The Story of the Milkmaid

I walk into the barn, tired. My Sunday best, feeling confining in the humidity of a hot August heat. Beads of sweat collect on my forehead and between my breasts under my cool cotton blouse. Feeling the stillness and the calmness of the barn wash over me and I smile, remembering the night before. And Henry. My body tingles at just the tiniest thought of him and our late night activities of the night before. Erotic. Rough. Taken.

I stop moving, close my eyes and breathe in deep, enjoying the feel of a moments peace, a chance to collect my thoughts away from the crowd of people at Jean’s baby’s Christening. I stand there for a while longer, just simply breathing for a while, just me. Alone with my thoughts. Feeling the calm of the barn share itself with me. On every inhale, those scents of the barn that have been with me since c***dhood. The dried hay. Fresh dung. a****ls. Always that a****l scent below every other smell. I can smell the chicken coop over the way, and its fresh paint from yesterday. Suddenly, and without warning, I feel at peace. Oneness. Just me. Calm. Sure.

Rolling up my sleeves, I sigh. I gather my tools for the milking of my cow, Charlene. My milking stool, Udderbalm, my bucket. Walking over to Charlene, talking to her as I pat her head, letting my hand slide over her hard forehead, down over her bony shoulder, over her side, to her rump and smack her, causing her to moo and her tail to swish. I place the stool down at her side, and run my hand down her side. I sigh, feeling the barns coolness wash over my legs as I hike up my skirt over my hips. Sitting on the stool, getting comfy with my knees parted wide. I lean forward to inspect her teats. Rolling them in my fingers, looking at the chaffed red, sore skin. I pull the udder, running my fingers down the lengths. “Charlene! You are healing nicely! Another day or so!” I let go and return my focus to the teats closer to me.

Locking my sleeves above my elbows, I lean into Charlene’s side, grip two teats with my thumb and forefingers. I squeeze the udders, roll my hands down, squeeze, pull. Milk streams into the bucket below. Again, and again settling into the rhythm. Squeeze, roll, squeeze, pull. Milk. Squeeze, roll, squeeze, roll. Milk. Quickly, the smell of fresh milk waft up, playing with my senses. And I let my mind return to Henry.

Needing to talk about it, not just thinking about it, I start to talk to Charlene. “He took me right over there,” I told her, turning my face and pointing with my nose at the work horse. Usually, a few saddles would be resting there, waiting to be waxed. But it was still bare from last nights play time.

We kiss fiercely, while ripping the rest of our clothes off. He spins me around with one arm locked tight around my middle, his large hand digging into my side. The other over my shoulder, down my chest firmly gripping my breast. His lips hard on my neck, racing up and down. Biting my ear. His hard cock, locked between my thighs. I squeeze my thighs, massaging him slowly. His knee nudges my thighs gently forcing them apart. I comply. He stops. Steps back, pushes me between my shoulder blades and f***es me forward over the saddle horse. Willingly, I oblige. I bend forward, the horse right at the perfect height. Still in my heels from the club. I reach down and grab my ankles. And hold on tight.

Henry, not missing this chance to assault my ass and smacks me hard. Telling me that I’ve been torturing him with my ass for the past week, walking, pressing it into him as we’d dance. Pushing it into him as I’d walk past. Finally, having it before him, he returns the favour of torturing it. He smacks me again. I yelp. After this fresh assault on my arse, he kisses the hot red flesh of my rear and groans. “I’ve been waiting to do that since I first saw you, months ago.” He spreads my cheeks, and licks me from pussy to my lower back in one long swipe.

Still milking Charlene, thumb and forefinger squeeze, hand rolls in, squeeze and pull. The rhythm is comforting, soothing. Charlene takes no notice of me as I am telling the story. She continues to chew. I continue to milk her. Squeeze thumb and forefinger around, hand roll in and squeeze. Pull. Milk squirts into the bucket.

Moaning as Henry licks my ass, sending shivers down my spine. The bl**d rushing to my head between my knees, making me feel light headed and my vision blurry.

My body feels possessed.

Henry, uses his foot to slide my feet apart, my hands still holding my ankles. He moves his head between my thighs. Gently nipping. Gently kissing. From knee to pussy. He repeats his efforts on my other leg. Then facing me on his knees, he leans in and he gives me an upside down kiss, taking my top lip in his and nibbling on it. Tracing it with his tongue. Breaking the kiss, he returns to the task at hand. Instead of being gentle, he nibbles fast and eager until he reaches my pussy. Using one hand, he spreads my lips. Pressing his nose into me, he inhales loudly and deep. “Ahhhh.. your scent drives me wild!” he cries. His tongue long and hard, he thrusts it into me.

