face in the dirt

I'd been seeing this guy from work. This was our first time together. He was cute, young, err younger than me. I was almost 30 when i met him, he was early 20s I'm guessing. He never told me. He was the security guard at a fancy hotel where I worked part time. I saw him everyday when going in and out on the days I worked there. I knew he was interested as he punched my parking ticket or validated my parking or whatever. He was always polite but I noticed him always staring at my breasts. I have to admit, I was flattered, even though my mind kept thinking, uh hey my eyes are up here. He was awfully sexy. I wouldn't mind having a go but never thought he'd bite. He knew I was married (not that mattered to me and my husband but some are weird about that). Eventually he offered to walk me to my car one day and while we were in the parking garage we started making out like teenagers. He asked me out the next day and I was only thinking thank god you grew some balls (or got hard enough while we were making out the day before ;). So he and I went out for dinner a few days later. He was complete gentleman, nice, almost too nice but I couldn't help myself from trying to gently push him. God he was hot. After dinner we went back to his house. We were kissing and making out on the couch. I was rubbing his dick through his pants and he broke off. I was sort of stunned beginning to wonder if this young hot guy was starting to diss me, but he said 'shit, I forgot, I need to take my parents dog out. I completely forgot. I promised i'd take care of the mongrel while they were away" I'm an a****l lover and chided him for calling it a mongrel and said lets go take him for a walk. We took the dog out for a walk. It was nice. A stroll in the night air with the dog. Him being attentive and loving. Felt almost like being a teen again with my boyfriend. Holding hands, kissing. I kept snuggling against him. He brushed my hair aside and kissed my neck. Then we were kissing and making out with a fervor. He pushed me back against a tree as we were kissing. I was rubbing his dick trying to undo his pants as he took my shirt off. He started to kiss my breasts as he worked to undo my bra. And I'll never forget this, he undid my bra and my breasts sprang free. Then he said as he looked at my girls, omg those are beautiful. Maybe it was him or the moment or the way he said it but I sort of swooned in his arms at those words. He kissed and suckled my nipples as he fumbled with my pants getting them down.

So there I was leaning back against a tree, naked, pants around my ankles. Looking up at this tall k** with his shirt off my chest heaving. I grasped his hand and said, "whats wrong?". "Nothing" he said, "Just admiring you". A sort of shyness came over me at the moment and I turned to the tree trying to hide myself a little.

"Oh please, i'm not that good."

"Yes you are."

I blushed a little. I've fucked lots of people but hadn't been romanced quite like this in a long while. He stroked my face with one hand while the other ran gently along my side. I looked at him and we kissed. "Do you want to screw me?" i asked.

He nodded and kissed me again. I got his pants down as we were kissing and held onto his firm butt. He kept sucking my breasts as I moaned and jerked him off.

"Please, I want to," I said. I don't know if he understood what i meant but he let me switch positions with him and guided him so he was back against the tree. I looked up at him and kneeled down before him taking his cock into my mouth. I didn't really get a good look before but as I was sucking his hard dick, it was bigger than i expected. I cupped his balls and licked the shaft up and down. He moaned and then held my head and made me look up. "Please stop, you'll make me cum."

"I want you to cum"

"I don't want to yet, if i'm going to cum. I'd rather doing it making love to you."

I stopped and looked up at him. I was holding his dick and had a sort of slack jawed disbelief as I looked up. "Please."


"You know I'm married. I don't want to make love to anyone but my husband. I just want to fuck and have fun right now. ok?"

I think I squeezed his dick a little more, he looked a little bewildered but nodded slowly. I smiled and went back down on his dick sucking all I could trying to milk it. He kinda killed my mood for the moment but I was on a mission at that point. I wanted to make him cum and cum he did. Surprised me how fast and hard it came. I swallowed some but pulled off and the rest shot onto my face (in my eye no less) and on my breasts. He had a gallon I bet. Maybe not a gallon but alot. My face and breasts were covered in it. I started to wipe my face but he caught my hand. He held it tightly and grabbed my hair and made me look up. He had a fierce look in his eyes that made me a little frightened. "You just want to fuck right?"

