Winter at Cousin's House

This is story that happened about 10 years ago, and in that time of my life many bad things happened to me, so that period of my life is pushed back in my mind and only the good things flash back sometimes. I was 24 years old, I had passed heaven and hell so far and the story happens just when I ended long relationship with one girl. Maybe I will write this long and wide, and you are supposed to hear good porn story, but I hope you will forgive me that. I wanted to move out to live at my step cousin’s house. They were actually nothing to me, and because of very thin f****y connection I became very best friend to my step s****r and my step aunt. My step s****r, Melisa in that time was 36 years old. She is an artist, sculptor and a painter. She thinks that she is so great, by selling stupid cheap paintings for offices in down town or to some crazy people, and paint or make some totems on free exhibitions shows at local public house. But anyway she always gets in money trouble and invited me to live together in very big old house to share the costs and to be helping each other. She wasn’t definitely woman that you will notice on the street. She had short curly hair; huge shoulders strong hands, small boobs and very big round ass. Sometimes she looked like plumb bottle as her mom said. My step aunt, her mother was coming very rare in that house, because every room became s****r’s art studio, even the basement and garage, and they couldn’t set 1 single day without barking at each other. My step s****r has a daughter Joann, and in that time was 11 years old. She was very sweet wise k**, real c***d of love, love of junky painter and Melisa whom she met at academy fair in Boston. She was quite good guy but somehow strange, she thought that weed can stimulate him to paint better. He believes in accident art. Well I think if you would cum on the wall it could be some artistic expression to him, and he will examine the point and the color complex of that. Any way he was 3 time zones away, barely asking for Joann. I moved to her house at beginning of October. Everyone was happy, especially Joann. She was so sweet and adorable to tell her stories about me and my life that in next 20 days she did not let me sit still for 5 minutes. In the house beside me, Melisa and Joann were 2 more people. Cecilia, Mexican lady who cooked, and took care about Joann during the day. And Mr. Robinson (Mike), my s****r’s lover. He enjoyed to be called Mr. Robinson. He was 54 years old, I have never figured out his occupation, but he was artistic critic or something like that. I only knew that Joann and me never liked him, he was so repulsive sweet talker that was disgusting, when you talk to him you have feeling that he is trying to get into your asshole. He was 2 or 3 days absent during the week so we have free days without pain in the ass. I was spending my time at my work place and in the evening I was going out or spending my time with Joann. Mike and Melisa were in their world, talking or going somewhere till late at night and then they used to lock their bedroom, having sex or something. Very often I heard my s****r’s laughing so loud or screaming. But that was their thing. I was very depressed in that time and few times I wanted to leave the house and to try to find job anywhere on west coast. But in November came Betty to live with us. Betty was Melisa’s cousin, nothing to me. I saw her last time when she was 10 years old. In that time when she came into the house she was 15 years old. Mike has decided to be in charge so he was getting lessons from me, sometimes I really pissed off. Joann, Betty was at my side, and Melisa was reserved. Joann and Betty really liked me and we started spending more time together, they called me “Big Uncle” but we have deal if I was with some girl or flirt with her I was older b*****r. The weather was bad and most of the time we were at house. Little by little my mood was rapidly getting better with those girls, but the problem was that I was more often started to feel erection while I was with them. I guess they were the closest girls around and specially in the evenings when they were in night gowns, and very often in thin night shorts or panty and t shirts on. When Melisa and Mike were locking their bedroom door, Joann was totally aware what is going on and we just laughed together. One evening Mike and Melisa were out in the town, and it was rainy as hell. The girls were with me in the living room they were in night shorts and t shirts, I brought blanket and all of us were covered by it. I made popcorns. Betty was next to me leaned on my left shoulder and Joann was on my right. They both eat popcorns from bowl I put on my stomach and I was holding both of them with my hands hugging. At once I was realized that I was in sandwich between them and my cock started rising under the blanket. I think it was so hard that I could move the bowl on me. I started to move my hands over their back sides, lower to the bottom of the back, and my right hand stopped on Joann’s leg, and the left one to Betty’s ass. They were not paid attention. I was grabbing little harder the Betty’s ass; she stooped chewing for the