THreesome gone cuckold pt2..

..... the next morning I awoke to see her grinding on top of him. Who knows how long they had been at it before i woke up and i didn't ask. SHe continued to ride, grinding and gyrating slowly on his big hard dick. SHe came a few minutes later, she rested her tight pussy down on his cock, when she recouped she began fucking him again. HE let out a load groan and pumped her full with his load. she dismounted and laid across him, she looked at me "Im hungry, will you go get some breakfast?" she asked
When i returned to the hotel room with the food i found an empty room, i sat the food down and began looking around the room. I came to the bathroom and heard the shower running, then i heard his muffled voice through the door followed by a giggle from her. HE was taking her in the shower! Eventually they came out and got dressed. When it was time to leave he shook my hand and said "thank you, that pussy was sweet!" then she told him goodbye and planted a kiss on him. I took her home and she took her morning after pill and took a nap. I wonder what she's gonna want for her birthday, its coming up soon.
this experience has had me masturbating chronically, i took me a few days just to finish this story.
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