How I learned to Foot Fuck

The story I'm writing is the truth. I was raised by my grandparents from the age of three. Being the only c***d in the home there wasn't much I couldn't get away with or it was just ignored. I walk around the house with just my under ware and as I grew nothing was explained to me especially the changes I was going through. it started simple enough, my grandmother liked to have her feet rubbed. So being the one with the least to do I was ellected. It was ok. All I had to do was sit at the end of the couch and with one of her feet placed between my legs at a time I would rub the entire foot from ball to heel then change to the next.By now I was five and beginning to be aware of how good it felt to touch my cock. She was watching too and I'm sure started to notice the little thing poking out of my pajama's...but nothing was said because sex talk was taboo.Anyway, it was during the changing of one foot for the other the tip of my cock touched the sole of her foot and something happened like electricity surging through my penis. My cock got as hard as a rock. I knew then I had to do it again some how, some way.She always wore socks or stockings so her feet never touched the bare floor. The feeling that went through me happened under my under ware and her stockings. It would occurr to me later on that bare feet covered in silky body cream and naked cock were the stairway to heaven. I gladly accepted ever request to rub her feet and as time went by it be came a ritual. Every Friday night after the grandfather went out for a beer grandma would lay on her back, slide down so to be fully reclined with me pressed up against the arm of the couch with her feet inches from my cock.i began to pretend to need to alter my position to become more comfortable but it was only so I could accidently touch her foot to my cock. I even tried to see how long i could keep it press very gentley against her sole and it seemed that she really could tell it wasn't my fingers doing the rubbing. I got bolder as time went by and began to pull my cock out of my under felt wonderful. I had to try more things. At night I would crawl into her room, pick up her stockings and insert my cock into them rubbing wildly or found a shoe she had on that day to fuck the insude on the sole where her foot just didn't cut it.Then the opportunity presented itself. I was now eleven and staring to jerk off regularly. it was foot rub night with a twist. This time she laid down on her stomach and put her feet on the arm of the couch right in front of me. She had some foot lotion she want me to use so we needed to pull off her stockings. i had never touched her bare feet before and I'm telling you it was so exciting I was shaking uncontrollably. I pulled her stockingoff and started to apply the cream and bega to massage her. Then I noticed for the first time that her breathing had changed....she was sl**ping. I remembered that when I substuted my cock for my fingers she could tell the difference awake, what wouldn't she be able to feel asl**p.By now I was hot and the head of my cock which I had just pulled out of my under ware was bl**d red and pulsing.I now understood that I was going to do something that no matter what happened I was not going to be able to stop. I had heard the word before and knew what it meant and started to chant a phrase that has stuck with me ever since..'foot fuck..foot fuck..god!!. I'm foot fucking'. I took my under ware off, through my right leg over her legs so that my cock and balls were right over her slippery bare feet and lowered myself on to them. Her long, soft, cream covered feet were very large and covered my whole cock and belly. I started to rub my cock all over them and began to moan. I was in heaven chanting 'foot fuck..foot fuck'. Then it happened. It felt as if my cock was going to explode with the most incredable feeling of pleasure I could have imagined. My cock squirted all over her feet, the floor, making puddles between her toes that leaked onto the floor at the end of the couch.I would forever be addicted to foot fucking. My fetish made me take some great chances. I often crawled on my hands and knees into her room to search in the dark for her foot to see if it was in the right position to fuck. Once I gently pulled her foot off the bed(she was on her back)so that it was hanging off the bed a few inches off the floor. Then I would get on my back, slide under her hanging foot until it was right over my hard cock, pull it down until it touched the shaft and then grabbing her ankle rock her foot back and forth gentley pressing the sole against my cock fucking and fucking until I exploded. I would keep her foot on my tummy in the puddle of cum I had shot rubbing and softly foot fucking until I almost feel asl**p.
This went on right up until I was 21 and planned to marry my first wife.The orgasms got better and better as the years went by always making sure her feet were as soft as possible.