I nodded slowly still a bit scared at the look in his eye and the tight grip he had on my wrist. "Fine, keep sucking slut. Get me hard again." I thought oh fuck what did I do now. I've never heard such anger in a voice that had just cum. He was hurting my wrist but I didn't know what else to do so I went back to sucking him till he got stiff again. When he was fully hard he pulled me by my hair off him and f***ed me to look up into those scary eyes. "You said you only wanted to fuck?" I nodded not quite sure why, I'm not sure I did anymore. With a hold of my hair he turned me around and pushed me to the ground. I was kinda limp and frightened not knowing what to do or what he wanted. Laying there on the ground with my face in the dirt I felt him behind me. He layed on top of me gripping my wrists and whispered in my ear "still wanna fuck?"

I didn't know what to say or do and only let out a incoherent mumble. I could feel him entering me. Slowly at first till he was all the way in. He stopped then and lay against me. He kissed my neck and I could feel a sort of tenderness in it. "Tell me how bad you want to be fucked"

"Please fuck me, I need your dick. Make me cum" I panted. He fucked me harder and harder with each thrust. This was probably the weirdest time in my whole sexual life, at least at that time. I was still a bit scared and he was gripping my wrists hard but at the same time I was really horny and loving it. He kept pounding away and my face was moving with each thrust a little bit more in the ground. I was panting and spitting dirt some with each thrust but I was also close to cumming. He finally let go of my wrists and grabbed my hips as he continued his onslaught of my cunny. There was a rock grinding into my left tit that hurt as he kept fucking me but I did cum. I had an amazing orgasm. I yelled and yet he kept fucking me. I was out of energy and just lay there limp. He came in me a minute or so later and slumped down on top of me breathing hard.

"Is that what you wanted slut?"

I didn't have a whole lot of energy at that moment but managed a feeble "mhmm."

He rolled me over, I had no energy or desire to resist at that point. I could feel his sperm leaking out of me and down my butt. He carressed my face and tits and kissed me. "You got what you wanted?" I nodded weakly. "Good, give me what I've always wanted then." I was really unsure at that point. "What do you want?" I asked. He didn't answer but just straddled me and put his dick in my face. "I think I have enough for one more. Make it happen."

I was so worn out. I had been fucked good and dirt was sticking to my face and breasts where he came earlier but I was completely vulnerable as he was on top of me holding my wrists again. I weakly licked the head of his dick and sucked some more as he moaned. "Come on slut suck me hard. You can do it." I was strangely turned on by it but still didn't have a lot of energy. "Come on come on yeah, i know you want another facefull of cum" he kept saying. Tired as I was his talk and f***efullness were turning me on again. When he was hard again after what seemed like a year of sucking he pulled out of my mouth. "Finally" he said. "This is what I've always wanted to do since I met you." I was still unsure and a bit scared of him even though he totally turned me on. "Just shut up slut and do your thing" He moved a bit lower and placed his cock between my tits. Then I knew, it wasn't the first time someone had wanted to fuck my tits, certainly wasn't the last. So I tried to give him my best smile and pressed my girls together. He began to fuck my tits. My own cum and saliva giving him lubrication as I leaned my head up to suck his head as he titty fucked me. He began to moan louder and pick up pace that I couldn't really keep up with sucking him as he fucked my tits. It seemed a while, 20 minutes or more I'm guessing till he came again exploding all over my breasts and face, again. He stood up a bit wobbly. "Thanks," was all he said as he put on his pants. "See you at work" and walked away. I just lay there in the dirt for a few minutes trying to gather myself feeling his cum dry on my body. Shit I must look a mess I thought. I reached over for my pants searching for my phone to call my husband and asked him to come pick me up. I was too tired and sore to drive.

I went to work the next day. He e****ted me to my car on my way out. I tried to be cordial and friendly but part of me was still afraid of him. Didn't matter. Most of me was still excited by him. He pushed me down over the hood and fucked me good again. That was our workday routine for the most part after that. Sometimes he just facefucked me in the garage leaving a spray of cum on my face. Sometimes we fucked in the backseat of my car me on top usually or him doing me doggie with my ass hanging out the door as he plowed me. A couple times he made me stay with him in his little security guard booth. I sucked his dick while people drove in and out. I don't think they could see me but some of our co-workers must have known.
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great story, enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
2 years ago
very good
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