Gasping, I open my eyes spring open wide, and I can’t help but smile as I see his cock before my face, standing straight out, thick, his pre- cum glistening. I watch him quiver as he licks me. Grinning, I take his head in my mouth. He stops his onslaught of his tongue inside of me. And as I move my head, removing his cock from my mouth, I thrust my tongue hard into his eye tasting him. Moaning at the taste of him. Swirling my tongue around his head, curling my lips around my teeth and press down somewhat firmly as I suck him as far as I can take this thick hard cock within my mouth. I feel him shudder, and his grunt of, ” Keep your mouth closed or I will cum right now!” He smacks my ass hard, chuckling as he watches the swell of my rump jiggle.

His tongue then resumes his search. His finger on my clit flying, like a dancer, hitting the right spot with every step. Hard then light, circling it then tapping it. My eyes open, I watch his cock and begin to crave it. Seeing him between my knees, him kneeling, I begin to imagine what it would be like to fuck him and have his thick fat cock stretch my cunt, and I know I am getting wetter by the second seeing these thoughts and imagining the feeling. I feel him lapping. I feel him tapping. And hope to fucking god he is almost finished, as I am unsure of how much longer I would be able to keep my control.

My pussy, drenched, excited, and ready, he inserts two fingers and finger fucks me. In and out he goes. My chest heaves. I moan. Louder as he continues. “Now! Fuck please god now!!!” I moan.

He laughs, a deep throated chuckle. Saying to me, “No! Not yet. I am going to use you, ’til you beg!” Spanking my rump on the word beg, shattering the otherwise still barn. I can feel the tingling from his smack working down my legs, down my spine, and I feel like begging.

If I give in, he will see it that he won. There can’t be any harm?

“Please! Please! I need you now!!! NOW!”

He laughs again and stands up. His hands on my hips, his cock pressing hard cock into my red ass. “Beg.” He orders.

“Henry, please!”

“I said BEG for it!” again on the word beg, another smack on my white ass.

“Henry Michael Adams. For the love of god. Please! I’m begging you!” I pant, chest heaving. Pissed off. Angry. “I want your cock and I want it five minutes ago!!!!”

“Now, I’ve got you!” he chuckles. He takes his cock in his hand, and positions it right at my pussy entrance.

He enters me ever so slowly, just his head. Out.

Two inches. Out.

Four inches. Sliding out.

Every time he enters me, I try to thrust my body back to meet his, but I have no ability to move. The saddle horse has me that if I move too much I’ll be unbalanced and topple. Henry can feel that I’m trying to meet him and the irritable bastard that he is presses his hands into my hips holding me still, pushing my hips into that hard wooden horse.

“Fuck me!” I pant. “Henry! Harder!” I try to sound annoyed, but I come across as begging.

Henry grips my hips.

Presses down.

Just his cock’s head still in me.

I hear him inhale.

Exhale. Thrust.

My body convulses.

My knees buckle.

I see shooting stars.

I feel my body sing to his beat.

I groan as my first orgasm takes its hold.

My body stiffens.

Then relaxes.

But not for long.

It is at this moment that Charlene reminds me of her presence by giving out a loud, “MOO”. I open my eyes, and realize that my nipples are in fact incredibly, painfully hard. I release her, and cup my breasts. Massaging my nipples and I sigh. My breathing slows as I gently toy with my nipples through my sweat damp blouse. Calming down. I reach to my pocket and scoop some Udderbalm in my fingers and begin to apply it onto Charlene’s teats. My fingers massing the balm into her, thumb grazing and massing first one then another.

Standing up, hands on my hips, arching my back. I moan in bliss easing the muscles in my back. I feel those lovely little tingles that go all through my body, horny. My skin feels tight, I feel beautiful. My lips curl in a long slow smile, thinking wicked thoughts of what is to come.

I pick up my stool, one hand on Charlene’s side, tracing the outlines of her bones to her other side and smack her rump. Her tail twitches. Putting the stool down, both hands on her side I extend my arms over her, giving her a hug. Still amazed that she is going to be meeting Tempus the Bull, hopefully next week for the second time in her life.

My breasts are f***ed into her side with that hug, and slide my body pressed with hers down her side down onto that the milking stool. I hike my skirt up again, around my hips. Looking down I see my wet rose coloured panties, and those wicked thoughts flood back. I look to the stable horse again, biting my lower lip.

Getting back to the job at hand, I firmly grip her udders in my thumb and forefinger. Roll my hand in. Squeeze. Pull. Milk. Thumb and forefinger, squeeze. Roll. Squeeze. Pull. Milk. Again and again, I settle into a rhythm. The sound of the milk hitting the bucket is mesmerizing. Breathing deeply, enjoy the scent of fresh milk, the raw scent of a****ls and the scent of my arousal.

Squeeze, roll, squeeze, pull. Squeeze, roll, squeeze, pull. Again and again. Over and over.

