The SPA part 4

Sara returned home at the end of the weekend. She was happy but refused any conversation in relation to her weekend activities. We had a good week with no sign of the padlock. There was a threat of it as I persisted about the Spa and her ending her visits. I gave in and was rewarded with a pleasant time. I would be lying if it was not taking a toll. I had to make endless excuses as to why we did not attend weekend functions together and fend off increased interest from f****y and friends about our marriage. The following weekend Sara went as normal, I had no contact or clips to watch, I have to admit I watched some of the old ones I had saved to disc. The following week was uneventful and as close to normal as life was at that stage.

Sara returned that weekend and suggested we had a weekend away together. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. She told me to leave it to her. Friday soon came around and we found ourselves travelling to a large town in the West Country. The hotel was situated on the harbour side. We freshened up and went out for a pleasant meal before returning to the room or should I say suite. The suite had three rooms in total, a reception room with TV and well socked mini bar, two sumptuous sofas and vies across the harbour. It had a main bedroom with a large four poster and a second bedroom with two single beds. I was exploring the rooms and discovered that the mirror in the second room allowed a view of the main bedroom when the lights were off but on in the main room. I did not think anything of it. We had a couple of drinks and retired to sl**p after a long day. Saturday dawned and we spent the day sight seeing and shopping.

On returning to the room Sara said she had arranged to meet someone later. We would go for a meal and then onto a club. I asked who she was meeting. She told me she would explain later as she had to get ready. She went into the bedroom and closed and locked the door. After what seemed an age she emerged looking stunning her long legs encased in black nylon, the LBD barely covering the tops of the socking. She wore a lot more make-up than usual. The dress was low cut showing a lot of cleavage. She told me to get ready and we were soon heading out, it was not surprising that Sara had more than her share of admiring looks. During the meal I again quizzed her about what was going on. She told me that she had a business contact to meet in the club. She told me that it would be best if I left her to it once she met him and that she would see me back in the room. I must have looked dejected as she told me she would make it worth my while later, it was important and she pleaded with me not to interfere.

The meal over, we then made our way to a nearby club. It was very high class and busy. We got a drink and watched the room for a while from the raised bar area. The dance floor was busy. The clientele was mainly older men and attractive younger women. Some were clearly couples others it was hard to tell. We chatted but Sara constantly scanned the room, suddenly she said she had to go and that she loved me, she would see me back at the room. I watched as she made her way around the room to a booth the other side. I could not see who she met as a pillar obstructed my view. I tried to go and get a look but I did not have the members pass and was barred by door staff. Sara did not reappear, after about a hour I left and made my way back to the room. I had a drink watched the city for a while. I then got a call from her; she was still in the club. She told me to go to the spare room and stay there, she apologised that she would be coming back with company, it was Spa business and if I did not comply we were finished. At that moment things became clear, I stood for a while, part of me wanted to leave and be done with it. The devil on the shoulder said different. I was drawn to watching through the mirror. It was clear; this was planned not by Sara but who ever had paid. Was it time to confront her and throw him out? My thoughts were interrupted by the clunk of the door, I dived into the spare room and closed the door.

At first the bedroom next door remained dark. I listened at the door. Sara offered a drink, it was accepted by a deep voiced male I picked up a slight foreign accent. I could hear muffled talking followed clearly by some sexual activity, there was a little moaning on Sara’s part. I was frustrated, I was so close but unable to see. Proceedings were interrupted by a knock at the suite door. The male clearly answered and invited someone in. I could just make out a second male voice. There appeared a little protest from Sara, I recognised the first male telling her she would do as she was told. The two males then engaged in conversation, I could hear laughing and relaxed chat and the clink of glasses. My ear to the door I then became aware of a change in the atmosphere. There was movement I thought at first walking towards me, and then the light came on in the main bedroom, my heart raced. At first no one entered, I waited not sure what I would see, I then heard a sound at the door of my room. I realised it was the key turning in the lock, someone had locked me in. I went to the door and tried to listen, I heard a male voice in a moaning tone say “suck it bitch”, she obviously did as the male continued to moan. I was then aware of movement towards the bedroom. I reached the mirror as a very large built greying man of Asian appearance enter the room, he was partially dressed, he looked back and said “Bring her in here”. Moments later a second well built middle aged Asian male came into the room carrying Sara. She was only dressed in black stockings and heels. He walked over to the four poster bed and threw her onto. The two men quickly undressed, they were both well built but not toned, they were however both very well endowed, even in their flaccid state their cocks swung between their legs. Sara was pulled onto her knees. The male that had entered first now present his hardening cock to her mouth, she hesitated and was slapped on the cheek for her trouble. She was ordered to suck, her eyes watering she complied. It grew immediately having an impressive diameter to match its length. She could barely get the tip fully in her mouth.

