Hot Steamy night!!

[cut]After an awesome night out,a nice dinner and comedy at a local providence comedy bar,we had a nice horny ride home,lots of Cock grabbing,and fingering going on in the car,while deep tongue kissing.Granted this was difficult while driving,but also extremely hott. We barely got out of the car,as we started grinding against each other in the driveway. More heavy kissing,biting each other on the neck,chest,and ears. We made our way in the house and I slammed her against the kitchen wall,held her against it by her neck,and unbuttoned her pants,and slid them down her sexy curvy legs. Her g string remained in place,I pulled her shirt up to her neck,and exposed her size 34 c chest,her nipples looked like hershey kisses,hard and beautiful,it would have been a waste not to bite,and suck them for at least 2 minutes while fingering that moistened pussy. She was panting and moaning from the excitement,I began to slowly move my lips down her tight stomach,and fresh shaven pubic area. Her clit although very small,was extremely hard and begging me to suck and lick her. I picked her up,placed her on the counter,spread her legs,and moved that g string to the side,and I placed my mouth over the top of her clit,lightly sucked the sides of her lips exposing all of that little clit to my tongue and I licked that thing side to side,up and down,until I felt her body begin to shake and quiver. Her panting was so loud,and she put both of her hands in my dark brown hair,and pressed my face hard into her pussy.I moaned and gently hummed to vibrate her lips,and I felt a warm gush of cum splash out onto my chin. I quickly sucked and licked it out,and spit a small amount of her own cum into her mouth. I carried her to our bedroom while she rammed her tongue deep into my mouth,as she was still quivering.
I positioned her face down on the bed,and started licking her back,and all around her sexy butterfly tattoo. Her Ass is so tight and has such a sexy arch to it,that when she is bent over the bed as she was,it just spread open exposing her tight little asshole.I licked the top of her Ass,just below her tattoo,and her body started to sway up and down. I gently took my hands and pulled her cheeks open,her hole was actually slightly opening and closing from her tightening and releasing the muscles in her pussy. I licked her for a bit,and it felt as though her ass was sucking my tongue inside of her. I spit a little saliva inside,and jammed my tongue in as far as it would go.I've never seen a woman cum so much from having her asshole touched and getting rimmed,but her pussy was literally dripping with cum. I asked her very quietly if she wanted me inside of her. She sighed and replied "oh yes".I continued licking her ass,as I removed my clothes. I pulled my hard six and a half inch Cock from my pants,and she grabbed it with her right hand from between her legs and rubbed it all over her wet clit and lips. She was making herself cum by rubbing my swollen dick all over the outside of her pussy. This was getting me so hott,I jammed my Cock inside of her and she let out the loudest moan of the night so far,and I felt her cum drip down my balls. I put my hands around her hips,and pulled her tightly into me,and repeatedly smashed ourselves together. Each time she would moan and tense up her body. Her back muscles would get tense and so sexy,I could think of nothing else but to pull my Cock out and cum all over that sexy back,and her butterfly.
I gently flipped her over,and slipped myself back inside her cum soaked pussy. I pulled her head up to my chest,and put a pillow under her neck so she could watch my penis penetrate her repeatedly. She loves watching my dick pump in and out,and her heavy breathing makes me want to explode all over her stomach. She was asking me if I was going to cum,I asked if she wanted me to. She whispered,"cum on my pussy".... That was such a sexy comment to make,and it made me ready to shoot my load,so I pulled my Cock out of her pussy,as she spread her lips with her hands,opening herself to me,and I came.. I came so much and so hard all over her beautiful pink pussy,I didn't think I was ever going to stop orgasming. It was such a beautiful moment,we were both hot,sweaty,and exhausted. I grabbed my phone,and snapped a picture,and that is exactly what you see in our profile pictures...

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