Biting my lower lip, then tracing the edge slowly, slowly, with my tongue, telling Charlene, “That orgasm was fast and intense. My favourite kind!! Want me to continue? Yes? Where was I? Oh yeah…”

Henry, still thrusting with all his might. In and out. Not letting up. Grunting. Faster. Deeper he goes. Showing no signs of slowing down.

My inner muscles relaxed, pliable. Henry thrusts getting even deeper. My bl**d still racing, my skin sensitive to every touch. I scream as I cum the second time in less than what feels like a second.

Henry, being a normal man, started shouting, “Holy fuck! I’m GONNA CUM!” I feel him shudder. I hear him groan. Emptying himself into me. Falling forward onto me, knocking my breath away. His hot sweaty chest against my back, his weight pressing me harder into that peice of wood along my hips.

“Henry get up I can’t breathe!” Slowly he stands, arm tight around my middle, his other hand on my shoulders, helping. Standing up, my vision goes black as the bl**d rushes from my head obeying the laws of gravity once more. I stumble into his chest as I stumble.

Still in me, not as hard as a moment ago, he lowers me to the ground spooning, his arms still wrapped tight around me. He throws a leg over my thighs. Locking me to him. Joined to him. His one hand goes on an adventure. Cupping my breast, kneading it, lower he travels. He kisses my neck below my hair line. From my ear to my shoulder not stopping. Lower his hand travels. Massaging my belly. Down my side, over my hip, over my thigh. Back up. Over my belly. Just before he reaches my pussy, he digs his fingers into that soft flesh just above my pubis.

Gasping, pushing my body harder into him. He sighs reaching lower. One finger slides into my slit and presses my clit. My pelvis jerks. I feel torn between thrusting my hips harder into his finger and rotating them and arching my back forcing my bottom harder into him pushing his cock deeper.

In side me, I can feel him stiffen against my hot, cum drenched, soft inner flesh.

My hips flying back and forth. Finger pressing, to cock.


My eyes roll back in my head.

Panting like a bitch in heat.

Breasts heaving.

My pussy clenching his now hard cock. He groans into my neck kissing me again, I shiver into him. Feeling my bl**d pumping faster.

“On your knees,” he grunts, “like a bitch in heat. You really need a good fucking!” His hands grab my hips and he drags me to my knees. “We are in a barn and should fuck like the a****ls.”

My hands, squeeze, roll in, squeeze then pull. Milking the teat. Again and again. Unknowingly going faster. Squeeze, roll in, squeeze then pull.

“Charlene! last night was just…!” Lacking the words to finish the sentence, my silence has to do. “He took me exactly like he said. A bitch in heat. It was just amazing! We fucked for most of the night, and I feel so exhausted and used good and proper today, but horny as sin!!!”

Taking the Udderbalm, and massaging it into her udder. Rubbing her. “By Monday you should be good as new!!! And ready for Tempus on Tuesday!” I chuckle, and smack her rump again. I straighten my skirt, pick up my stool and the bucket walking towards the table.

Walking over to the table, I place the milk bucket on the table noticing that there is a piece of straw floating the milk. Reaching in I pick it up, pull it out and flick it away. Bringing my fingers to my lips, licking them slowly, sucking them dry from the milk. My other hand reaches down and cups my breast, gently then pressing in and squeezing. I grip the nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, squeeze, then pull, release. Squeeze, then pull, release. Using the same motions on my as I did on my cow. Fingers still in my mouth, and fingers on my breast, I listen closely to ensure no one else is near.

Hearing no one, I walk to a stable stall, open the gate and lead Stallion out to graze. I spank him on the rump to get him going and he trots off. Going into his stall and notice someone has cleaned his stall this morning, the hay is fresh. Smiling, I return to the work table and pick up the bucket, my stool and bring it to the now empty stall. Setting my stool down by the back wall, the bucket beside it, I sit down.

Taking off my shoes and placing my feet, bare, onto the hay and curling them was just a pure joy! Heels no matter how tiny they are, are indeed uncomfortable, and any woman who says otherwise is just k**ding herself. I lean back into the wall, close my eyes and sigh. I take off my jacket, undo the top button of my blouse, the cool air washing over me. I smile as I feel my nipples stiffen even more. Cupping my breasts and fondle them. Squeezing them and gently tugging. My fingers brought together and lightly dancing then spreading out like a flower over each breast. Slipping my hand lower over my stomach, I let it rest over my navel. I gently move my hand lower, and lower it to the hem on my skirt.

Ever so slowly, I slip my hand below my skirt and rest it on my leg. My other hand coming down on the other leg. I press in my fingers hard, thinking of Henry doing just this last night. Sliding my hands up raising my skirt to my waist. Leaving my skirt in place above my hips, I roll my hands to my belly button, slide my fingers under my panties, down one hand moving on top of the other as they slide to cup my pussy. I push my arms forward and my panties slide off. Down my legs they go. I feel free!