The second male meanwhile had climbed onto the bed and was rubbing his cock along her glistening slit; it too rose to the occasion. He began to nudge it into her pussy, stretching it wide open as he did.
The first male was still working on her mouth. He had reached down and was grabbing her dangling breasts twisting the nipples as she gagged on his girth. Soon the males had a rhythm with the second male plunging an incredible length in and out of her tight pussy. After a while the males swapped places and again got into a fast deep rhythm. Sara suddenly started to shudder and had a massive orgasm, her juices seeping around the cock buried deep inside of her. The male removed his cock from her mouth, she let out a scream and pleaded with the other male to stop, this encouraged him to greater efforts as he rammed deeper inside of her.

I was standing my own cock rock hard inches away from my gorgeous wife being brutalised by these two males, using her, abusing her fucking her senseless. I should have hated it but I was simply aroused and guilt ridden all in one. The male who had been using her mouth left the room, the other just kept pounding her, now slapping her ass with every thrust. The male returned now accompanied by a third male, similar aged, again Asian but not so well built. Sara caught sight of him and said “No I Can’t” the male fucking her, slapped her ass and told her to shut up. The new male stripped, he did not lack in the cock department, not as thick but very long. He soon had his cock in her mouth and was able to fuck it feeding more length in as he did. The male standing aside said it was time to make her air tight. He sat on the edge of the bed, Sara was lifted onto his lap and he fed his cock into her pussy. The other original male climbed onto the bed and began with difficulty to use her mouth. The new male his cock wet from her mouth found her ass and drove hi cock home. They fucked her like this for a while before changing positions, they kept changing with incredible stamina until all had visited each hole at least twice, Sara had several smaller orgasms as they pounded away, she did not have the energy following the first big one. The males then discussed that they were ready to spunk her as they put it.

They pulled her to her knees and one at a time took a handful of her hair they pulled her head back and wanked their cocks until they pumped their loads in her mouth and over her face. The men wiped themselves clean with her hair. All of a sudden the mirror view changed and all I could see was my reflection. I stood overwhelmed by what I had watched. It was different being so close. In some ways it was arousing and in others shocking that I could watch my wife used in that way. The pure sexual a****l she had become shone through. It did not appear to be an ordeal even though it sapped every ounce of energy from her. I sat on the bed waiting for the door to open. I did not know what I was going to say to her. Time passed I heard doors close and muffled voices. I could hear movement in both the lounge and the main bedroom. It was approaching one in the morning now. I was tired and apprehensive, I continued to wait.

A little while later I became aware of the sounds of sex coming from the direction of the lounge I put my ear to the door and listened. It was not clear and difficult to make out what was going on. It was another fifteen minutes before I saw the mirror change to allow a view. The room was empty, almost immediately I saw movement. A black male entered, he was naked sporting a massive erection. He was followed by a second black male who held Sara upside down with his cock embedded in her throat; he stopped in direct view off me and set about eating her shaved pussy. A third black male followed in, he told the male holding Sara to share the cum-dump. One of them pulled an armchair and positioned it in front of the mirror, it was clear they knew who the show was aimed at. One of the males sat in the chair his cock must have been twelve inches in length. Sara was well lubricated as she was anally impaled on the cock and it sank balls deep. Once she was sat on it another cock of equal length was pushed into her swollen pussy. She moaned loudly, her eyes rolled as she got used to being so full. The third male managed to find her mouth with his cock and they set about a furious fucking of her. She was kept impaled on the cock in her ass whilst the other worked their cocks in and out of her. She moaned between thrusts into her mouth, saliva dripping from her mouth, her eyes watering as she gagged. The cock in her pussy reddening her lips more with each thrust. After a while it was swap time, the cock that had been in her ass was now in her mouth and she was again fucked with relish. They swapped again with another ass to mouth. Eventually two pulled away leaving impaled anally. They repositioned with Sara now knelt on the chair. This allowed the male to anally fuck her hard and deep. Sara moaned loudly as he drove his cock home, he said”Someone shut her up”, with this one of the other filled her mouth, they then set about some more ass to mouth swapping again. This continued for a full thirty minutes, I was astounded at Sara’s stamina although she was now no more than a fuck toy. Eventually one of them deposited a full load in her ass. As he with drew the white cream started to seep. This was caught in a glass. A second then set about emptying his load followed by the third. Throughout this Sara appeared to move from orgasm to the next it was hard to define any of them as they wracked her body. The white creamy cum was scooped out of her ass with a long thin spoon. It was all collected and then as a final act she drank the ultimate ass to mouth cocktail. The mirror reappeared.

Surely that was the end it was now 3am. It must have been a full hour later the door was unlocked. No one entered. With some trepidation I let myself out. I found Sara naked sat alone in the lounge. She looked at me not saying a word. There were actually tears in her eyes. I asked her if that was what she brought me her for. She shook her head. Eventually she told me she had been tricked. The master had set it up. I admitted at that point what I knew and what I had seen. We both cried for a while and decided we needed to talk later. We went to bed and fell into fretful sl**p. Before leaving the hotel we sat and talked, it was to be the start of as new chapter.

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