'100% straight' ??

Everyone knows there very few genuine girls on here. Its a overloaded cockfest on here to be honest. And everyone knows it.

I think most people, including myself of course; post pictures of their bods and cocks on here knowing full well that they will mostly be seen; and gain recognition; by and from men. Fishing for any compliment is just human nature after all.

I encounter so many '100% straight' guys on here.
But push them and most admit to thoughts, desires or even experiences of one kind or another...

But remember; it is never gay as long as you puke afterwards...

100% (15/0)
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Posted by wolfboy1984
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1 year ago
OMG, I guess I am gay than cause I swallow every time.
1 year ago
It is pretty silly honestly. I identify as straight, but admit to having some amount of curiosity. I enjoy compliments from men just as much as those from women on my own pics and videos, and I always have an appreciation for seeing other guys that can cum like I do.
2 years ago
wee i waanna get my dick. worshipped
3 years ago
I have had a similar experience and observation
4 years ago
honestly i think this whole gay/straight debate is a load of crap. people would rather focus on differences than similarities. this is not a law of human nature but it is a product of culture. there is no real human nature
4 years ago
well remember even spaghetti is straight until you get it hot :)
4 years ago
Hi, my friend! I don't think we fall in love or are attracted to chromosomes (XX or XY - male or female), we are attracted to a person. Ofcourse we all have our preferences, but when it comes to real love and attraction, all the rules are off. So never say never is never more true than in matters of heart (or sex).