It is only then I notice that my thighs are moist, my pussy is drenched. Sitting down on the stool in the stall and look at the milk pail.

Removing one hand from my body, and dip a finger into the milk pail licking it clean. I dip again, and savour the taste of fresh milk, still warm from the cow. I dip again, this time bringing my finger to my clit and slowly massage. Circles and sweeping strokes. I press on this little button and my chest heaves with my sharp inhale, feel a new burst of pleasure making me even wetter. I reach down for the pail, and dip my finger in. Back to my clit I play some more, while one hand holds my pussy lips open the other dances upon my clit. Dipping my hand in the milk, then back to my pussy, my fingers slip into my tight depths, curling it along my inner folds. Sliding it from me, then again inserting a finger. Tasting my finger, sighing, loving the taste of my cream mixed with the fresh cream from the cow.

It becomes my little routine, dip my finger, enter, wiggle, taste. Dip my finger, enter, wiggle, taste. Over and over I do this, all the while a finger massaging my clit. My clit which gets harder, and longer. My breathing shallow and quickens, short inhales through the nose and soft moans are the only real sounds in the barn. On the next dip into the milk, I insert two fingers, and thrust them into me. I groan in pleasure. The feel of the wetness of the pail of milk, my wet heat, my flesh clamping around my finger, then tasting.

My juices sweet to the taste, trickling down letting gravity take them to my anus. I can smell me, and its overpowering.

My hand dips into the milk bucket, fully submerging it, I watch as the milky white liquids trickles into milk pearls dripping from my fingers as I bring my fingers again to my pussy. My gasp loud as I thrust three fingers into me hard. Moving these three fingers around and wiggle, rotating. My hand leaves my pussy lips and finds my hard nipple bringing my breast up over my bra, playing with my nipple. I start to breathe faster, chest heaving. My fingers leave my breast and go back to my pussy lips. Licking my musky nectar from my fingers, feasting on my own juices. My hand moves lower to the bucket and I dip my hand through the still warm liquid and then slowly I insert all four fingers into my pussy juice soaked hole. I shudder as a louder moan escapes my lips.

Finger fucking my pussy, my juices seep from me, polling on the cool hard surface of the stool top.

I play slowly, breathing faster. My finger from my other hand trying to remember the alphabet to write over my clit.

I press harder urging; needing, my hand to be deeper in me.

Then stopping suddenly.

Removing my hand with a sigh, I let it wander back to the milk. Letting my hand sink to the bottom of the bucket and letting it rest for a moment.

Bringing my hand back to my pussy, I roll my fingers and insert again, locking my thumb over my palm. I thrust in. I grunt.


My hand is caught at the knuckles, I cannot fit my fist in me. I think about letting my fingers just resume their tattoo upon my clit. I play a bit more, then reach for the bucket, cupping my hand as a scoop and bring some milk and pouring it over my trapped hand. I want that feeling of being stretched. I want my fist in me. Rolling my body in. I wiggle my fingers then bring them tightly together. I use my free hand to squash my knuckles together and try to thrust my hand in.

I stop breathing.

My body enjoying this intrusion, rolling forward sliding my full hand up inside me. I scream in partial pain, but mostly in pleasure.

My scream disturbs the birds, and they rise and sing in annoyance flying out the doors.

My hand is still locked, my pussy still too tight to allow me to move. Slowly I expand my hand. Bring my fingers back together. I gently rotate my wrist. I groan in the wonderful pain and pleasure of the feeling.

My free hand goes back to the milk bucket and scoops more milk, spilling it over my wrist.

My juices and the milk pool beneath me on the stool.

Slowly, I move my wrist. My free finger, massages my rock hard clit.

In and out.

Fingers expand.

In and out.

Fingers contract.

In and out.

My hand hits softness, I groan in intense pain.

I pull back, I moan.

My body starts to shudder.

My toes curl.

My breathing quickens.

My legs shake.

My eyelids close.

My body hardens.

I moan, “Oh my GOD!”

I see stars and see fireworks on my eyelids.

This feeling passes, slowly.

My toes uncurl, my body softens once again.

Slowly, I move my hand in my pussy, my aching wrist rotating within me, my pussy still spasming round my wrist. I curl my body in again over me. My free hand helps my trapped hand escape from its pussy cage. Clamping on my knuckles and my hand slides free.

My wrist red, and lightly swollen. “Holy shit! I broke my wrist!” I think. Gingerly, I move my hand, curling and lengthening each finger, rotate my wrist. Not broken, just sore.

I rest my hand in the milk bucket while my underworked left hand massages my pussy, easing the tenderness, working my cum into my body.

I lean back against the wall, and feel perfect. My skirt still around my hips. My face is flushed from this… exercise. I sigh, feeling content. Close my eyes while my breathing returns to normal.

It is only then I feel a pair of eyes on me. Watching me. I open my eyes.

HE is standing there in the nude. His cock standing at attention and a wicked smile on his face.

