Grocery Store part 2 of 2

As we arrive into a gated community my bl**d is heating up and my pussy is dripping and quivering from being so horny. We pull into a long driveway and park as I start to get out of my car he walks up to my car so I slowly get out flashing every inch of my pussy. I see him looking down as I get out as he takes my hand and he pulls me into him and we hug I cab feel one of his hands slowly sliding down my ass. We walk into his house and walk into the kitchen just then he grabs me and starts kissing me pressing me up against the refrigerator holding my hands behind me. As one of his legs puch mine apart I can feel his cock pressing against my clit swing from side to side grindding me. As I gasp for air I moans with passion in my ear Oh my god I want to fuck you right here right now. My hands are free at this point I reach around and unzip his pants and pull out his huge cock and I slowly squat down and take him in my mouth sucking hia cock like a frozen popsicle not letting any pre-cum drip out of my mouth. His cock is trobbing as its about to explode in me and all over my face I grab his balls and squeeze them pulling them back streching hia cock to its fullest. I stand up and he then lifts me up onto the kitchen counter and he starts licking my clit and ass I grabbed the back of his head a f***ed his face into me as I started to fuck his face. I can feel his finger nails digging into my plump ass his face coverd with my juices I felt a bottle hitting me in the back of me I reach around and pull it out as he pushes me back more onto the counter. I see that it was a bottle of tequila gold I open it up and take a good drink out of it I feek the burn going through me he looks up at me and winks. I said to him in my soft sexy southern voice would you like some so I slowly pore a little right about the top of my pussy and he starts sucking on my plump cunt lipps to no end. I can feel my plump horny pussy burning as it was on fire as I grab his head a start fucking his face to stop the burn of desire. He stands up slides his cock, let me rephrase that shoves his cock in me and starts pounding my pussy as he is moaning oh you like that dont you baby. My response was oh yes harder fuck me honey fuck me hard I love it as he unbottons my dress as my plump round tits fall out. He starts to suck and bite my nipples they were so hard you could cun ice with them at that point. He grabs my ass and lifts me off of the counter carries me to the couch as he lays me down and starts driving my head in to the back of the couch grabbing my tits and pounding my pussy trusting harder and harder. We fucked and fucked then he turned ne around onto my knees and hands doing it he slides his cock into my pussy and start hitting me in that one right spot omfg it felf good just as I was about to cum he slides two fingers in my ass then grabs the back of my head and pulls back oh fuck yes I yell out. You like that bitch he said oh yea I want you in my ass honey as I moan out in my southern voice oh god fuck my ass. As he is slideing his fucking huge cock in my tight ass he starts to spank me soft at first telling me he knows I like to be spanked. Who is this fucking stud oh my god yes fuck me honey fuck me oh yea I moan out loud. After I would say 10min of him in my tight horny ass he starts to moan and yell out he is cumming as he is trusting in and out of me. Holding me down shoving hia cock as deep as he can in my ass moaning in my ear im cumming in you dam you fucking little whore just the words I been waiting for. Just then I started to cum also with a pillow rubbing against my clit I scored and massive hard cum my self squirting cum all over the place. Then we collapsed on the couch are bodys coverd in sweat we laid there for about a half hr talking. Then he asked me what about that drink I said is there a shower involved also lol I dont see why not he said. He walked me to his bed room bath room as we kissed some more as he fingered my clit. He then walked out to go get me ny drink, I was in the shower soaping up my body coverd in soap and then tge door opens can I join you. Why not waters warm cum on in I helped him soap up kissing touching wink wink. I squatted down as I felf his cock getting hard again looking up at him sucking his cock he moans out fuck your amazing. Just then he grabs my head and cums deep down my throat I swallow every drop yummy I moan. Oh you like that dont you honey mmmmmm yes I do as I wink up at him. We get out abd dry off and I layed on his bed asking where my drink was he leaves the room, I lay there thinking who the fuck is this guy? Oh my his cock will not go soft I love it I start to put my dress on and he comes walking in what are you doing honey here put this on as he gives me a t-shirt put that on your not leaving right yet. Mmmmm oh yea im not oh no your mine all day mmmmmm I like it as we lay on his bed talking and drinking he tells me how he loves my plump sexy body. Then he asked me if he could watch me walk around his house naked for the rest of the day I said I would but not naked. So I grabed my keys and told him go out to my car in the back seat is a bag get it for me and I will stay. As he is out side I am looking around, Just a note for all men dont leave you computer on with porn on it when you bring a woman over to your place. So he walks back in I told him give me 15 to 20 min I will be back out. So I went into the bath room put on the pink mini skirt half dress I had in the bag with my 6" gold spike hollywood heels on did my face all up with my hair in pigtails after I was all done I walked out into hea bed room standing in front of his glass closet doors looking at my self. I got so turned on on how I was standing in this guys house bed room dressed like a whore about to be fucked more. I started to pull up my skirt and notice my rock hard clit just wanting to be touched. I rubbed it a little and then fixed my skirt and walked out. He about dropped to his knees when he seen me so is this what you wanted honey as I winked at him. Oh yes dam your smoken hot honey he said as I walked around with my drink bending over showing my ass and my tits about to fall out. I then walked out side oh you may not want to walk out there. Why not I said he told me he lived on a golf course mmmmmm I like it. I told him to take a seat a watch so I walked out side struting my horny ass around his back yard looking in every now and then watching him on the couch stocking his cock. I came back in after I so you like that tell me what to do honey as I whisper in his ear I am your little submissive whore for the day baby as I speak to him in my soft southern voice. I grab his cock and squat down in front of him and start sucking his cock once more with my plump round ass in the air and my legs spread sucking and spitting on his cock. He is moaning in pleasure moaning fuck your amazing just then he tells me to stop he wants to wait to cum. So I stand up and tell him oh really and I walk back out side and start walking around like a true whore out side waving to the 2 guys golffing. I walk back in I told him show me he said show you what I said you know what on your computer. He then said how do you know I said I can see you from out there he pulled his phone out a I look he has photos of me walking around outside showing my ass and tits I said you like that. You want more follow ne honey so we walk out side I lay down on the pool chair abd start fingering my self pulling my tits out and sucking on my nippels as I bring my self about to cum with my pussy dripping the sun beatting on my skin. I asked him is this what you wanted a whore walking around fucking her self. Yes he told me, I told him I want to be fucked and now but I wanted anouther cock in my ass as he fucked my cunt I want a 3some. Just then he dropped his phone and started fucking my mouth blowing his hot load of cum in it telling me to swollow it all. Then we moved into the bedroom were he fucked me hard fast spanking me pulling my hair abd telling me how much of a trailer trash whore I am. With all this fucking he made me cum several times before we both passed out. I soon woke up with his cum ozzing out of my pussy and ass quietly I got dressed and walked out. As I got to the front door I stoped walked back to his computer and pulled up my xhamster web page. I left a hand note with my phone # on it and told him to call me I wanted some more of him in a naster way.
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1 year ago
Wow, what a hot encounter. Hope I get to pull your hair and fuck your hot pussy soon.
2 years ago
great, now i gotta cum again. lol
2 years ago
What store do you go too?? Live in Vegas would love to meet you there!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
love it thanks for finishing, I think I will cum now.
2 years ago
It there under Grocery Store part 1 of 2!!
2 years ago
Where's part 1?