Confessions of an Exhibitionist. Chap. 3

"But there's no one back here. That's not a proper streak. You should run through the busy area!"

"Um, maybe next time. I don't think I'm ready for that just yet." I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable now, trapped by them here not far from the rest of the mall. I was beginning to worry that all the talking would draw attention. At the same time, though, this only heightened my arousal even more and I wondered how obvious it was to them. The couple continued asking me questions for a couple of minutes and then, inevitably, asked to take a picture. Everyone seems to have a camera with them these days.

So I agreed to it. I mean, what else could I do? I exposed my body to the camera as they each took turns posing with an arm around me. I just hope this doesn't turn up on the internet, I thought.

"Okay love," the woman said finally. "We're going to check out the remainder of this new mall. Have fun with the rest of your streak."

"Thanks. I will."

I breathed a sigh of relief after they were out of sight and began walking toward the opposite side of the mall expansion. My arousal had been building since the moment I'd left the ladies room and I thought I might come now just walking down the empty corridors. I strode quickly until I reached the court in the center of the expansion, then walked to the fountain and sat on the edge. All sense of caution and restraint had abandoned me now as I spread my legs and plunged my fingers into the moistness between them. Oh God! My body shuddered several times as I bit down on my lip to keep from moaning out loud. I shook my hair over my face and caressed my breasts with my free hand. When my body shook with an intense orgasm moments later even the sound of the flowing water and my attempts to suppress it weren't enough to completely mask the guttural cry of pleasure.

I was emotionally drained now and spent several minutes recovering and surveying the area around me. In just a couple days this area would be crawling with shoppers and I smiled at the thought of how it had just been christened. I now pronounce the South Towne Mall expansion ready for business, I thought to myself and couldn't help but giggle a little.

Whew, this had been intense but I'd pushed my luck way too far. It was time to get back to my clothes. I reached into the fountain and splashed some water onto my body and my face, then stood up and started walking again through the empty mall expansion.

As I wandered down a corridor I heard footsteps from the opposite side. I hid myself and watched as the British woman and American man walked past toward the main body of the mall. I'm lucky they took it so well, I thought to myself. Being discovered could've been disastrous.

After they'd disappeared I began walking again and soon reached the corridor that led to the restrooms. I pushed open the ladies room door and was surprised to find the light on inside. I walked over and bent down beneath the sink where I'd hidden my clothes but I saw nothing. They weren't there! In a panic I searched the stalls and the waste receptacle but they were nowhere to be found.

That bitch! That goddamn British bitch! She stole my clothes!


"Stupid, stupid, stupid" were the words that kept running through my head as I sprinted through the mall expansion. You're so stupid, Melissa. Why the hell did I tell them where my clothes were hidden? What the hell was I thinking?

My bare feet slapped loudly against the tile floor as I ran but I wasn't concerned about stealth anymore. If they reached the main mall before I caught them I was screwed anyway.

I spotted them up ahead just entering the passageway to the main mall. I sprinted to it and hid myself just around the corner. I stuck my head out and called to them just as they were about to walk past the orange cones into the mall. "Hey!" I hissed at them as loudly as I dared. "Hey!" They both turned and a broad smile came across the woman's face. Behind them I could see shoppers moving up and down the hallway.

"There's my little streaker," she said brightly. Then she reached into a shopping bag and pulled out my dress. "How do you like my new outfit? I think it will just fit."

"Give it back," I pleaded. "Please!"

"I don't think so. I don't want to be mean or anything…okay maybe a little. I just think you should do a proper streak."

"Please, no. I don't want to get in trouble."

"Well, you should have thought of that before, shouldn't you? What do you think, Tom? Would you like to see her do a proper streak?"

"Absolutely," he said. Tom was obviously enjoying this but I could tell it was the woman running the show. He was just along for the ride.

The woman walked a few steps closer, being careful not to get close enough where I might try to snatch the dress from her. "I'll tell you what, I'll make you a deal. I'm going to walk up the corridor a ways and if you walk to me nice and slow with your hands at your sides, I'll give you your dress back."

"How far?" I asked, my stomach churning.

She turned and looked into the mall. "To the escalator," she replied.

I gasped. That was almost all the way down the corridor and past at least a dozen shops. "That's too far!"

"That's your choice, love, take it or leave it."

My mind raced as I thought about my options. I'd seen two exits to the parking lot in the mall expansion but for all I knew they were locked. In fact, they almost certainly were and I'm sure this bitch wasn't going to give me time to go check them. If I didn't get the dress back the only way back to my car was through the mall anyway. If I did what she asked at least I'd get my dress back which would somewhat limit my exposure.

"If I do this you have to make sure there aren't any security guards around," I said. "I don't want to get arrested."

"Okay. That's fair, I suppose. I'll give you a signal when it's safe."

Am I really going to do this, I asked myself? This was crazy enough when I was walking naked through the deserted mall expansion, but now I'm going to walk naked right through the middle of the mall? But what choice did I have? It struck me just how vulnerable I was right now, and a fresh wave of excitement and arousal surged through my body. I'm being f***ed live out a fantasy, something I probably could never have summoned the courage to do on my own, and my body was definitely onboard with that. My mind, however, wasn't so sure. This was much riskier than what I'd planned and I kept thinking about the consequences to my career if I got caught.

"Please," I begged her once more. "I can't afford to get arrested. Just give me my dress back."

The woman turned back to her companion and began to walk away. "I guess it's time to be going, Tom. She's not interested."

"Wait," I hissed at her. "I'll do it."