I reach down and try to cover myself, face flushed and embarrassed.

Hearing his breathing, long and deep. He clears his throat.

I look up.

I see his hand start to move on his long, throbbing shaft. Slowly. His smile grows. He walks slowly forward.

“How much did you see?” I whisper.

“All,” he breathes.

Taking the bull by the dick is the fastest and easiest way to get the bull to do what you want, so I ask, “Which part did you like best?” My face still on my knees.

“From the moment I saw you smack Charlene’s rump till now. Every second.” Still, walking closer. He stands right in front of me and I knew that if I look up, my lips would be kissing his cock. “Look at me.” he says.

“Take the bull by the dick.” I thought. I just fisted myself, and was still left wanting something. I smiled into my lap, brought my face up and opened my mouth. I took his long, throbbing cock into my mouth. Leaning forward, swallowing him whole. Feeling his head hit the back of my throat.


This Nameless Man, places his hands on my head and starts trying to control my motions. He pushes my head in and out trying to guide my movements. His cock pressing up against the back of my throat, then his head at my lips, his unwelcoming paws on my head pissing me off. Bringing my head back and forth, I hate the feel of his hand on my head and now pulling my hair… the jack ass. On the next ‘out’ he decides to f***e me to take, I bite down firmly, grating my teeth along the length of his shaft.

“AARRGGHH!!!! Fucking hell! You cunt!” he screams at me grabbing his cock, pushing my head back.

“Get your hands out of my hair!” I growl at him glaring up, my hand wiping my saliva off my chin as I stand. ” If you are not going to play nice, we will not be playing at all!”

“You bitch! You bit me!” he says massaging his red partially swollen member. I look up at him and smile, a long, slow, sweet smile. “Are we going to continue to play?” I ask him twirling my hair in my fingers with the one hand, the other toying with my exposed nipple.

“Are you gonna bite me bitch?” He looks weary, but his cock throbs putting my doubts of him not being able to go through with this, I’ll still be able to scratch this itch. I see his cock twitch some more in his hand, and know that once again, I will get my way. Sighing I return to my position, kneeling getting ready to give him his blow job. As I fall to my kneels and start to resume my work, The Nameless Man pushes me to the ground straddling my waist, hands on my upper arms keeping me on the ground and not moving.

“I am so tried of people trying not being able to use me proper!” I think to myself. “But you always seem to know how to pick ‘em!” I sigh, realizing that I have two choices. One; just let him do what he pleases and get it all over fast, or two? fight him a little and hope that encourages him to work harder and be rougher. Just as I make up my mind, to play along, Nameless Man leans forward kissing my deeply.

This kiss is passionate. Hard, filled with need. I bring my head off the floor to get more of him. I invite his tongue in, he enters, tracing the length of my tongue. The edges of my teeth. Our tongues dance. I loose myself in this passionate kiss which when ends, leaves me breathless. And hoping for more. As soon as I catch my breath, with him looking down at me, the look he has of kindness dissipates, being replaced with cruelty and anger.

I don’t notice it at first still so stunned with that kiss. But quickly come to my senses as I feel a WHACK! on my breast, knowing he left a mark on me through my clothes. Open handed he slaps my breast again. I try to raise myself, Nameless Man continues to hold me down. I try to scream, but cut off by his mouth on mine. Again, just as passionate as before, but if possible, more so. Tongues dancing, teeth grinding against teeth. My already large lips swell with this attack on them. While kissing me, he releases my arms, and place his hands around my face cupping it. Moaning as he slides his hands lower to my neck, fingers below my ears, thumbs over my windpipe.

Still kissing me, my hands free, I slide them up his arms, to his shoulders. Suddenly, he pushes down with his hands while still kissing me.

Choking me.

I can’t breath.

Gasping for air.

My face turning red.

Hi mouth still on mine, but not giving me mouth to mouth. Choking me.

I feel my body fighting hard to get free. Struggling. Twisting. Fighting.

I see stars.

I see nothing.

I feel nothing.

* * *

Starting to tingle, her body wakes from a daze. She lays there naked, tied. Hands above her head. Unable to mover her arms, she tests the bonds that bind her. They are tight and she knows there is no chance to get free. She attempts to move her legs, but can’t seem too move them. Trying to breathe, she coughs. Throat sore and not too sure why. Dry and raspy. She knows she needs air.

Inhaling deeply, she coughs. And realizes, that something is around her throat. Something fine, soft. But finding that she is not able to bring her head up. She grasps for the words, “Tied up.” Her breathing laboured. Taking smaller breaths she finds its easier.

