An ordinary story from the diary that I coded lead

I was grown up without parents and living was not always easy, with so many relatives living time to time at their places on different location in California. However life became more colorful and you can get many experiences. Among many things you discover sex very early. When you are 11 years old and you spend more outside then inside of the house, you know the hood like your own pocket, and every man, every woman, every girl and their habits and daily activities. Lucky I was I finally settled to my grannies house, where I stayed and can say that was home. Very early I got some porn magazines and I felt my face was getting very red and feel so strongly excited, while I was watching hot pictures of naked women spreading their legs and showing parts of their bodies desperately curious to look at. I also remember Mrs.Aimee. She was friend of my grandparents. In fact I must admit their very best friend. She was mature lady at that time, very intelligent, although she was in her 50’s she looked as 40 years old. She had thin body with around ass and not small boobs, short black hair and very sharp look through her glasses, but always smiling. I liked her very much, because she was saying all bad words in my present and during our dinners that my granny was just rolling her eyes. She was speaking about everything, even about “fucking” between her friendly neighbor and postman in the basement, and other things by the way, treating me as adult person. Of course I was acting that I don’t understand anything just smiling. Aimee, she let me call her just Aimee, was being guest at our home every week , but sometimes we didn’t see her few months and every time when she saw me, she kissed me softly and hug me hard, gave me present, and ask me how about my love life. Always!
-Alex, how’s your love life? Any girls around… You go to the park with them? Do you peek under their skirts? And questions like that. I got use to on her, and love her to come because she always brought me very expensive gifts, although she couldn’t have c***dren she was very dear person.
I was telling her about my “love problems” in that age, and she was very critic in her funny way.
-Not her Alex, she is not for you, that Sally, she is shy girl, you need little bit older to teach you things, how to kiss and how to fuck. And by the way she has ugly teeth.-
My granny was very angry to her because of her behavior with me, but she didn’t care at all.
-Hey, somebody has to teach the k** real stuff. He was unlucky enough. Give boy little satisfaction. He has bitch mom and dirty father, so he deserves to get lucky, to enjoy in life- Used to say to my granny.
Sometimes my granny had organized card parties. And Aimee played cards too. She was like professional in that way. In Any game, she demolishes others. My granny and Aimee used to play with 4 or 5 other women, neighbors and cousins. They were from 40 to 55. I was 12 or 13 years old but still pretending play with my car toys and often went under the very big brown, round table, sometimes to pretending watching the game. Of course they were talking and being so busy and very d***k so I could stay even 30 minutes, they wouldn’t notice. Everyone, but Aimee. Sometimes she just bent over the table with green cover which hanged over its edges and gave me naughty wink. I was looking at grannies friend with the skirts on. I remember as now their color of underwear, very often I could see only small part of their panties, but sometimes I could see whole triangle pussy shape. I remember, Aimee sometimes caught me with both legs to turn around towards her. Then I crouch before her and she got feet around me. That was our little game. We have never talking about that, like that had never happened. Then I start to touch her lower part of legs up to knees. You could hear her: I will pass this time ladies- and folded sound of the cards. Then she gets lower in the chair, and starts to lift the skirt little by little spreading her legs. She was doing that very slowly; I was thinking that was for hours while my heart was beating in my neck. She used to wear black panties or silk white. Usually I got very hard at that point that I pull out my dick and play with it. When I start to grab her tight to her legs she opens her panties so I could see whole pussy in half meter from my face. Her pussy was hairy, but not so that I couldn’t see her nice meaty pussy lips and clit, she was holding her panties with thumb and playing with her clit with other fingers and sometimes she rubbed fast with the other hand and putting finger inside her pussy stroking hard few times. I was cumming at that part. Always heavy jizz with squirting very far away on the carpet behind or below her chair, or little bit longer away. Then after that, and ‘that” was only 2 or 5 minutes long, she acted nothing happened, and she was sitting like in the church again. Just sometimes gave me a big silent kiss with her lips saying: “My good boy, go out and do something useful. “, or: “Alex, you look messy, go clean yourself and fetch me some cigars, these chickens are amateurs”.
At the age of 14, I was too old to play cars and balls under the table during their poker or card games. But meanwhile I was getting used to go out with friends and meet some girls. The best things were birthday parties especially when parents were not in house. I had circle of 12-15 good friends so we were started to share sexual experiences and started being wild on parties. At the age of 14 I have noticed 3 types of girls. First, girls who were totally uninterested in our sexual games, so they were just stood cool of it and smoked or rarely taste alcohol. Second group were girls who wished to be fucked but were too shy to show that wish in public, but in intimate occasions they were wild and hungry for cocks. Those girls we took in spare rooms on parties or on backseats of the car and fucked very hard. And the third group who were too open and we touched them rub them and fucked them so that everyone knows or see. My grandparents were worried of my “Hard rock, hard cock” behavior so they figured out I should work, a part time jobs, because I had too much energy. Dad of my friend George has car service and car wash shop. So my friend and I were working there as car washers and we had pretty good dollars. My friend George “The Fatso” was (he still is) the log of the man. He was strong like bear and smart like turkey, but very friendly man. He had 2 younger s****rs, and his mom was tanned BBW lady with very huge boobs and nice very big ass. I loved to look at her huge cleavage when she wore tight shirts, nice camel toe and especially big round ass. Others older workers, who really worked there, (not like two of us who were fooling around and really worked seriously when our cocks were at that state of mind), laughed and telling jokes about Fatso mother. On the other hand I liked, and I very often thought how she looks totally nude and she seemed liked that and didn’t mind my open look at her cleavage or at her body, and I think she enjoyed. Fatso despite of his wage was very self confident, so he flirts with girls, got d***k on parties, and also liked boxing. He liked to fight with others, and as it was always and it will be, that persistent guys fuck more than handsome ones, he had same sort of troubles with parents as I had with granny. I also liked to be with his s****rs. Especially with Ann who were 13 yrs old, had already bigger tight round ass, and her boobs were good developed for her age. Marta, the youngest was 10 years old, the little copy of their mother. At the Rare moments when Ann and I were alone I flirted openly with her and sometimes I had been very direct and saucy open to her. She always threatened me that she will tell Fatso or her mother what I was saying to her, but she always back to me to talk again with big grin. There were always some cars at the garage near rare entrance of the place. There were usually fixed cars but Fatso’s father wanted from us to be clean inside. So about at midday Fatso or I were cleaning those cars. That day was big limo Lincoln town car inside of garage and two of sedans. I was happy and amazed about Lincoln, so I hardly noticed when Ann came into garage.