"That's the spirit!" she said brightly. "Just give me a couple of minutes to get down by the escalator and I'll wave to you when it's safe. And don't forget, no hurrying along or covering up!"

The couple began walking away down the hallway taking my dress with them.

I leaned back against the wall and surveyed the darkened stores around me. It's odd how an area that seemed like such a daring place to be nude only a few minutes ago now felt like sanctuary compared to where I was about to go. My body was trembling and I didn't know if it was from fear or excitement or a combination of both.

How in the hell did I manage to get myself into this mess? It was no big mystery, of course. I'd chosen to put myself in a position where something like this could happen and I began to wonder if telling the woman where my clothes were hidden was done subconsciously.

Looking back now I realized that the things she'd said after discovering me had been tinged with sarcasm and that her display of friendliness had been a front covering an underlying hostility. How in the world did I miss that? I thought I'd become very good at reading the reactions of women to my public nudity so I should've picked up the warning signals right away, yet I'd blurted out the location of my clothes to her. I began wondering if, deep down, this was exactly the situation I wanted to be in. After all, I knew all along that if for some reason I lost my clothes or couldn't get back to them that there was only one way to get back to my car and that was through a busy mall. I was about to live out a longtime fantasy that I could never have worked up the courage to do on my own and I'd voluntarily provided the information to someone who could f***e me to do it.

You have issues Melissa, I thought to myself. So many issues.

I peeked around the corner and saw that the woman had almost reached the escalator. There was no sign of the man, Tom, but after a quick search of the corridor I spotted him nearby with a camera and an expectant smile. There was going to be a record of my nude mall walk. Just lovely.

The woman was in place now and after looking around the area, waved her hand signaling that it was safe. I had no real reason to trust her but I was on the high wire now with no net below. I took a couple of deep breaths to try to calm myself, then stepped out from my hiding spot and walked down the short passageway into the brightly lit, crowded mall.

I don't know what it is about being the only naked person in a crowd but the awesome feeling of utterly feminine sexual vulnerability surged through me like a tsunami. My body was completely flushed now and showing all the signs of sexual arousal as I tried to focus on the floor in front of me, placing one foot in front of another. I managed to avoid the stares of the surprised shoppers surrounding me but had no way to block out the sound of laughs and whistles.

If you've been wondering if my previous exhibitionist adventures had caused me to become a bit jaded or blasé over time about public nudity, the answer is no. In some ways it's gotten easier but that's only allowed me to push myself to new levels. As I walked through the crowded mall my mind flashed back to my first experiments with public exhibitionism as a high school girl. I still felt that same heady brew of dread, excitement, fear, and arousal coursing through my body and, if anything, the rush was more intense now than ever. It's more powerful to me than any d**g and it's the pursuit of this fix that drives me to push myself farther and farther to experience the high. That's what had led me from those first tentative late night nude explorations in my parent's backyard to walking nude tonight through the middle of a large city mall.

My senses were filled with a swirl of sights, sounds, and emotions as I continued my walk. On my left now I was passing a chain restaurant and I glanced over long enough to see dozens of eyes staring at me from within. Several people with camera phones had begun following me and just ahead I could see Tom also snapping pictures. Good lord, what had started out as a stealth streak where no one was supposed to see me had turned into a public spectacle! So far there hadn't been any sign of security guards but dozens of people had seen me now and I figured it would only be a matter of time before someone called them

After what seemed like an eternity I was finally nearing the escalator and the British woman. When I was about ten feet from her she gave me a smirk and a quick wave, then stepped onto the up escalator with my dress still in her hand. I stood there in shock as I watched her moving up toward the second floor of the mall. That evil bitch!

I don't know if she felt sorry for me or had just been teasing me but when she was about halfway to the top she crumbled my dress into a ball and threw it down at my feet. "Thanks for the lovely show, sweetie!" she called out as she continued toward the top. Tom also passed by me with a smile, stepped onto the escalator and silently snapped one last photo.

I reached down and picked up the dress, pulled it over my head, and sprinted barefoot for the mall exit.


Carli Anderson has added you as a friend on Facebook. I stared at the header for a moment and then opened up the e-mail. It was just a form message from Facebook saying that Carli had accepted my request to be a friend. Above it I saw a newer e-mail from Carli herself that had been received only about an hour ago. It was titled Melissa!

It was Monday morning and I was back at work now after calling in sick on Friday. I'd spent the last three days decompressing after my experience at the mall and reflecting once again on how to reign in my reckless addiction to public nudity. I clicked open the e-mail and began reading.

omg melissa, i've been thinking about you a lot lately and i'm so glad you found me! i was wondering if you were still streaking and then i found these this morning on the internet. holy shit! you go girl!

we just have to get together, melissa! i really really want to get you naked somewhere crazy, lol.

love ya,


The e-mail contained an attachment and I downloaded it to my computer. It was a file containing six pictures and after opening the first one I let out an audible gasp. I quickly minimized the photo and stood up to make sure no one was around my cubicle, then sat down and looked at it again. Then I scrolled through all six pictures in disbelief.

I was looking at clear, high quality photos of myself walking nude through South Towne Mall. At the bottom of each photo was stamped the website address of the largest free amateur nude photo site on the internet. It was a site that got several million individual views a day and I knew that because I sometimes went there myself looking for female exhibitionism pictures. The last photo was the one that Tom had taken from the escalator and it couldn't have been any clearer. There could be no mistaking that it was me.

My nude mall walk had just gone viral!
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1 year ago
Keep going, this is so fucking hot. Funny how often women can get away with this shit, cause guys love to watch, but let a guy expose himself too much and all hell breaks loose!
1 year ago
More plz loved it