And so the story begins...

His truck broke down in a city very near me and luckily I had nothing planned on the day so I went to him. I had wanted to for the longest of times. Wanted to be with him.

I packed my best toys. 2 anal vibes, my rabbit, nipple clamps, lube and wrist restraints.

I was so nervous I hadn't done this is a long long time. Freshly showered n shaved (everywhere) I knocked on the door of his hotel room.

Opening the door he stands there in nothing but his underwear and a cold Coors light.

I entered and closed the door. He grabbed me close and kissed me. Shit! One hell of a kisser. I pressed myself against him and could feel his wanting of me. We sat down on the end of the bed, started making small talk while we drank our beers and I watched him stare at my chest. I enjoy making men drool with my tits. 44 DD's and believe me I know how to use them.

He leaned over and kissed me again and felt his hand brush against my nipple. Could feel the shock travel down to my clit. It twitched. Oh yea, everything was fully functional and willing.
But would I be able to. I mean it had been awhile since I had had any "fresh meat".

Since he was in only his underwear I decided I needed to even the score and removed my shirt. I had put on the bra he had requested, red w/black lace. His breath caught when he saw my tits popping out the top of it. He leaned down and proceeded to kiss and then lick my tits. First one then the other. God it felt so good.

So I decided to take the "plunge" Dive in and either sink or swim. Little did I know at that point what would happen.

I grabbed the wrist restraints and a pillow from the bed. Dropped to my knees and put my hands behind me. He came around and out the restraints on me. As he came back around me and proceeded to remove his underwear I asked him if he liked to throat fuck.... he smiled. You see I love to suck cock

Then I saw his cock spring free .... and I smiled. Oh yea. Not gonna be a problem at all.

So he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth with his cock. Holy fuck! I gobbled and I gagged and I came. He positioned himself on the bed propped up as he watched me go down on his cock. Arms still restrained. I pumped his cock with my mouth fast. My head bobbing up and down. He moaned and grabbed his cock. I knew he was going to cum so I slowed myself down and looked up at him with my cock in his mouth and slowly sucked the head, enjoying myself, while he watched. He removed the restraints and I went back to sucking his cock. My hands free to enjoy caressing his inner thighs as I milked the pre-cum from his cock. His hips began to buck my mouth sucked slowly and deeply on his cock. He grabbed his cock and I knew he was gonna cum. With his other hand he f***ed my head onto his cock in one last deep thrust as he came. His cum filling my mouth. I gagged as he came with each thrust and filled my mouth. He collapsed back on the bed, spent, as I climbed up on top to show him his cum in my mouth and to let him watch me swallow it all.

I moved to lay beside him and he flipped over and looked at me and told me that he had been wanting to do this to me since I walked thru the door. And he dove between my legs. Now, ladies, I have had some great oral in my time but this guy has got them all beat. I spread my lips and allowed him all access to every part of my cunt. And he took full advantage of it. His tongue glided smoothly from one end of my pussy to the other. He licked me in a way I have never been done before. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. And he could feel my clit getting hard on his tongue. He knew exactly what he was doing. He began sucking my clit as I grabbed is head and began grinding my hips. I was going to reach orgasm alot faster than I ever had before. He slipped his finger inside and found my g. It was like he turned on a faucet. The next thing I know I'm squirting all over his face and he's rubbing his face all over my cunt making me squirt even more. It went on forever. The sheets were getting wet and the insides of my legs were soaked. When it finally stopped he looked up from between my legs with the biggest smile on my face and all I could do was lay there and giggle.....

We took a few sips of our beers, trying to collect ourselves, looked at each other and bust out laughing. We had found a connection, we both knew it. We spent the next 4 hours exploring each other. Learning what we liked alot and what we liked a little. To tell you everything we did in detail would take quite awhile. Revealing some of the encounter to all of you is ok. Keeping the rest as a wonderful memory of a wonderful afternoon will keep me smiling for a week. Needless to say, he came in every hole and I squirted a few more times, once splashing way up on my chest.

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Nice story. It reminds me very much of a meeting I had with an old flame I had from High School. We met after not seeing each other after almost 40 years and had almost the same type of a meeting. Different sexual events took place but we had the same type of fun. We did meet again several times over the next few years but eventually stopped ... we are both married and figured we better stop before we get caught. It sure was fun!