Sausage Sarah

Another day in the factory, another boring shift in the damp cold Sausage making area with all the other women, just gossip and soaps and moaning about their husbands or boyfriends or both!

Sarah began to daydream....anything to take away the monotony of turning sausage meat into sausages all day....she could do the work without thinking in any case. The natural skin sausages were the hardest to fill but Sarah was an expert. She remembered her first week when she had been training...."You have to wank them out one at a time" she had been told by the Supervisor and sure enough the action was just like giving a guy a hand job. She pulled and pulled on the skin as the sausages filled and began to imagine herself as a high class e****t, accompanying businessmen to posh do's and giving them what their prim and proper wives wouldn't afterwards.

She pictured her fantasy, tall and muscular, a west indian businessman in town for a conference. She would meet him in the bar of his hotel, the Hilton or maybe the Clarendon, he would be a bit nervous but she would put him at his ease while they drank cocktails and she would whisper her suggestions to him and watch as the bulge in his expensive trousers grew bigger and bigger. Leaving the bar, with Champagne ordered, they would quickly make their way to his room where the sordid formalities of payment and ground rules could be sorted. This guy is loaded and pays for her to stay the night. The bubbly arrives and is soon consumed as Sarah removes her blouse, allowing her pert breasts to spring free. The guy cannot contain himself any longer and his hands rove all over her tits, while Sarah expertly deals with the guys fly and gently eases his cock from his boxers. Her eyes light up as she sees the full length of his cock, 10 inches and so thick with huge balls. She cups his balls in her hand and licks the top of his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum and feeling the cock twitch and the guy moan with pleasure. Gently she eases his huge knob into her mouth and down her throat, careful not to gag, and begins to slowly suck him off.

The guy is in heaven, his face twisted in exquisite pleasure as Sarah works his cock so expertly and she soon notices the tell tale signs that he is close to shooting. Sarah cannot miss the opportunity to feel this cock inside her, and its good for business so she whips off her skirt, no panties, gets on all fours and allows the head of this huge cock to rub up and down her slit where her pussy juice has already made her wet. The guy is keen to get on with things but Sarah makes him wait, just easing his cock into her pussy a little at a time, feeling the thrill as his thick member stretches her and fills up her hole. The guy is almost over the edge so Sarah encourages him to do the business and she can feel this huge cock pounding into her snatch, his balls banging into her as he drills his cock deep in her sopping wet pussy. Her orgasm starts to build and she implores him not to stop but to fuck her harder and he does his best before suddenly his cock explodes with hot cum and she can feel it spraying her pussy. He keeps thrusting and Sarah rubs frantically at her clit until she too comes with a massive cry and release of pussy juice.

The night is one she will never forget and she is being paid for it too......

Wanking Sausage or Wanking Cock? No contest!
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