moment and leaned closer to me. Now I could feel half of bare ass cheek in my palm. I started to move my hand towards the bare leg, the skin was so soft, but leg was hardness shape same time. I was moving my hand for a while very slowly from ass cheek and thigh and back. Betty glanced at me then Joann who was half napping half watching and then again me. Then she leaned totally towards me and loll one leg on sofa. Her face was on my shoulders watching TV, stopping eating pop corns. She made her curly long hair loose. I was moving my hand upper to the her stomach, I started tease bare belly little. Then move my hand beneath the t shirt and stop little. She didn’t hesitate or react. I was climbing my hand upper, and I reached her right boob. I heard she groaned a little. She was excited too. I felt her nipple was hard. I grabbed her very gentle, and started to make circles around nipple, she groaned again few times loudly. I slightly moved to the other boob. They were about B coup and they have already fulfilled my hand very nice. I couldn’t get enough of her soften tits and hard nipples and I played for while with them. Few moments later I moved hand lower down and reach the very beginning of the panty. I put my fingers inside. I felt hairs I guess they trimmed, I was going lower slowly, I saw Betty baited her lower lip. Finally I reached silted middle of her hot pussy. I gentle touched the split between wet lips, her groans became longer and louder. I insert my for finger few times then move little upper finding little clit and started rubbing it in the circles pushing it harder few times. Suddenly she started to shake, and I press clit harder, I felt short jerk of her thighs and hips and then she closed legs together still shaking. I pulled out hand and kissed her in hair. Her Eyes were sparkling and watching me as young horny tigress. She moved the pop corn bowl; Joann was breeding constantly the same so we realized she fell to sl**p. I open blanket a little and Betty put her hand underneath. She grabbed my hard dick with left hand, and rolled her eyes at me whispering: Wow, soo big one. . She jerked me awhile but I wanted more of her. I gently very slowly moved Joann off me. She but she wasn’t in deep sl**p so she just rolled over the sofa and put legs across mine. Fuck, what now? On Betty’s face was big question mark too. We knew that Joann got used to us, and she might wake up when she felt or see that we were gone from sofa. I told Betty to take off the panty and to climb up standing on sofa, so my face was between her legs. She crouched little and I reached her pussy with my lips. Her legs were pure white as snow only nice trimmed bush between her legs was dark. The excitement was bigger that Joan could wake up every minute or Mike and Melisa could be at the door of the house. Her pussy was very sweet, clean honey juice was in my mouth when she shook her hips rubbing my face harder, I was then started sucking her clit harder and her juice , so it just emphasize her joy as she screamed and groaned few times very loud out of control. I made her sit in my lap slowly, moving Joann’s legs. Lucky we were she was sl**ping deeper. Betty started to ride my cock slowly, and shallow, frightened to be hurt at once. Her pussy was so wet, hot and tight that I was enjoying feeling her every muscle. I was grabbing her ass, while she was riding me slowly. I told her to crouch and ride from the back side. She was getting deeper; I was rubbing her clit and left boobs while she was shaking on my cock. I felt well known pressure in my balls so I started hammering her also, Betty was groaning out of the control, and Joann has moved on her back and blanket fell out on floor. We both looked at Joann, and she was still sl**ping, but she clutched legs and spread knees toward us .At that moment while Betty was on me and I saw Joann’s moved her light rose panty and small camel toe under her light shorts, that was too much for me and I groaned and jerked cock out of Betty’s pussy and started to spray my sperm over her stomach and pussy. She took my cock and started to jerk to get it till last drop. Then she went into bathroom to wash her out. I was put my clothes properly. Then Betty came back on sofa, but Joann woke up and said: Hey u left me popcorns, well fine thank you.
We started to laugh out loud. A few moments later so called Mr. Robinson and Melisa came back home. “Did you bring your uncle to death”. Joann replied, No mummy we love our dearest Big Uncle. We love him too much so we will kill him with our love. Then the girls started giggling, s****r and Mike started to talk where they have been, what they seen, how stupid people were outside ……
I exchanged some important looks with Betty, and kissed her lips and she kissed quick back when no one could see, and she whispered “we really love you uncle, and yours biggy”…We get LoL

That was beginning of beautiful period and warm winter. But if you liked this story, maybe I ll write continuation
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wonderful sexy little story
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Definetly more
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more please!!