“Good. You are awake. I thought maybe…ahem.” a man outside her line of sight speaks. “Well we are alone now. No one is expecting you.” he sounds almost like he is singing. ” And we are going to have so much fun!!!” She hears his voice rise on the fun. Still unable to see him. “I’ve been watching you for a long time now. You smile at everyone, you tease every man. You’ve never seen me!” he shouts. “No I’m not good enough for you! You’ve ignored me for months! I was up there in the hay loft, last night while you thought your were alone. I watched you play the whore to Henry. I saw him use you like the little cunt you are. He lay there, while you pleased him. I saw you be a be the bitch you know you are. I am tired of being ignored by you! I am,” his voice louder and more intense, “sick to death of you and I am going to teach you WHO I AM!”

With that, the memories come flooding back like a wave washing over her. She sees her cheeks rise slightly as her lips curl in a devious smile, “And just who are you?”

“WHOAMI?” yelling so fast as if it were one word. Enraged, he pounces on her. Surprisingly even in all his anger, he is gentle. The time for anger to subdue her, past. “I will teach you who I am!” he whispers fiercely to her knee as he kisses them. Kissing her in painful gentleness. Down her leg, covering her shin in slow kisses. Hands always moving. Massaging. Down her leg, up her leg. Kisses and massaging. He pays attention to her other leg. Same thing. The gentleness of him. Kisses and massaging. Gentle. Lips moving. Always kissing.

He doesn’t touch her pussy. He leaves that alone. Praying that by the time he is done with her, she will beg him to take her.

He rises higher, higher. Pays attention to her arms. The same attention as to her legs. Kisses light upon her skin, sending ripples
of gooseflesh over her. Her skin grows hot, bl**d pumping. Tenderly he moves, massaging her arms. Breasts heaving trying to catch her breath. Both arms are slightly moist from the attention of his lips on them, his teeth nibble the underside of her breasts before he moves his body to straddle her waist.

Straddling her belly, he attacks her breasts with his hands. Squeezing them together. Kneading them. Kissing. It seems like he wants to taste every part of her. Suckling on her nipples, she moans- enjoying the feeling of his hot mouth on her nipples. She wrenches her body left then right trying to get him off her. He isn’t bothered by her twists, in fact, he is all the more aroused by her thrashing under him.

His mind focused on the task at hand, massaging. Kissing. His hands reach for what he has learnt from watching Henry and her the night before, that she becomes like puddy in a man’s hands when her nipples are squeezed hard. He pays attention to them, and feels her almost relax under him. Lowering his mouth to her nipple, he bites her roughly, and he feels her breath catch in her throat, her moan and her body lay there motionless.

He brings his face to hers and gently traces her lips with his tongue. The outline of her full lips. Tracing the outline, then nibbling the lip. He kisses her chin. Shaking her head trying to have his kisses land somewhere, anywhere, but on her mouth. Using his hands, he holds her face. “If you bite my tongue I will use the whip. Do you understand? Do you understand?”

She tries to swallow. “Yes.”

His mouth covers hers. Gently, he kisses her. Probing her mouth with his tongue, he loosens the tie around her neck just a little, making it easier for her to breathe. Then brings his face in closer to hers. Releasing her face from his hands, teeth against teeth, tongue darting in and out. He’s hungry for her to kiss him back.

He let’s her head go, allowing her to move as she wills. He slides lower to her feet, spread wide apart. He chooses the left foot first.

Taking each toe in his mouth, nibbling on it, hands massaging the rest of her foot while he moves from each toe to the next. Thrusting his tongue inbetween each toe, pressing it in. Toe to toe. Hands massaging the rest of her foot. He gets to the arch and gently bites that tender part of the foot. To her ankle, he wraps his hands around it and presses in. He massages around the knot pressing into her leg, easing her discomfort. Up her travels, massaging and caressing. Kissing her body again. But even slower this time. He’s desperate that she will ask him to fuck her once he shows her how gentle he really is. He knows she wants him to be rough, but he can’t bring himself to be that rough. Up to her knee, again he wraps his hands around her knee, squeezes and keeping the pressure brings it down her leg then back up. Pays attention to her thigh. On her inner thigh, he kisses her then nips in lines up and down.

He looks at her cunt, and sees her wetness. Bringing his nose right to the edge, he inhales deeply enjoy her musk. Sweet, with the undertone of musk. He loves the fact that she is shaved as bald, knowing that when she begs him to take her, he will not have to stop from the hairs annoying his nose like so many other women who are not kept do. Returning to her thigh, he resumes his intimate massage. All over, up and down he kisses and gently nips. Not leaving any marks on her. He reaches her hip, straddles her leg, making sure his cock is on her leg, and places his hands on her hip. Tracing the curve of the bone, pressing in around it. Kissing it.

Very softly she moans. Not enjoying, oh no not enjoying.

His hand circles her hip, pressing in, thumb on her pelvis, fingers on her lower back massaging. Tongue dancing. He massages her belly. To the other hip. Repeating the same on her other side. Down her leg.

Kissing, massaging, lick with little nips.

