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[Story] Untitled fantasy

***Please note that this story is not finished yet. Might have to break in to different parts***
Untitled Story

I've been dating Melissa for about a year now. I met her online and hadn't dated a white girl before and she had never dated a black guy either. But we clicked and I thought she was very pretty so we went out and things went great.
I loved her body, very sexy and she seemed to take good care of herself. She was shy but I could tell she really enjoyed talking about sex and things she's never really tried before but is open to. The first one would be to have sex with a black guy... Continue»
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[Story] SUNSET


I almost feel like a tiger stalking my prey. The way I've been watching you all afternoon.

Admiring the way you sway across the sand, your smile, your hair and the way the sun shines across your face. I can smell your fragrance and it makes me want to pounce.

It’s almost sunset and this private cabana couldn't have been a better setting.

A picturesque beach before us and the intoxicating smell of jasmine fills the air.

You lay down in front of me and I start to caress your beautiful back. Then I drizzle some massage oil across it.

Slowly I start to rub your should... Continue»
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