-Wow, this car is so cool. - Ann noticed
- Yeah, it is. Very beautiful car, so like you. Wish to drive you in this car to show you something what can be done in it. Like those couples who rent this wheel. – I replied.
-Alex, stop talking like that!
-Why, what did I say? Something wrong in that to take turn around city with you like couples who rent the car, what did I say wrong?-I wanted to laugh so loud, but I hesitate, just to poke her more.
-Yeah nothing bad in that, but I knew what you thought, you meant bad naughty things, like fuck me in the car, I ain’t that stupid. - Ann was made half serious half funny face.
-Oh my, my, what a dirty thoughts you have. So you have dirty imagination. Wow, I m very surprised. Maybe I should tell your mother what you said to me. People and couples actually go at meetings and getting married so use the drivers and this car. - I acted funny surprised stupid face, in fact could burst into laugh in split of sec.
Ann was furious, she couldn’t react anyway, she just jumped at me tried to slap me into face. I easy blocked that turn, and took her both hands and moved her closer to me.
-What’s the matter with you? O.K. shout now, but I really like you. Yeah I want to do naughty things with you in this limo. And before she could react and kissed her lips hard and let her go.
- You are crazy- she was confused.
-Yeah, about you-I replied, and I opened Lincoln’s 1990 Town limo’s rare door and say to her- Come on Get in here.
-Wow Alex, Dad will kill us.
-Only if you tell him.-I said and closed door as we were at large back sit.
As soon we sat at back seat I started to lay my hand on her and kissed her. She hesitate at first then she stopped oppose me, and started kissing me back.
-Ann, you have such a god tits, show me little, babe.
She rolled up shirt and expose me nice pair of boobs with rose perky nipples. I started to lick and suck them and when I started she moaned and screamed loudly.
-Yeah babe, you love it, don’t you. Wanna see my cock? Wank me babe?
-Yeah Alex, show me your cock.
I was very hard and I took of my pants and underwear, and she gazed at it.
-Oh, my God , Alex you have big one, Bigger then Fatso.
-What? He was showing to you, his cock?
-No silly, of course he doesn’t show. - She giggled. –I spied him in the bathroom and in his room. He has good one but yours is better.
-Ok Ann, take him. Take care of it.
She started to jerk me of, she was good in that, and after a while she took it in her mouth, little bit clumsy she sucked but not so deep.
-Ann, Show me your pussy. - I groaned
-Oh OK. But only you can look at.
She took of panty little bit and showed me dark brown rare pussy hairs at 1st and then pinkish pussy as panties went lower. Her pussy was nice, not so haired just small brown bush above clit with rare long hairs.
-Let me eat your pussy, Ann. - I whisper.
-Umm I don’t know. Don’t hurt me.-She hesitate in her voice.
-Of Course I will not hurt you, Ann.- I spread her legs and I could see her small hymen but I rolled my tongue all over her pussy and her clit. She was so red in her face, groaned and moaned but soon I sensed she shook few times with her hips and squealed few times cumming sweet juice from her pussy.
-Alex stop, stop… I am gonna die.
-No you will not, You had good orgasm, its even better if I fuck you.
-No, no I will not let you,-She got panic and started to get out from the car.
-Wait, let me rub my cock on your pussy, I will not hurt you, don’t worry. It’s so nice too, let me cum.
I realized that she is afraid of sex, and doesn’t want to lose virginity yet, so my mind raised, and I thought what I could do .Quickly I got an a idea from an old porn magazine when guy with monster cock rubbed with it, smaller Japanese lady from behind in fore play.
-OK. But be quick. - She was curious.
So I helped her to be on her knees on leather back sit of the limo. I put my cock below her pussy and told her to hold it tight with her thighs. Lucky she already had thicker thighs and few pounds more than girls her age should to have, so my cock had good place for rubbing. The feeling was very similar to tit fuck when girl has good boobs for that. It looked like she had cock because she was rubbing her pussy and getting in front of her tight pussy line and again disappear between her thighs. She started moaning and I grabbed her tits with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other, soon she started shaking and squealing again. I could feel her tight round ass on my lower stomach and I started to push harder, as I felt her thighs getting sweaty and wet from the pussy, Soon I cummed on back sit and rubbed my juice over her thighs and pussy. Lucky I had lot of Kleenex and cloths so I cleaned her and car quickly.
Since that time I had fucked Ann several times. I think her b*****r knew that but never said me a word.

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...I don't believe a word of this..
(although some of it is quite believable)