My Panty Fetish (Part 1)

I have always had a thing for women's panties. Ever since I was a k** at the beach I remember how pretty I thought the ladies looked in their bathing suits, especially the bikini bottoms. There is something about the way that a pair of panties clings to a woman's hips and ass that is just so erotic to me. Not to mention the fact that all day long those sexy undergarments are caressing a woman's most intimate area. The soft fabric nestled against her pussy, absorbing her scent...

So the first sexual experience I had involving panties was actually with a pair of my cousin Linda's bikini bottoms. She and her f****y came in from Kansas and were staying with us for two weeks one summer. I had just turned 13 and had discovered masturbation sometime in the past year. I was still pretty new to all of it and was always trying different methods and ways to get off. Linda was 16 with long blonde hair and a nice body and (unfortunatly) a really shitty attitude. Very arrogant girl. She looked good and she knew it. All she and my older s****r wanted to do was chase after guys, so I didnt get to see much of her.

One day she and my s*s put on their bikinis and were laying out in the yard sunbathing. Linda came back in to get a drink and I made sure I followed her into the kitchen. I walked behind her, noticing the way her ass and hips looked in her bikini. She poured a glass of iced tea and stood in front of the fridge with the door open, slowly drinking it down. The cold air made her nipples stick out against the fabric of her top and I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful body. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail with long wisps sticking to her neck. There was a faint sheen of persperation covering her tan stomach and she had her hip sticking out just so. But what really took my breath away was when she bent over to scratch her ankle and her bikini covered ass was pointing right at me. My cock immediatly sprang to attention, pushing out against my shorts. She stood up and turned toward me before I could look away and I knew I was busted. Was she smiling when she brushed past me and put her empty glass in the sink? I'll never know, I was too flustered to be sure.

About an hour later Linda, my s****r and our mom's said they were going out to lunch and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I told them no. I was so worked up from Linda's taunting display in the kitchen that I had to get some relief. As soon as they left I went in the bathroom and locked the door. Linda's bikini was hanging over the shower curtain. My hand was trembling as I reached for the bottoms of her bathing suit and took them down. I opened them up and there were several hairs curled up in the crotch. My dick was so hard that I was barely able to get it out of my pants. I started stroking it up and down, staring at Linda's bikini bottoms, remembering how sexy she had looked earlier. I had never been so horny in my young life. I had heard the older guys talking about the way a pussy smells and I had to find out for myself. Slowly I raised them to my face, all the while my hand was working feverishly on my swollen member. I held them against my nose and breathed deeply. The smell of suntan lotion was overwhelming, but beyond that there was something else. A slight hint of something musky and mysterious...Instantly my body began to tense and I felt the wave of pleasure sweep over me as I ejaculated all over the shower curtain.
My orgasm had been so powerful that I had to sit down on the floor for a minute and catch my breath...

I knew that Linda and her f****y were leaving the next day and I also knew that I desperatly wanted to smell that wonderful aroma again. I put the bikini bottoms back on the shower curtain and went into my s****r's room where Linda's belongings were. I searched through her clothes until I found the jeans and tee shirt she had worn the night before. Inside her jeans I found a pair of blue panties. There was a slight stain on the crotch of them and when I sniffed them the musky smell was so strong I got hard again.

That night after everyone had gone to sl**p I lay in my bed naked, my hard cock in my hand, Linda's panties on my face. I inhaled the aroma while I jacked off and this time I began flicking my tounge across the crotch of the undies. As I became more and more aroused I began licking them with my entire tounge until I felt my balls begin to tingle and my cum was erupting all over my stomach.

The next morning when Linda and her f****y were saying goodbye she gave me a long hug (which was unusual since she'd barely said a word to me the entire two weeks). She gave me a knowing smile as she pulled away and I have often wondered if it was because of her teasing me in the kitchen or if it was because of the panties that she surely must have noticed were gone...
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2 months ago
2 months ago
I was wanking along with you there. what fun it would be to wrap them around your cock and jerk you off
4 months ago
4 months ago
1 year ago
Larceny is the sincerely form of flattery.
1 year ago
I Love sniffing, Sucking used panties and wearing girls panties too...
I got so Horny reading your story that I had to Jack Off & Cum just to stop my stiff, pulsating Cock from tingling so much!
2 years ago
yup, good story. I would have done the same. too bad you didn't get caught.
3 years ago
wow!!! very arousing. great stuff and thx for sharing

Bianca SniffyPanty
3 years ago
Very nice story, thanks for sharing.