Illicit Affair with a Married Mother Part 1

When I was 19yo I had an illicit affair going on with a 50yo married woman. I actually met her from taking my little s****r to school, her youngest k** was a few years older than my s****r. She gave me lifts back to my house a few times and we did get quite friendly.

First time anything happened she pulled over to the side of the road said she had a surprise for me and told me to close my eyes. Then said hold out your hand and put something in it. I open my eyes and it was her red thong, she was sitting there dress hiked right up, so I had her knickers in my hand and I was staring directly at her nicely trimmed pussy. She started to say "I'm sorry I know I'm awful and probably too old for you..." I just took a nice big sniff of her thong and said "mmmmmmmmmmmm", her next words, "my place". "of course", I fingered her all the way back as she drove and we fucked for quite a while.

That probably seems OK but the dirty part came about 2 weeks after this started. I found out she had a son the same age as me, he was away at uni and she confessed to having a mother son fantasy. I was up for anything and we acted out her fantasy.

I dropped my little s****r off at school, everyone who dropped k**s off tended to speak to each other so I remember chatting to her and a few other parents, she was telling them her son was coming back from uni for the week and was going to do a big shop to cook him a nice meal. We all said our goodbyes, She had gave me her keys beforehand so once I left I took a cab to her area and went to her house as arranged.

I left shoes and my bag lying around and had a shower, heard her come in just as I got out the shower and she did start cooking a meal. This was all her fantasy, I got dried and went into her and her husbands room found her dirty knickers and took a sexy clean pair, wrapped the clean ones round my cock and started smelling the dirty pair.

I heard her coming up the stairs and started with the "mmmmmmmm Mum your pussy smells so good, mmmmmmmm fuck your cunt tastes good, If you were here right now I would slide my cock so deep inside you. Without a condom mum I want to cum so deep inside you." "MICHAEL" she shouted, her son name. "You disgusting little pervert, smelling my knickers. Take those off your penis this instant young man", "I heard everything you said you little pervert, don't you ever call your mothers vagina a cunt, I'm so ashamed, you actually think of sliding your penis inside of me and cumming inside of me. Your own MOTHER" she walked over to me and I was saying "I'm SORRY MUM I'm SORRY" she picked up the clean knickers "There soaked, your penis too. no point dirtying anything else." she held my throbbing cock lightly and used her knickers to wipe off my precum, then ordered me off the bed and to go back in the shower.

I got up and behind her, she was straightening out the bed and I put my hand up her skirt, no knickers and a drenched pussy. " MICHAEL STOP THAT THIS INSTANT", I pushed her on the bed more, lifted her skirt and started licking her pussy and ass. "Mum your cunt and arse takes so fucking good" "Michael Please stop this and mind your language", she was getting even wetter squirming over the bed, I got up and started fingering her furiously her wetness literally splashing out of her "Fucking hell Mum your soaked I know you want this" "Michael, Please Stop fingering mommies cunt, I mean vaginaaaa". "Fuck Mum I can't take this anymore, I NEED to slide my cock inside you. Do you and Dad have any condoms", "Michael STOP you cant, I'm your Mother you can't do this. Mums cunt is for your father only, not for your big cock...... I thought you wanted to cum deep inside mums hot wet cunt, STOP don't Michael" we had always used condoms before this but I didn't need telling twice.

I held her down on the bed and thrust my cock deep inside her "NOOOO MICHAEL Please take your big throbbing penis out of Mummy" I slide out slowly "Oh yes Michael Please stop this" before getting all the way out I slammed my cock back into her "mmmmmmmmmmm Fuck YES Mum your cunt feels even better than I imagined, your soaking wet for me. You like your sons big cock right up your cunt" her wetness was literally dripping from her and my balls.

"OHHH MICHAEL please STOP take your cock out of Mummy, STOP fucking MUMMY, I can't handle this MICHAEL, OH MICHAEL fuck you feel good... STOP Michael... aww shit FUCK Mummies cunt good Michael mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO STOP" She was squirming about cumming like Crazy "CUM on My COCK MUMMY" " CUM inside MUMMY MICHAEL I want to feel your CUM inside me Michael, fill up Mummies cunt" "MMMMMMMMMMM Fuck MUM" I slammed my cock in and out of her hard and fast "I'm going to cum Mum I'm going to CUM" "Fiiilll... Mummies.... CUNNNNTTTT MICHHAAEEL CCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM CCCCUUUUUMMMMM CCCCCUUUUUMMM" shot after shot after shot of my cum fired deep inside "Mummies cunt" still thrusting for every last drop "I love you Michael" "I love you too MUM"

I lay on top of her for a couple minutes cock still inside her then whispered "thank you Mum" in her ear, pulled my cock out of her and kissed her asshole saying "next time" then went for a shower, leaving her with my cum her "Son's" dripping out of her.

We actually done this for well over a year and she only ever wanted me to play her son after that adventure.
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1 year ago
Great Story!
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Great story!
1 year ago
Nice story, Hope you can continue this "Mother/Son" relationship, Mature women are really great
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Excellent story, a dream soo many of us have.
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Mmmm. Great story. Wish I was there.
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interesting story.15.3.2013