Now I'm married again to a beautiful 6 foot tall Dutch lady with size 11 and a half feet.The are pedicured on a regular basis and if not fucked they are licked and sucked for hours at a time.Now...the best part. My wife and s****r K are very good friends and when my s****r comes to the house for a weekend the two of them go out a have a few drinks. Well, I know they will be out all hours of the night and that's when I love to foot fuck my wife. Home they come at 3:30am and fall asl**p on the spare bed fully dressed, shoes ans stockings. I need to foot fuck in a very bad way. So I decide i'll take a chance with my s****r in bed with her, she'll never know. So, by the light of a night light I can see to take off my wifes shoes but there's the problem of her stockings. I go to the bathroom for a pair of sissors and cut a whole at the ball of her foot and one at the heel so I can watch the cum shoot on her foot and leg.Her stocking will hold my cock against the soft sole of her foot and it will be exciting to cum next to my sl**ping s****r.I did all of this in the dark and did feel my s****r's foot and fanfasized about foot fucking her too. I took my pants off and got naked, put foot fuck cream on her foot and slipped my cock into the bottom of the stocking sliding it up so that the head of my cock was visible pressed against her soft heel.Now I start to slowly foot fuck and of course chant under my breath,'foot fuck...feels so good to foot..fuck'.I guess I didn't realize how loud I was moaning, I looked where my s****r K was sl**ping and she was sitting up watching me. There was no way I can stop foot fucking once I begin so I looked at her and put my finger to my lips to ask her not to say anything and mouthed the word 'please'. Well, she said nothing the next day.Now I was completely out of my mind horny. The next night I lost it I was so horny after telling my wife what had happened. She even started to masturbate asking me to tell her what I had to do to get my foot fuck and about my s****r watching.When I'm really hot my wife and I ware her panty hose and get kinky. That's the way I was feeling and I knew I was going to go wild. My s****r was in the spare bedroom where I had foot fucked my wife the night before. While my wife was asl**p I put on a pair of her panty hose, pulled them down around my knees and woddled down the hall to K's room were the light was still on. I stood infront of the slightly open door jerking slowly my slippery cock all covered in foot fucking cream and called her name very softly. I heard her say yes and before I could stop myself I had pushed the door all the way. Standing there with Shirley's panty hose down around my knees looking down at my cock and jerking and moaning softly, I begged her to please let me fuck her foot like she watched me do the night before.She smiled and turned over on her tummy and hung both of her feet over the edge of the bed. I dropped to my knees thanking her over and over while I sucked her toes and licked her soles, finally foot fucking her right foot. What a fucking orgasm. Now they both allow me to jerk off in front of them any time I want and I get to foot fuck my s****r once in a while. This is all true and I really can't believe it happened but it did. I'll be posting my foot fuck videos again soon. The next story is very Taboo involving rather young feet that haven't had a chance to be calused...if you know what I mean.
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3 months ago
Great story!!
1 year ago
When I was five, I had already been living with my grandmother for two years after my parents car accident. She had my three aunts over for coffee one day. I always played under the dining room table and by accident I crawled under my grandmothers dining room chair. She wore these old style flats that showed her toe cleavage. She giggled when I bumped her leg and told her daughters (my aunts) that I was ticklish. My aunt Jennifer always wore high heel shoes. Aunt Barbara wore sneakers and Aunt Lorrie (short for Lorraine) usually went barefoot in my grandmother's house. Aunt Jennifer pinned me down with one high heeled foot over my wrist and tickled my tummy with the other high heeled shoe. I was in laughing fits when my other two aunts started poking and prodding my arms and ribs. They thought it was funny. Then it happened... my grandmother took off her shoes and instantly, I could smell the aroma of salty-sweet sweaty feet. That smell, even today, still invokes memories of that moment. She had no clue where her feet where about to touch me and I am sure she never would have done it if she had. She couldn't see under the table and she and her daughters kept tickling me with their shoes and feet. One of my grandmother's nylon encased feet came down on my upper thigh and she wiggled her toes, tickling me like mad. Her other came down on my crotch and those toes began wiggling around on my little cock. It didn't exactly tickle... I was getting my very first conscious hardon! Their feet kept tickling me and through all my exhausting giggling and yelling for them to stop, they doubled their efforts. My aunt Lorrie's bare foot trapped my other arm as my grandmother's shoe was accidentally kicked towards my face. It was not even an inch away as my grandmother's foot odor overpowered my olfactory senses. Her foot kept working my hard little cock and they were all laughing not knowing what they were really doing. My aunt Jennifer's free high heel shoe dangled over my head as my grandmother's foot brought me to my first orgasm. It was a dry run of course, but it was my first. That heavy tingle in my cock and balls caused by being held down by two of my aunt's feet and shoe, a high heel shoe dangling above me, the smell of my grandmother's shoe and my grandmother's feet working my cock and pushing me past the brink developed my fetish for feet, high heel shoes, shoe fucking, female foot smell, nylons, and of course incest.

