one night at work

After my husband came home from our little vacation adventure. We both had to work graveyard shift. At the time we were both working at different hotels and usually spent most of the time just talking to each other on the phone to pass the time. He had to finish some work, and since I had already done mine I was bored. Middle of the night working the desk, noone around so I decided to pass the time with a dip in the pool. The switchboard could be transfered to a portable so I set the phone to that in case someone actually came in. Locked the door and headed to the indoor pool. The hotel was nice and had a sauna, pool and hottub. After a short swim I got into the hottub and relaxed. As I was sitting there the portable rang and I picked it up to hear a man who said he was at the desk and needed some towls. I told him I'd be right out. I cashed my bowl and hurridly dried off and went back to the desk. He was certainly suprised to find a woman in bathing suit still a little wet come to the desk. "I see you and I had the same idea. A little late night swim?" "Yeah, please don't tell anyone. I don't want to get fired. They'd can me for sure if they knew the things I did in the middle of the night when its slow." "Thats ok, perfectly understandable. I'm sure it gets boring here in the middle of the night." I handed him the towels as he asked me, "Care to join me? I can't sl**p and my friends are all sl**ping." "Sure as long as my boss doesn't find out." He laughed and introduced himself as Mike and we went back to the pool rooom. I locked the door, "The pool is supposed to be closed at 11 so you better not tell anyone I let you in here." "No problem. Thanks, I appreciate you letting me in after hours." He dived into the pool and I sank back into the hottub. I watched him swim a few laps then he swam up to the edge of the pool near the hottub. "May I join you in there?" "Sure" i said. He got into the hottub and sat near me. We chatted for a bit. The typical getting to know you stuff. He was there for a ski trip with some of his friends. Asked me how long I had worked there etc. Then he surprised me by leaning over and kissing me. He was cute and had an athletic body but it wasn't on my mind at all after having a semi 3some with my husband and a stranger the night before. I didn't hold back though and return the kiss. Our tongues entwining for a few minutes then I said, "we should really go somewhere else. There is a laundry woman that works that works this shift also. I'd get fired for sure if she saw me in here making out with a guest." (The pool room had all glass windows that anyone could see in). So we made our way to the sauna which provided more privacy. We continued to make out in the sauna. I was feeling his cock through his shorts as he was massaging my breasts. Then he slid a finger inside my suit to play with my pussy. I was getting really hot as he played with me. He had perfect fingers and had me moaning louder and louder as I was getting close to cumming. I pulled his dick out and jerked him as he fondled my clit while we continued kissing. I jerked him harder as he made me cum and let out a "oh fuck yes!" We kept kissing as I felt him cum all over my hand. "You've got magic fingers Mike. Can you do that again in the morning when I'm off?" "Love to, when will that be?" "I get off at 7am, will you be up?" "I'll be sure to catch a nap so I will be," he smiled. He went back to his room and I changed back into my clothes and went back to the desk. I called my husband. "Hey babe" he said, "what have you been doing?" "cumming," I purred. "Was it good?" "Mhmm" I relayed the story to him and told him I was going back for more after work. "well have fun. Tell me about it later." I couldn't wait till my relief came in. I was actually a little nervous but excited. I haven't cum that good from just fingers ever. I kept thinking he must be a really good lover. Finally, the next shift came and I took the long way around to the stairs. Didn't want them to see me going up to a guests room. My husband and I swing but I didn't want to advertise our sexual openness to my co-workers. I made my way upstairs to his room. I knocked on the door and another guy opened the door. "is Mike here?" I asked hesitantly. "Yes, but he's asl**p." "Oh" I said disappointed. "It's ok. You can come in, he told me a woman would come in the morning. Come on in and have a drink. You can wait, I'm sure he'll be up soon." I went in and this other guy introduced himself as Daryl and offered me a beer. I took the beer and we sat down. I looked around nervously, the room was a mess. Beer cans all over the place, I felt sorry for the maid that would have to clean up this room of college k**s. Mark seemed a nice enough guy as we drank the beer and chatted. He asked why I had come to see his friend and I explained that we met last night and offered to take me to breakfast after my shift. "I can take you for breakfast if you want." "Thanks but I should go if Mike is still asl**p. You can tell him to call me later or meet me before my shift tomorrow." "You don't want to wait a little longer? I'm sure he'll be up soon. Do you smoke weed?" I nodded and he began to roll one up. "Lets have a smoke while you wait. Always better to go eat when you've got munchies." So we shared the smoke and I was getting buzzed from the smoke and the couple beers we had. Daryl blew me a shotgun hit. As I exhaled he leaned in and kissed me. I was looking forward to getting with Mike but I thought, what the hell, his loss for being asl**p. Daryl led me to his bedroom in the suite as we kept kissing. He shut the door and pushed me against the wall kissing me as I rubbed his butt with one hand while I rubbed his crotch with the other. He lifted my shirt and sucked on my tits for a bit. "You have a really nice rack babe." "why thank you. You feel like you've got a nice dick in those pants too." "want to see it?" I nodded as he continued to suck my breasts. He took his pants down and his cock sprang free. I grabbed it and said "Oh my!" It was pretty big, bigger than Mikes or my husbands. Bigger than I'd had in awhile. "You like that don't you?" I only nodded as I sank to my knees with his big cock in my face and began to suck. I only sucked him for a minute or so till he made me stand. "There is something else I'd rather do" he said. He pushed me onto the bed and stradled me. "I've just got to fuck those beuatiful tits of yours," he said as he rubbed his dick along my breasts. I looked up at him and smiled. "You better do more than that mister." He pressed my breasts together and began to titty fuck me while I sucked and licked his cock with each thrust. He sprayed cum all over my breasts and face and just sat on top of me a moment breathing heavy. I looked up at him with cum dripping down my face. "You aren't done are you?" "Hell no," he said and pulled my pants off. He positioned me doggy style, my favorite position. He put a condom on grabbed my hips and began to fuck me hard. I love the feeling of balls slapping against my clit when fucking doggy. His big cock was perfect. He was hitting me right in my spot and I came again for the 2nd time for that late night/early morning. I came so hard and we were grunting and moaning so loud I was shocked we didn't wake up his friends in the other room. He pulled out ripped the condom off and spewed his cum on my ass and lower back. I dressed and left a little wobbly legged knowing I had just been fucked good. I got home and told my husband my husband of my night as he ate me to another orgasm. He was wild, wilder than usual as ate me and fucked my brains out after hearing of my morning. I was a bit disappointed I didn't get to try Mike as they checked out and were gone by the time I got to work next night. I still held out hope for Mike and Daryl to come back again during the season, but no such luck.
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3 years ago
i like your story
3 years ago
Good and doubly rewarding job, anyway ,-)P
3 years ago
Hot story but I'm sure you'll find another "Mike"
3 years ago
Pretty hot story! Thanks!