Happy birthday

For my girlfriends 30th birthday i decided to throw her a special surprise!

We have an amazing sex life and often tell each other our fantasies and thoughts during sex,one of my gf favourites is a gangbang...we've never acted out our fantasies but seen as how it was a special occasion i decided to make one (or a few! ;) lol) come true for her!

I had been on a swingers site and had been talking to various guys about my plan,it was harder than i thought because of how i wanted some of the guys to be....i'll explain...my some of gf's fantasies are:-


To be fucked by a black man

To be fucked by an Asian man

To be fucked by a Chinese man

To be fucked by a youngster

To be fucked by an old man

To be fucked by a fat man

And so i found the guys i wanted,the youngster(18)...the Asian(28)...the Chinese(38)...the black(48)...the fat man(58) and the old man(68)....the plan was set and the guys were keen!

On the day of my gf's birthday,i greeted her the usual way,breakfast in bed,flowers etc,then i told her i had a surprise 4 her and that she should get herself down to the local sauna and spa for a few hours to prepare.

About 30mins after she left the guys started turning up and we had afew drinks and a chat until my gf turned up...they quickly ran upstairs into the bedroom and got undressed and waited...i answered the door to my gf and quickly blindfolded her and stripped her naked,she was excited and nervous as to what was going to happen...i led her up stairs and into the bedroom,then removed her blindfold...her mouth dropped open and she looked at me,i said 'happy birthday honey' and gave her a kiss...i went and sat on the chair in the corner of the room then said to the guys 'she's all yours,do what you want' and with that the guys jumped on my gf like a pack of dogs!...i got my cock out and started wanking.

The fat guy (he's about 25st) started ramming his fat fingers into her tight pussy making her lift onto tip toes with every thrust...the old fella was on his knees spreading her ass cheeks whilst he rimmed her...the youngster was licking her nipple as was the Chinese fella,she had the cocks of the black fella and the Asian guy in her hands and was jacking them off...she then dropped to her knees,the old fella slid underneath her so he could continue eating her ass (he liked ass! lol) and the guys took turns fucking her mouth,each one pushing his cock as far down her throat as he could making her gag,after she had sucked them all off she spun around on the old mans face as he still ate her ass and lent forward to suck his cock as the black man pushed her head down so she got all his cock in her throat...then they picked her up and threw her on the bed on her back,the Chinese guy grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders and then slammed his hard cock into her now dripping pussy,the Asian guy pushed his cock into my gf's mouth as the others formed a queue behind him,jacking off while watching this horny site...the Chinese guy guy fucked her hard and fast until she moaned and cum all ova his cock,he pulled out and the Asian guy took his place as the next guy stepped up to have his cocked sucked...and thats how it continued until each one of them had made her cum on their cocks...then the old fella got her on her hands and knees and said he wants sum ass...he then grabbed his cock and slowly pushed it into my gf's anus as the others jeered him on...he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he started slamming his cock into her,fucking her really hard and deep...she was grunting with every thrust and i noticed her toes start to curl,she let out a deep moan as her ass tightened around his cock and she came,she came so hard so gushed at the same time,all ova the bed...the old man pull his cock out as the youngster took his turn and did the same...they all took turns fucking her ass and making her squirt,the bed was drenched!...they then all took turns DPing her,there was all sorts of combinations going on,they fucked her for hours,in the end she said she was to sore and wanted them to fill her and cover her in cum...so the old guy lay down and with her back to him she she lowered her ass on to his cock,she lent back and the black guy pushed his cock into her dripping pussy,the fat man pushed his cock into her mouth,the youngster was rubbing his hard cock on her feet whilst she wanked off the Chinese fella and Asian guy...they fucked her until they started unloading in her...the fat guy was first,he grabbed the back of her head as he shoot a thick load down her throat making her gag and splutter before steeping aside to watch the rest of the action,then the black fella unloaded in her pussy before he moved to,then the Chinese man and the Asian jacked off into my gf's face covering it in warm,thick,sticky white spunk as the youngster was doing the same to her pretty peticured feet,he shot ribbons of hot cum on the tops of her feet and inbetween her toes...the old man continued to fuck her ass before letting out load grunt and unloaded deep inside her as she licked her lips...she then got off him and lay on her back on the floor,i got up and went over to her and knelt beside her,she lifted her feet up to her mouth which made aload of spunk drip from her pussy and ass on to the floor to form a small puddle and started licking the cum off her feet as i wanked my hard cock...then i added my load...i covered her pretty red toes and face as she lapped at my hot cum...all of us just stood there and watched as she then scooped up every bit of cum there was off herself and the floor and swallowed it all...she then smiled and said who wants to help wash her off and headed to the bathroom,she climbed in the bath and one by one we all took turns peeing on her face,in her mouth,all over her infact until she was dripping with urine...once we were all done we thanked the guys and they left,my gf turned to me and planted a huge kiss on my lips and said that was the best birthday present ever!....she said she's going to plan something equally special for my birthday.....i can't wait! :D
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