she needed it...

You sit down on the side of your bed, naked and with spread knees. I step in and show you my dick tapping it in your big round tits, looking down i see your shaven pussy under your tits and it looks great!
So great that my dick is growing from exitement, i step up and grab your head and pull it down.
Holding my dick with one and your head with the other hand i stick my dick in your mouth, the hand from my dick is now holding your nose and i press deep.....
Just like a penus pump you suck my dick just a little bigger and i feel your trought on my head swallowing for air. I let go of you totally to see you gasp for air and spit is coming out of your mouth, it dripps down your chin and onto your tits.
I trow you back on the bed and grab your tits one hand each, smearing all your slime over them and massaging your nipples.
I sit on your belly and feed you my fingers, you suck them and lick them and i use my other hand to find your pussy.
I open your lipps with 2 fingers and one third is finding your clit, it's not to miss cos it's hard from exitement.
Now i got you again, down on the bed and no place to go or move. I finger and finger than one than 2 fingers in and out your pussy, the hand free is holding you down by your brest and i feel you move under me.
I keep on going and you beg me to stop..... WRONG!!!! I think you can come just some 5 times more! Now your running dry and i keep working your pussy, every 4 minits you come and i do feel it on my fingers. My fingers get wetter every time you come and i feel your pussy trying to suck my fingers in.
You're still lying on the bed with your legs on the ground as i step of you, holding you down and spreading your legs my dick doesn't need to work hard and is sucked into your wet very wet pussy.
Old fashion Missionary and i'm puwnding down on your pussy like a mad man, all your cunt juices run out over my dick and balls the blanket is getting soaked.
Now with 1 hand on each tit i ramm down on you, i feel your feet on my ass and you help me to get deeper longer.
I can see my dick ramming in and out your pussy taking with it your pussy lipps that are tight round my dick, girl this looks so hot that i feel myself working on a great load.
Now one hand is on your mouth and the other is still grabbing a firm hold on your tit, my dick is getting even harder and my balls shrink......
I'm ready to cumm and with a few ramms down your pussy i feel it coming, i pull back and direct my dick towards your tits.
shot one is powerfull and reaches your trought, nr2 between your tits and the rest i direct on to your pussy.
My dick is still fully erect and i just stick it back in your pussy to feel your clit fully swolen and your pussy totally wet by my pre-cumm and your juices.
As he get's soft i take it out and you litterly runn empty, i see all kinds of juices run out of your pussy and end up diappearing in your butt.
I step back and i see you lying on the bed covered by my cumm and you smearing it all over your body,
there is one great big smile on your face.....

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