Early morning work out............

So I go to the gym to work out this morning dressed like I always am in my white speedos shorts and matching short tank top. I get the the place is dead like always 2 guys working out so I start out on the treadmill like I do to get my legs warmed up. The I move to the floor mat and stretch out as im doing this a new trainer that seen the last 5 or 6 times comes over and starts talking to me. He introduces him self we will call him Dave for now he is very well built big arms and legs and very good looking. So as he is standing the I start spreading my legs and im bending over touching my forehead to the mat after I did the 10 times I lifted up and I notice he was getting hard and I dont mean just hard I mean fucking hard his fuck dick was like a baseball bat OMFG. I could keep my eyes off of it holly fuck every time I looked it was right there in my face. Then he told me he would like to show me a stretch so im on my back and he is pushing my legs back one at a time as he is doing this telling me how stiff and tight I am thinking to my self oh if he only knew. Then he start doing both legs at thia point I was going to see how far I could get him to push me it was the first try and he was pressing his enormous cock against my pussy now did I say I had my white skin tight speedos on that crawls right up my cunt and spreeds my pussy lipps when don't have a g-string on I felf every inch of his hard rock coxk pressing me. This lasted about 10min I could feel my self getting wet witch a woman knows that when you have on white speedos it a shows every thing. So after he asked so that feels I was omg it felt great my legs are burnnig right now. So I stand up he walks me over to the bike and sets me uo and tells me to o ride it for 10mins and he would be right back and I watch him walk to the locker room. At this point my clit is rubbing on the seat of the bike and I look down my speedos buried inside of my pussy and it looks like I peed my self witch I did not. So I am about done and I guess who come back my new trainer stud huba huba. I grab my towle and wrap it around my waist because I looked down and my groin area looks like a had a gallon of cum ozzing out of me. I told him thank you and start to walk off he said oh wait what days are you here Monday through friday same time. So he hands me his phone number if your not doing any thing this weekend call me I told him get a pin I right down my number and said call me after you get off and lets work out this afternoon in privet.
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2 years ago
Mmmm nice!!! Post pics of those white spandex on u;)
2 years ago
OMG this was great
2 years ago
Let us know what you got up to.
2 years ago
Any more? You two doing it at the gym would be a great story.