crazed and aimlessly wanting

it all starts in the morning. i wake up and i need it bad. i manage to make it to work on time. it take so much will power to do anything. it's more like ignoring how much my body wants it. i day dream about writing. but i do want to make a connection. i hope someone picks this up. i'm trying to make you see, be here with me. naked on my chair. i want it to be real for you. i'm hard, on and off. my asshole is so aroused from the cold wood chair. my arm pits are a little sweaty. i like writing about my biggest turn ons. in great detail. but maybe you want to hear something real? there's plenty of that. i can write now. i have time. this is my voice. i hope you like it. tell me. and i'll write more.
here's a quick one...
she calles me after i hang up on her. it sounded like there are people in the background and it turned me off. so far, i know i'm not going to get what i want. but i still try, there's always some value to it. and i'm so horny, i need to take care of it anyway. she says, where are you, why don't you come over? she is casual, like she knows who i am. can't say no to that. i google map her address and she is just a few minutes away. i was almost over it before she called but now i am shaking with desire. i jump in the shower. i soap my dick and balls and ass. i'm so turned on by cleanliness. i imagine her sucking my dick slowly, licking my balls, eating my asshole. it rarely happens tho. if you'd like i'll write about the few times it did. those are the hottest encounters i've had. i consider not putting any underwear on. turns me on feeling my hard dick rub against my jeans zipper. but didn't want to get any stank on them.
so i'm going up to her room. this big black chick comes out of the elevator right as i go in. she had one of those strapless dresses. her tits almost falling out and her armpits are bare. i wish i had some time with her. i imagine her big tits swinging, rubbing against my dripping hard cock, her nipples scratching my balls...
at her room. she opens the door for me with a pleasant smile. surprised to see me. someone like me. i have a magnificent body. hot yoga, jillian michaels fat burn dvds, eating right and all that. she looks better then i expected. over 40, blond. which is why i am there. i can get pretty girls. smart and accomplished girls. that's another turn on. but it's a long complicated thing. but someone older or fat. i would never date. but i find very attractive. it's like living a wet dream. almost. never as good. but that's why i keep looking. once my dick takes over, statistics don't matter anymore. she said she is out of condoms. but she doesn't want me to leave. she grabs my ass and comes in close. did she want to kiss? i don't know. i like kissing. i tell her it's ok. we can do other stuff. she is wearing the same dress the big black chick had on. a little win for me. she take her close off fast. just what i wanted. thin but with a round waist. small, empty boobs, big nipples. flat stomach with a little wrinkly pouch. shaved pussy. skinny legs and nice feet. nails are done in a dark brown. very nice boney feet. i take my close off. i am always excited being naked around a stranger. i need someone to look at me and touch me. my skin is so fresh, creamy white but not pale. and so sensitive. i think girls, ladies, expect this big penis in my pants. and it's not small. but not big either. i would be such a complete package. i could really break some hearts. i sit on the bed. she quickly touches my soft penis, that's looking pretty small because of the way i'm sitting. that's such a turn on for me. i wish she laughed or said something. i would be so grateful. she tells me to get comfortable. she starts sucking my dick slowly and softly. her thin wet lips go all the way down and her face is stuffed in my hairy crotch. she spills some wine from a glass she has on the table next to the bed on my dick and licks it all off. it's sticky on my balls and cock but she drools on it nice and sucks it clean. she says she wants to take her time. laughing, saying she is working for a tip. i'm delighted. i look down at her and she is looking back at me. i tell her she looks so pretty with my dick in her mouth. i want to tell her every dirty thought i have. but i don't. i'm distracted, not really there.she is spreading my legs and putting her weight on my thighs. it's all hard cock now. licking the tip, licking it up and down. licking my hairy ball sack. i reach down and grab one of her flappy tiny tits and rub her nipples. looking for a reaction. i can't stay hard. i'm so turned on looking at my flaccid dick in her mouth. it feel so much better, at least i think so. she easily swallows the whole thing. her mouth feels so hot and wet. she says she want to fuck. i sit up and suck her tits and nipples. i lick under her boobs and down her side, down to her hips. i want to suck her pussy so bad but she is a bit dry down there. and i don't think she is expecting me to. she has a tiny hole with big meaty lips. i imagine how good they might taste soapy and sweet. but i don't want to be turned off, so i don't go there. i'll just have to come back for it and tell her to be freshly showered. i rub my dick against her pussy and clit. i feel her getting wet. and i'm hard enough. i put it in. i'm not so aroused. can't feel much. she grabs my hips and pushes me in and out, fast. she likes it hard. or maybe she is not feeling much either. she is moaning, she want me to give it to her. but i finish after just a minute. she is very nice about it. it's all about me anyway. we laugh and clean up. she said she is always safe but there something about me that made her do it. i tell her i know. that's what i do.
she tells me to call her again and points at a can of whipped cream on top of the tv. she says she wants some of that. it might take a couple times but i will give it to her so good. she is down for whatever and that's what i'm really after. a fantasy. come true.
now i'm back at my desk. naked and horny. not even half an hour later. writing. i see a picture of the most beautiful young black she male. she is taking a picture of her reflection in the mirror. her long heavy cock is resting on the table next to her computer. can't tell you how good that looks. i'm wanting again. i know i can go and see her. my tongue can be deep inside her sweet asshole in just a few minutes. we could be next to each other kissing gently. i think she would really appreciate me. but that's enough for today. i am not my best today. and it's never how i imagine it anyway.

comments please. good, bad, sad, glad. correct my grammar. you cannot offend me. i am a young god.
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