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Had to disappear for a wile. I apologise to my friends. Please invite me back if I defriended you by mistake. Sorry!!!!
Our sex life has really heated up since my wife found out about me sneaking the kid next door in to the bed room one night for a foot fuck.When she found out she begged me to call him over so she could suck him off. I told her that he came over one night when she was working late at the office and that I introduced him to xhamster. I couldn't help but show him some really hot foot fucking by my friends and got a positive reaction. He asked what it might feel like so I got bold and told him that my wife and I do it all the time. But I did confess that it was the best when she was on her tummy with one foot hanging off the bead pretending she was asleep. Then I had to show him some of my foot fuck videos and he went off like a rocket asking me how it felt and what was it like to cum on her foot. I asked him if he'd ever tried to foot fuck or even thought of it and he said no. Then he asked me if he could help him do it to my wife while she was asleep......of course I said yes. So, we crawled on our hands and knees into the darkened bed room. Each of us felt for the foot we wanted to fuck...he the right and me the left cause she sleeps on her left side with her left foot hanging straight up and down off the end of the bed. He got the right one which was on the edge of the end but sort of on an angle which made him put a leg on the bed so he could foot her sole side ways. We both needed to put a small pile of towels together on the floor to bring our crotches up high enough to put our cocks at the right height to foot fuck he soles. We got naked from the waist down, covered our cocks with Intensive Care lotion and then gently placed our very hard cocks on the bare soles of her feet and gently pressed our cocks on her soles. We didn't move for a time just feeling the silky softness...sort of teasing our selves. I reached the point when I just couldn't take it anymore and told him I had to start fucking her foot. That's when we started to fuck and moan. We both began to moan and whisper the words...'foot fuck...foot fuck.It felt so good.I was watching his cock on her foot and he was watching mine...it was awesome. Then he asked looked me right in the eyes and asked me if he could please put his mouth over the end of my cock just before I came. I was so fucking hot I said yes right away. He started to slide his cock along my wife's bare foot faster and faster from the ball of her foot to the heel making sure that her foot was always pressing against his belly then...a loud grunt and he came. His cum was squirting in all directions as he fucked and fucked with his eyes rolled back in his head. I really couldn't believe I was doing this and I couldn't believe anyone could cum so much. I have never felt so much pleasure from a foot fuck before. I was in heaven.His load went all over her sole, dripping down her foot, over her toes making a puddle on the rug. I could hear the cum dripping. I really lost it pressing my cock as hard as I could against her foot squeezing my cock between her foot and my belly. I kept repeating over and over again,"foot fuck...foot fuck...God, how I love to foot fuck". I was very close to cumming and told him so. That's when he moved closer to me, got on both his knees and bent his head over the heel of my wife's left foot and put his mouth down on her cream covered heel. I couldn't help myself now I was going to cum. I was about to cum in a young mans mouth for the first time and I started to shake uncontrollably. I fucked faster, arched my hips up so that the head of my cock was just above her heel and started to groan my 'cumming' groan. Right away his head went down sliding his cheek down along her soft sole swallowing my whole cock making me exploded in his mouth. The cum started to dribble from his mouth but I kept cumming and cumming and I prayed I wouldn't stop. I kept thinking to my self, "please keep cumming...it feels so fucking wonderful." I put my hand on his head and held it down. Now I wasn't fucking her foot anymore, I was fucking his mouth and it was heaven. I thought about all the time I've wasted and all the pleasure I've missed. It was incredible. I had no idea I was Bi but after cumming like that I new I would always be. Well, that's the story I told my wife and it made her insanely horny . Saturday morning I called Steve up and asked him to come over. He was a little scared at first, he didn't know what to expect. She just got on her knees, put her face in his crotch and pulled his pants down. His cock was already hard and she bobbed her head up and down his cock as fast as she could. I pulled my cock out and started to jerk off watching her suck that cock, listening to the slurps and sucking sounds. This went on for a long time. He'd groan and cum and she'd lift her head and wait for his cock to harden again. She sucked his cock three times and he came every time. She swallowed every drop. As I watched them I jerked off sitting at the end of the bed and knew that I would soon be asking him if it would be ok if I fucked his bum. When he came for the last time, I walked over to her and shot my cum on her head. We watched porn and masturbated for two or three days in a row. I took Cialis and foot fucked her every night for a week.
We masturbate more often now. She still waits to hear me moaning downstairs in the rec room, watching porn and masturbating. We love to sit at opposite ends of the couch, in panty hose with the crotch cut out so we can watch each other jerking off and cumming. We love foot fucking each other. Once I wasn't watching what I was doing and when she came down with her pantyhose down around her knees fingering her self, I found my self with just my shoulders on the couch pumping my hips in the air jerking my cock really fast moaning about foot fucking and cumming on her bare foot at night. She bent over, put her hot mouth on my cock and made me fill her mouth with cum. She is so hot. I am so happy. This is all true, every last word.
Please read my stories about how I learned to foot fuck and how I learned to love it.
There will be more foot fucking videos very soon. Do you like the new pictures of her right foot? It's size ten and a half and wider than her left. I fucked that foot right after I took those pictures. It felt soooo good to cum on her soft foot. GOD.... HOW I LOVE FOOT FUCKING!!!!
Please forgive the condition of "Best ever orgasm" it was from an old CD that became corrupted. But is was an awesome orgasm!!!! And I know 'Foot fucking in the middle of the night' is along one but I wanted to take my time to love my wife's foot.


If you like the new pictures of my wife's foot, I fucked that foot right after the pictures were taken. Awesome orgasm
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3 days ago
thanks for the add, she has lovely feet/toes!
5 days ago
Thanks for adding me
11 days ago
Thanks for invite!Visit my profile,like&comment my video and photo.
27 days ago
record more videos ???????????????????????
1 month ago
luv to have a foot fuck from her
1 month ago
You have my favorite page. This is the best. Love your stories. Your wife's feet are heavenly. You lucky guy.
2 months ago
thxs xxxxxxxx
4 months ago
great videos
5 months ago
My latest picture albums and videos have been posted so you can enjoy the beauty of older women.
8 months ago
I am so pleased to welcome you my new friend, I have a profile page that should interest you if you like mature women and grannies with large breasts, the last count I had in excess of 6000 videos and over 90 picture albums.
9 months ago
Would love to add a fellow Canadian
9 months ago
Sexy Feet!
9 months ago
Thanks for the invite!
10 months ago
hello you like sex in cam ( skype:dick.big18 )
10 months ago
Thanks for the friendship
11 months ago
Thanks for the friendship. Hope to see more nylon foot fucking from you :)
1 year ago
Awesome videos and pictures!
1 year ago
He asked me to tell you, so i write it here:
Had to disappear for a while...the video's public now. Could you tell my friends I'll be back soon???

- i did right here! :D

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