After that point, I would sneak under my grandmother's bed at night while she slept and place one of her well worn house slippers over my nose and inhale deeply and put my cock inside of the other shoe and rub it back and forth until that tingling feeling overwhelmed me again. I did this for years... I always longed for my grandmother's touch and it actually happened when I was 16. I had been running a fairly high temp and woke up about 6:30 in the morning. My grandmother was in her bedroom next to mine getting dressed for the day. I started screaming out loud because I was so disoriented. She ran into my room to see what was wrong... she hadn't put her bra on. She was slightly larger than average size I would guess. A small D cup. Anyway, she came in and flipped on the light and was standing above me. In my delirium I saw her half naked form. She leaned over, her breasts swaying before my eyes as she felt my forehead. She immediately got me up and out of bed. I only wore boxers when I slept. I always felt self-conscious about that, but being dazed it didn't phase me at the time. She led me down the hallway to the bathroom, trying to cover herself here and there as she started running a tepid bath. She pulled down my boxers and stared for a second. She hadn't seen me naked since I was in diapers and I think it surprised her I had pubic hair. She grabbed my arm and helped me into the water. I laid down as she splashed water on me. I didn't care at that point if I were green and purple. I was running a temp and she was helping me. Needless to say, seeing her breasts caused my cock to slowly harden. She grabbed a washrag and began running it over my body. Her other hand ran up my leg and brushed my cock as she splashed water on my chest. My dick was at full mast. She smiled and took a firm grip on it. She said something along the lines of "Boys will be boys". I had, had my first wetdream (my friends mom was rubbing my body in the dream) at age 13 so I was fully functional at that point. She started stroking my cock and it didn't but about 8 or 9 strokes until I exploded in her hand. She kept running her fingers up and down my shaft well after I had cum. My sperm was in the water and all over me. She had me stand up then pulled the plug in the tub to drain the water and started the shower so I could clean up. She pulled the curtains closed. My head was spinning from the orgasm and the temperature I was running. I couldn't believe what had just happened. My Grandma Jean had just jacked me off. I started soaping up when I heard her footsteps coming towards the bathroom and then I heard the door close. I heard some rustling outside of the curtain and then she stepped in. She kissed my forehead and admitted to me that she always found me attractive. I was sick to my stomach and also giddy at the same time. She took the washrag and soaped it up some more then told me as she ran it over my chest, she came had home early from work and saw me masturbating in my room and since then had fantasies of seducing me. That started a five year incestual relationship with my Grandmother. I told her about the tickling experience when I was five and she actually indulged me. After the evening news was over, she would lock the house up for the night and she would have me sit naked, Indian style before her in front of her rocking chair. She would take off her shoes and having me place one over my mouth and nose and order me to smell it as she placed both of her nylon encased feet around my cock and stroke me. She knew the game... I would beg her to stop and she would say, "No, not until you squirt for me!" I would cum so hard. There were a few times where she would tie me to her bed posts and edge my cock with her hands until I had tears running down my face and pleading with her to let me "squirt" (I didn't know about the word 'cum' yet).

During college I would come back for the various breaks and we would pick up where we left off. She was well into her 70's the last time she used her feet. Through all the years though, she never took my virginity. She would use her hands, mouth, feet, breasts and thighs (when she play spanked me) to bring my off. The closest I ever got to having it inside of her was when I was 20. She straddled my waist and ran it up and down her pussy crack and her hand gently stroked the topside up my cock until I came in her pussy hair. I so wanted her to fuck me, but she never did. I very last time we "played" was when I was 28 and married. She was 81 or so. I came for a visit and she had me stand next to her and pull down my pants. She popped out her top denture and sucked me in. Her mouth knew exactly where my weak points were. The best part was that she took off one of her stinky worn slippers and had me hold it to my face and inhale as she made me cum. She passed away in her sleep about a year later. I ended up getting divorced a few years after that with no kids to muck up matters. The divorce was because I am so screwed up sexually in my head. My ex-wife couldn't understand why I wanted to smell her shoes and fuck her feet. Dumb bitch. To this day, I still fantasize about my grandmother.
1 year ago
Nice story. Enjoyed it very much