She tilts her head as far back as she can, trying to make no noises.

“Jesus Christ Colin!!! Just fuck me already!!!” I cry out.

“You’re the one who wanted the role play to be as real as possible! I am going to take my time!” Colin laughs at me laying there, tied feet spread apart, hands tied above my head and his silk tie around my neck. He reaches up and undoes the tie, just pulling it off me in one quick motion.

With my neck free, I can move my head and I see his beautiful cock vibrate as he laughs.

“Oh come on!!! Now?” I nag.

“Shut up, I am enjoying. You need to learn that sometimes, gentle is better than rough.” He brings his face to mine, looking into my eyes and asks, “So role playing is over? 100% done and over? I can take my time and play all I want?” I see the hope in his eyes and know what is to come. My body shivers in anticipation. He sees my shiver, smiles. Kissing me quick, saying, “You have to say it. You know you do or else you’ll be pissy for a week!”

I look up into his eyes saying, “Yes, role playing is over. Now please just fuck me!!”

He scoots back down between my spread legs, lays down. I can feel him breathing onto my bald lips.

His hands shiver as he touches me and I can hear him groan an mutter, “Fuck the things I do for you woman. My dick is almost ready to explode! Jesus!” His fingers opening my lips, I moan in pleasure. Reaching me, I can feel his mouth. His tongue licking my clit, and can feel exactly what he is doing. Practicing his ABC’s.

“Good boy you passed Mrs Gustini’s grade 1 class!!” I moan as I struggle to move down to getting him to lick me harder.

He doesn’t hear me, or chooses to ignore me, and continues torturing me with his tongue. Replacing his tongue with his finger, elbow resting on my pelvis, he inserts one finger into me. “Not as tight as you say you usually are! Tisk! What HAVE you been doing?” and presses my clit hard holding his finger there. It begins to get a little uncomfortable and I squirm trying to get him to loosen his hold. He lets go and as the bl**d rushes back, my clit swells almost painfully sensitive. His tongue returns and I scream to high heaven in ecstasy. His finger back to my clit, gently this time, stroking, rubbing, being careful. He inserts two fingers into me.


At this point I am panting, trying to think clearly and not let myself cum.

I try to remember lessons from ages ago to take my mind off the tongue on my clit. “The earth’s atmosphere is comprised of 5 main levels. These levels are; the stratosphere from the earths crust up to 50km…”

His tongue leaves me as he says, “Sorry sweetie, but the first layer of the earths atmosphere is the troposphere from the crust upwards to a varying height of 12km. Try again!”

Gasping for breath, I try again, “Transport Canada’s TP 312 is the Aerodromes Standards and Recommended Practices and is a Civil Aviation Publication is used for land airports.”

Removing his fingers, he holds my lips open. Taps my clit. Inserts three fingers, his teeth gnaw upon my clit before replacing it with his tongue. His fingers inside me move and dance. I breath faster and feel another orgasm coming on. I renew my efforts to stop it.

“Slopes on the runway vary from longitudinal 1.5 percent where the code number is 3 or 4 and 2.5 percent where the number is 1 or 2. The distance between the points of intersection or two…..OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO CUM!”


Chest heaving.

Muscles contract.

Toes curling.

Eyes rolling back.


Legs pressing into the stall floor.

Seeing fireworks.

My juices gush over his fingers, he removes his fingers and begins to lap my my juices nose pressed hard against my clit, breathing. I can feel his nostrils flare as he breaths. His tongue in me as far as it will go. In, lap, and out, lap. He licks me clean while I lay there still. Trying to gather some strength. My body flushed from this second powerful orgasm today. Hot, sweaty. Small, not quite as big as when I fisted myself little while ago, or last night, but knowing Colin, certainly not my last this afternoon!

Taking his hands off me, sitting up, wiping his face. Smiling, like all men do when they do something well. Like little dogs excited and wanting a pat on the head. ‘Goooood puppppyyy!!! Who’s mama’s little angel?’ I smile weakly at him, flushed cheeks rising.

Scratching his nose, he looks at me. His cock stands out straight, pre-cum pearling at his head.

“Come here.” I open my mouth. His jaw drops. He kneels beside my head coming closer I stick out my tongue and lick his head slowly, before he moves and bring his lips to mine. Slowly, gently he kisses me.

Again, he stands and looks down at me tied. “I could let you loose, but I know how you can be. I just finished healing! My back was a wreck from your nails for a week! Hmmm… but then again, if you are in a mellow mood, we can be gentle; which is always nice. Or are you going to be rough? I can just leave you tied you know and take you how I want to take you you know.” One hand moves to his cock and he strokes it, the other scratching his chin. Looking at me laying there, just watching him, he makes up his mind. “I’m going to cut you loose. Remember what happened the last time? Don’t move too fast.”

