vactaion fun

Another true story of some of our fun.

My husband and I had a couple days off together so we took a short trip to a casino about an hour away. We both enjoy poker, but having lived in Vegas before we know you only bring what you can afford to lose. Winning is great but you can't count on it. Bring what you can afford and when you lose it just call it a nights entertainment and have fun.

After losing most of our cash playing poker, we got comped some dinner and attempted to win some back at blackjack. My husband can count cards and we won most of our money back. All in all it was a wash, but we got plenty d***k and free food before we retired to our room. Still sort of early in the evening we complained about something that didn't matter but got room discount and a free pay per view movie. Watching the movie, smoking some herb and having a few more drinks. It was a decent night so far. After the movie I went to the bathroom to realize we didn't bring in his shave kit where we kept most of our toiletries, toothbrushes, deodarant my contacts stuff etc. I told him I was going to the car to get it as he was sort of nodding off while slowly stroking himself to some porn on tv. "Why don't you see if you can bring something else back hun". "I don't know what you expect me to find this late but i'll try babe."
As I exited the elevator to the parking garage a security guard stopped me. I told him what I was doing, just getting some stuff we forgot in the car. "I can't let you go alone this late. I have to e****t you." "Knock yourself out, i won't be long". He followed me to the car and I got our stuff and he e****ted me back to the elevator. "You don't really have to do this. I'm sure I'll be plenty safe." "I"m sorry maam, its hotel policy". I shrugged as he followed me back into the elevator. As we rode the long ride up I kept noticing him eyeing me so I returned the look. I thought of what my husband said before and I thought why not? He was cute, obviously younger than me. Early 20s I guessed. "will you e****t me to my room as well sir?" "Only if you need. I only have to e****t guests through the garage when it's late." "Please, I'm a little wobbly. I had a bit much to drink." A lie, I was still a bit buzzed but I could handle myself fine. I faked a stumble against him and he caught me. "I can tell. Let me help you back to your room." I didn't give him much time to finish his sentence as I locked my lips on his and kissed him. He was obviously surprised but didn't hesitate to kiss me back. We made out in the hallway for a few minutes before making our way back to my room. I fumbled with the keycard and he helped me get the door open. We stood in the doorway kissing some more but it was kind of obvious he was getting a little nervous. "What's wrong?" "i'm just nervous about being seen and getting fired." "Then why don't you come inside?" "I'd love to maam but I don't want be noticed missing and get fired." "Oh come on, it's late. Noone will notice if your gone for a little bit. Just tell them you were helping a guest." I pulled on his hand and he relented and came inside and we were kissing again in the little entryway hallway of the room most hotels have. I pulled him to the narrow alcove between the bed and wall. I was kissing his neck lowering down to his chest to undo the buttons on shirt. He noticed the form of my husband in bed in the dim glow of the tv and asked "is that a friend or your mom or something? Won't she notice us?" My husband had pretty long hair at the time so I guess he thought it was another woman in the bed. I had kneeled down in front of him undoing his pants and said, "Nah, thats my husband." "What!?!" "It's ok, he and I do stuff like this lots," as i pulled his mostly hard cock out and started licking it. "He won't get mad?" "Nah, we swing. He likes it." I started to suck him and he moaned "oh my god, stuff like this never happens to me." I knew my husband was still awake just pretending to sl**p as I sucked this strangers dick. "Its happening now sweetie so just enjoy". I reached back to the dresser by the bed and got a condom and opened the package. I took it out and put it on his cock with my mouth. A talent I learned really young. Most guys always seem impressed and like I can do that. I laid down on the bed as I stripped of my shirt and undid my pants. He helped me wiggle out of my jeans and took off my panties. He tossed my jeans and panties aside then started fingering my wet slit before starting to kiss my lips and lick my clit. I moaned as I grabbed my husbands hand next to me and squeezed it. I looked him in the eye and he smiled at me as i continued to moan as the k** kept fingering me and licking my cunt. I was really surprised at what a talented tongue the k** had. Most young men I've had couldn't eat pussy well at all. I love a talented tongue even more than cock most of the time. I screamed as he made me cum really hard and I squeezed my husbands hand even tighter. The k**, Steve I think his name was, looked up at me. "won't your husband be mad if we wake him?" I knew eddie was awake but he seemed content just to pretend to sl**p and watch. "No, all he'll do is want to join in". "Oh" the k** still seemed a little uncomfortable with that so I just pulled him up on top of me and guided his cock into me. He seemed to forget his nervousness as he entered me and started to ram into me. He fucked me hard, his balls slapping against my ass. He grunted and I could tell he came as he lay on top of me breathing hard. We kissed more as he laid on top of me with his softening dick still inside. "I wish I could stay all night," he whispered to me. "Why don't you?" "god that was fun, but they'll notice me gone if I do." "Aww," I said, "just a little longer." "I wish I could but I really can't, maybe in the morning when I'm off work". "But we're leaving in the morning, we can only have our fun now." "I'm sorry but I really can't" he said as he got up off me. "Fine, if your sure." I got over my husband and started sucking his already hard cock. I looked back at the k** getting dressed and wiggled my ass at him, "are you sure?" "I wish" he said as I went back to sucking my husbands dick while waving my ass towards Steve hoping he'd do me again or at least eat me more. I was unfortunately disappointed as he finished dressing and just watched me on all fours sucking my husbands cock till he exploded in my mouth. My husband dropped all pretense of being asl**p after he came. I looked back at Steve wiping the cum from my face and sucking my finger as my husband sat up and asked, "You sure you don't want to go again dude?" "I'd love to, but i'm already afraid I've been gone too long." The k** left as my husband rolled me over and slid into my wet pussy. "how was it dear?" "He was pretty good. He licks better than he fucks, but you know how I love a talented tongue," I moaned as my husband fucked me. My husband bit my ear as he humped me and came inside me. "want to find another," he asked as we lay there panting in the afterglow of sex. "I doubt we'll find anyone up this late, we'll get someone else back home." So we snuggled and drifted off to sl**p got up early to get home early enough to make it back to work. Where I did have fun that next night at work. I'll tell you that one later.
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3 years ago
nice of you to shre with others
3 years ago
Great story. Loved it. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
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3 years ago
good work
3 years ago
Great way to win at a casino
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Hot story love to hear more:)