Aunt with REM Behavior Disorder

I read a lot interesting stories here about Aunt and cousins. I found out that many are similar with my life. Today, I have read a good story and i reminded me of many things.

Some of your story reminds me my youth, because i was raised in fester families and with grand parents. So i mixed with too many adults in early age and taste sex very early.Just didn,t have mom, i sexed aunties. At the age of 14 when my aunt changed furniture and we had to sl**p on floors on mattresses, until we got complete resaturated ancient furniture like baroque or so style. That f****y were artists and extremely rich.(You could read my stories, they were mentioned-Winter House, and all mine stories are based on true story). In short , none wanted to help that aunt because she was sort of crazy, but did she?, she is an artist a strange one maybe. but i knew she masturbate in bed, usually using the fingers only.I was very happy when we slept together on Queen sized mattresses. She was 41 at that time. And when we went a sl**p , wasn't very dark in room and after hour or two sl**ping beside me she lifted the gown in a sl**p and started to rub her pussy with fingers in a sl**p, moaning, funny thing she had r.e.m. so she was in deep sl**p and dreaming. That state is similar as walking in sl**p, but she masturbates in sl**p. I heard some people died like that because they got orgasm in that state and tongue got rolled like epileptic attack. In a short she acted crazy while she sl**ps ...I could see her pussy few inches of my face clear as a day and smell sweet scent. She really work hard on it, with lot of hips moving and shaking. I came several times that night but didn't touch her, but i was so tired after that thus i fell in a sl**p even not pull back my underwear, So she woke me up for the breakfast with my underwear down showing my early teen morning erection full sized.She poured little water on me and laughed as nothing happens.I thought it was the end. But the other night was the same, just i was braver so i touched her nipples and tits while she masturbated emphasized her orgasms.Third night i got more braver and put my cock to her buttocks while she was a side. You may know too in age of 14 when u come 3 or 4 times in 1 hour,lol it is good to be young, but after 3 days of lot of coming and jerking cock became ready but little insensitive specially when u slid and rub soft gap of buttock.She jerked hips few times and surprisingly i realized my cock head was in my aunt's pussy so i pushed deeper and she moaned and groaned as she used to do but gibbering some words out laud.I couldn't stand so i come in aunt fucking her hard. In the morning I woke up tired, but , my aunt was siting on my legs so i couldn't move. She was not angry but i was scared.she said she went into bathroom to pee that morning and when she wanted to take the shower she saw little cramp stuff came out of her pussy, she said she had a nice dream i fucked her and she enjoyed lot, but didn't know that was real. She said i deserve 2 things. |First she slapped me in face so hard, and second she said i deserve good breakfast to make myself in order. She had already prepared eggs and veggy , pineapple juice to refresh my balls.For lunch she ordered tons of food and pineapple,she said its good for my balls. That night we had sex regularly and since than we sex in a while. But whats good has short life. Within 7 days after that morning she went on trip to Canada and some modern art colony so i didn't see her next 5 months.She travels across Europe and middle east. We barely spoke about that week, ever. But sometimes we heard and say code word furniture so we arranged our meetings. She is 62 now and always send me some artifacts on holidays. Hope you will enjoy as i enjoyed in your stories (sorry about mistakes I really wrote this in 2 mins)
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Loved it!!
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