Letting go of his cock, he walks to the stall door. Picks up the sheep shears, walks to me and cuts me free one appendage at a time. My ankle closest to him, he gently massages it. Then the other. Then my hands. All the while massaging after I am free one appendage at a time. I bring my legs together, hands still above my head and stretch onto my side. Arching my back, stretching my belly, lengthening my torso and jutting my breasts out. I groan in pleasure at being able to move again; post orgasmic bliss.

Colin grins at me, “Nice, very nice.” His cock vibrates a little knowing what is to come.

He comes and lays beside me, wrapping his arms around me and burying his face in my breasts. I turn to face him on my side pushing him back. “Are you sure you don’t want me to suck you? Hair you? hand job? blow job? foot job? ANYTHING?”

Shaking his head smiling, he leans in and kisses my slow.

Putting my hands on his shoulders, I push him so he is lying flat on his back. I slowly crawl to his legs and spread them. Straddling his shin, I place my hands on either side of his thigh. I lean forward tight to my body, and slowly slide forward my breasts straddling his leg as well as me. I lay there for a moment as he shudders in joy.

“Oh god! I love how you do that!” he moans.

I move to his other leg, straddle, lean in, slide, breasts straddling his legs. Slide slow and being sure to press hard into him.

Kneeling between his legs, I take his quivering cock in my hands, making it jump as I touch it. Pushing it to his stomach. “I know I promised, but I just love giving head!” I giggle and bend forward, my hair falling forward and making a curtain around my face; hair spilling all over him to the floor.


I stick out my tongue flat, and lick the underside from base to head, slowly. I kiss the pulsating vein there, then nibble. Up and down till I feel he just might cum. I wrap my thumb and forefinger around his shaft near the base, and talk to him of geography.

“You know Colin, that mountains? are actually created when two tectonic plates meet, grind over years, till one submits to the others power and is f***ed under the other one, and the mountains are just a part of the plate being f***ed up. Isn’t that interesting?”

“Holy shit. Shit holy. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Holy. Fucking. Shit.”

Figuring he can’t take much more, but wanting to try a new position I saw at Tracy’s house on the porn channel on the net.

I keep his cock trapped to his belly and straddle him. I open my lips over his cock and wiggle making me more comfortable and him squeeze his eyes closed tight. I start to rock my hips. The head of his cock hits my clit with every rock. I only allow a few rocks- but it feels so delightful!!! I rock once more, eyelids closing as my still cum drenched pussy covers the underside of his cock.

Opening my eyes, I sit up on my knees, Colin’s eyes catch mine as I guide his cock into me. Slowly sliding my body onto his cock, rocking. Once. Twice. Three times. He sits up on his elbows, and I help him up till he is sitting. Wrapping my arms around him, and him wrapping his arms around me. My legs slide to wrap around him. I pull him in tight, urging him with the heels of my feet. I begin to rock.



I bite his shoulder, leaving my mark on him.

I unwrap my arms from around Colin, and lean back. I loosen my ankles, then tighten. Loosen my ankles, tighten, taking him deeper each time. Colin takes his hands and squeezes my nipples. Flat handed on my breasts, nipples hard into the palm of his hand. Loosen and tighten. His hands squeeze my breasts. I bring myself up, causing Colin’s eyes to go round as he goes deeper in me.

Again we wrap our arms around each other, and rock to the beat we created. Moving together, he pants into my cleavage, “Oh god! I’m gonna cum!!!”

“Not yet!! not yet!!”

I rock faster hoping to ride one more big climax that I feel rise within me but taking its sweet time.

“Don’t move! Oh, baby! Please Colin don’t move!!!” I beg as I found it.

He grabs my hips and f***es me once more onto him. Feeling him explode deep inside of me. He shudders, and groans and makes that funny face he makes when cumming. Like the life is being sucked out of him and into me. Hands like a death drip on my hips.

“Oh baby! THANK YOU!” He gives me that big smile again. “Did you cum?” he asks hopeful.

“No Babe, not this time! But I was so close!” I smile into his kiss hoping he wouldn’t hear my frustration.

Feeling a little empty inside and guilty, I make a decision. I push him back, and work my way off of him. Scooting back, my knees at his knees. Hands on his cock I bring it into my mouth and lick him clean. Tasting both me and him. Licking him clean and swallowing. I sit up, cup his face, kiss him slowly.

“Colin, we’ve got to get back to Jean’s baby’s Christening soon. What’s that k**’s name again?”

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2 years ago
What a fricking dunderhead Colin happens to be, as he doesn't understand and accept the apprciation of a good piece of pussy. Clumsly he finally, almost competesw her orgasm.

The story seems to have a 3-D quality with twists and turns, creatng anticipation.
2 years ago
oooh very nice you luck bastard
2 years ago
very hot ....very arousing ...!!!!!
3 years ago
Stunningly erotic and very well written. I'd love to be able to read your dirty mind:))
3 years ago
Veru good