki,the dirty old fucker was trash talkin my wife and it was working her legs were uncrossed for the first time,i could tell she was really horny,really horny because she said to me take your cock out ,im 7.5/6.5 girth so not too shabby,i thought why not,i was stoned.......
so lets see yours steve not so confident now,fuck,he unzipped his fly reached in and had trouble actually getting it out had to unbutton his jeans which fell in a heap around his anckles,i win said steve let us look at your pussy pet he said i want to taste it,nikki looked at me i said baby lets go you dont have to do this,she quickly said i know but you want to watch him eat my pussy dont you,i nodded feeling my cock jerk hardening fast.....
soon she had pulled up her skirt and was playing with her clit,he said sit on the bar hon let your fella get a good look she did as she was told and he casually cut up more lines between my wifes open legs watching her finger herself as he massaged his fucking impressive cock,easily a foot long
she was watching him he invited me to snort one i did two long lines he assumed position then snorted used his finger to wipe the counter then proceeded to finger her delicately around her pussy hole dipped his fingers into the coke bag and took a scoop and again rubbed gentally around her pussy hole then started to tongue her clit slowly nikkis hands grasper the counter top as she raised her ass up so he could get his tongue in further,she was wet now and his face was covered in her juice he stopped and said i can taste cum,did you do her already im eating your cum,id forgotten bout our earlier screw but immediatelt said sorry,thats why you let me eat her thats dirty man.
he stopped sat back with his monster cock hard and falling forward wiping his mouth and taking a big gulp of bubbles looked pissed,sorry we said getting freaked,thats ok friends as long as nikki doesnt mind tasteing mine,within minutes he`d covered his cock in coke and my wife was licking up and down the lenght of his cock greedily sucking on his cock head,thats all she could fit in her mouty...............TBC...........
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2 years ago
love it!
3 years ago
Nice man. I'd like to hear more, too.
3 years ago
You need to let steve cum in nikki, and you eat it out of her....fair is fair.....:)
3 years ago
3 years ago
i wanna hear more of this story