the truck

it was a mild summer night as i held the one i loved in my arms. i held her close against me as i kissed her neck. as i started to nibble on her ear she tugged and pulled at my jeans as if to slowly claw them off me. passion was taking over and she was ready to go. i reclined my trucks seat as she saddled me and bit into my neck. it was somthing that just drove me nuts. her nibbling on my neck slowly moving down my collar bone, while slowly pulling my shirt off as i unsnapped her bra she tugged at my belt, begging for me to fuck her. i layed her down on the seat and undid her belt and pants with my teeth. the trick is when u unzip the zipper with just your tongue, it always made her juices flow, as i pulled off her pants with my mouth i always gave her pussy a lil kiss through her panties to make her want it more. she tore off my pants and i rubbed my throbing cock against her soaked pussy she begged for me to put it in balls deep, and i did. it was always an amazing feeling when i did cuz she would always gasp and claw at my ass or back. i would gently start after the first thrust slowing pulling all the way out and plunging slowly back in. we would make passionate love for hours her clawing my back and me not knowing what dammage was done till i looked in the mirror the next day and saw all the marks on me. when we were done we would fall asl**p holding each other.untill the cop knocked on my window with the flash light i guess doing it behind a bar is a bad thing. oh well still was a fun time.
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